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Summer WORKOUT – BOOTYCamp! 2010


Are you looking for a way to change up your workouts?! BOOTYCamp! is where it’s at come May and June! Join me and the TEAM for an outdoor workout that’s guaranteed to change your body! Make  a commitment, get the RESULTS.

You can sign up for BOOTYCamp! May plus June for a total of 16 heart pounding, body changing experiences. To sign up email Both Camps are limited to 25 spots, so sign up TODAY to get yours!


1.  8 – BOOT Camp Style Workouts designed to get YOU into your BEST Summer Shape! SWEAT-O-THONS.

2.  When? MAY is NOW FULL. The June Camp Begins June 1st and ends June 24th… YOU will meet twice a week for 4 weeks every Tuesday and Thursday from 6.30am-7.30am… Ccoommeee ready to BRING IT!

3.  Where? Pier 46, Perry Street and the West Side HWY!

4.  What else? BONUS! Not only does BOOTYCamp! include the workouts…

1. Bi-Weekly emails from me to keep you on your toes!
2. The Official BOOTYCamp! Calendar and Nutrition Notebook
3. The TEAM Meeting on June 12th, where we go over my expert fitness tips and Nutritionist      Marissa Lipert,, will go over her healthful hints.
4.  Marissa will also go over All camper’s Nutritional Notebooks and offer her expert advice for FREE.

5 spots left in JUNE and if you’d like to sign up for July… We can do that starting NOW!

Let me know if you’re interested asap  sssooo YOU can secure your spot TODAY! Email The cost for this Magical Month $350! For more information log onto

BOOTYCamp! May and June will be Lead by ME.  I promise to give you everything I have… Let’s make the summer of 2010 something special together. I’m looking forward to whipping your BOOTY!

Are you READY?
Lacey 🙂

Passion.Patience.Persistence = EXCELLENCE

Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC


February 2010 BLAST!


Happy LOVE Month EVERYBODY! This is a month I’m going to remember for the REST of my life. On February 28th, 2010 I’m getting married to the lovely Ms Jessica Rose Clark, wwwoooowww.  Thank you to everyone whose played a part in our lives. We can’t believe it… It’s a mix of a lot of special sparkly emotions 🙂  Aannndd funnily enough we both feel a special bond to fitness as we met for the first time on the stairwell at the Greenwich Village Equinox. You never know who you might run into?  Happy Valentines Day, Happy February, Happy Everything!


As fitness professional I get asked a lot of questions.

How can I get fit faster?
Why is it so much easier for her or him?
What’s the next hot thing? Am I missing something? Is there a trick?

I stand here to tell you there are no tricks annndd it isn’t easier for her or him.  The “New Hot Thing” is made up so that people can make money, sell advertising and keep you feeling like you are not enough.  But the truth is YOU are enough. You can do this… The squat, the push-up, and the jumping jack have been around forever because they wwoorrk. You don’t need anything fancy to get a great body.  All you need is a desire to do it, the poise to stick with it when it doesn’t happen immediately, and the confidence to believe it will happen.

There are no short cuts.  You have to work for it and earn it.  If a workout seems too easy it probably is. If you’re looking to lose 10lbs and you’re not sweating up a storm or huffin and puffin it’s not going to happen. It isn’t easier for anyone…  The only difference between people with great bodies and average bodies comes from within. They are willing to do whatever it takes- Wake-up at 5.30am in the morning- fine, no carbs with dinner- fine.  NO EXCUSES baby annd if you think that’s easy you’re dead wrong. GREAT bodies take great effort.

It’s hard… but do you want to know what the reward is? It’s being able to look into that mirror and be proud of yourself… Not just you on the outside but proud of you on the inside.  It takes courage and strength of character to be consistent everyday and trust your journey. Trust in you… to never give up and BRING IT. Bring it even when you’re tired, even when you don’t want to.

I find a lot of times… My motivation, my drive, my strength come from the same thing that at one point in my life made me feel my weakest. There are no shorts-cuts to greatness, it happens everyday on that bike, in the main studio, on that treadmill… When YOU go for it! Great bodies happen over time.  YES time.  Sometimes it takes years to get where you want to be, but then you can look back and say… I did that, I did it.

You know you can do it… Go for it in FEBRUARY! Show yourself how strong you really are.

* Lesbian Love w/ Lacey & Jessica

LL’s viewer-ship keeps going up up up! Thank you everyone for tuning in every Monday around 3pm. Take a peak at last month’s highest rated episode: In this episode we discuss whether there’s a difference between expectations and the reality of sex in an intimate relationship, and how to approach the issues that inevitably arise.

annnddd let us know if there’re any topics you’d like us to tackle in our next series of shows. Thank you for watching aaaanndddd commenting!  🙂


PARADE MAGAZINE– Grab a copy of Parade Magazine in the New York Post this Sunday, I’m the featured Fitness Expert discussing how BASIC exercises deliver POWERFUL results. Why do you think they stay around so long? Because they wwoorrrkkk baby!

BEAUTY BEAN – Check out this AWESOME Article on Interval Training! I truly believe when you’re using Intervals you are doing the Worlds BEST workout – BEAUTY BEAN also did a great write up on Cycle for Survival – Way to be on the pulse of everything HOT Alexis!

EVENTS – What a month of EVENTS – The Equinox Anniversary with Mark was a SMASH HIT; Cycle For Survival was beyond inspiring, and The PLAYList of the Year! WooaahHH, what a wonderful year of music. Thank you all for taking part in these Gargantuan Special Sweat-Festivals… You help to make my job a JOY and you inspire me to keep getting better. Thank you.

SATURDAY Workout! – Saturdays are rocking the HOUSE at Greenwich! 11.30 TheBigGAME! 12.30 SPIN… Come one, come all to the SweatFEST of the century! I will be teaching for the rest of February into March. Annnd CONGRATULATIONS to Kristi Molinaro who had a Baby GIRL named 30-60-90! Just kidding on the name not the baby 🙂 hahahahaa! Yyyaaayyyy BRIE ALEXIS ZIMMER, YAY Kristi!

* JANUARY Top10!

HOT MUSIC – Download this month’s playlist! – Just click to get the January Top10! ‘10! Anndd DEFINITELY download “Marchin On” by Timbaland, this ballad is GLORIOUS.

  1. Call My Name – Morgan Page
  2. Tik Tok (Adren-Lin Remix)    – Dynamix Music
  3. Baby (feat. Ludacris)  – Justin Bieber
  4. Hey, Soul Sister – Train
  5. Marchin On (feat. OneRepublic) – Timbaland – MY TOP PICK!
  6. Carry Out (feat. Justin Timberlake) – Timbaland
  7. Future Love Remix (feat. Pitbull)  – Kristinia DeBarge
  8. Heat a.k.a. Heat of the Moment (Michael P Radio Edit) – Gaby
  9. Used Somebody (Radio Edit) – Kalus
  10. Replay – Iyaz


Ok, I know… This month is a little travel heavy but I promise to be back in full effect come March Madness! I will be here basically the entire month but I will be taking off the last week of FEB for a MMEEXXIICCOOOO Wedding of my own 🙂 If you ever have a concern as to whether I’m teaching just shoot me a quick and I will type you a Y for yes or an N for no, okey dockey smokey? 🙂

Wednesday 2.10
12.15 – Spin – 19th Street – Eric Sherman – NIKE Corporate  EVENT!


Monday 2.22
6.30am – Spin – Greenwich – Shaina
12.30- Spin – Columbus Circle – Lou Jacob

Tuesday 2.23
6.40 – Cardio Sculpt – Greenwich – TBD

Wednesday 2.24
12.15 – Spin – 19th Street – Eric Sherman
6.30pm – Spin – Greenwich – Jason Rabinowitz

Friday 2.26
6.30am – Cardio Sculpt – Greenwich – TBD

Saturday 2.27
11.30 – Cardio Sculpt – Greenwich – Carol Scott
12.30 – Spin – Greenwich – Dave

Monday 3.1
6.30am – Spin – Greenwich – Shaina
12.30- Spin – Columbus Circle – Lou Jacob

Tuesday 3.2
6.40 – Cardio Sculpt – Greenwich – Erica K

Wednesday 3.3
12.15 – Spin – 19th Street – Eric Sherman
6.30pm – Spin – Greenwich – Jason Rabinowitz

* QUOTE-Tastic!

I read a great book last month called CRUSH IT.  I saw this guy speak online and I had to check out his book…  He makes me giggle. Here’s my favorite quote from the book – “Love your Family. Work Super Hard. Live your Passion” – Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk

Happy Valentines DAY!

Passion.Patience.Persistence =  EXCELLENCE

Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC


Do I need to sweat?

Here’s something I find interesting… People who call themselves runners when all they’re really doing is jogging.  There’s a HUGE difference between running and jogging. Night and DAY.

When one jogs you can carry on a lovely conversation, one doesn’t necessarily sweat, and one tends to get passed by runners. Here’s an example of what jogging looks like on a workout machine; A Television show can easily be watched, a book/magazine read, or my personal favorite – a conversation on a cell phone or a text-o-thon.  Listen, that’s fine and dandy if one wants to kill two birds with one stone, but it ain’t really workin out… And people who call that working out are missing the point. 

I see these same people tell their friends what a great “workout” they had at the gym and then proceed to reward themselves with the breadbasket at dinner.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that wasn’t even a workout… They hardly burned off one roll let alone a basket full of’em.

FACT:  Going on a machine and just movin for 30mins is not going to cutt it. I’m sorry.

Let’s talk about what working out it is… Not the miracle workout, not the workout that’s going save you so you never have to workout again. Lets talk reality, because we all live in the real world right? 

People that have extraordinary bodies that you admire… Go talk to them, seriously.  These people know that there’s no magic pill, no miracle workout. These people get their asses outta of bed and run until they’re going to throw-up, they work out HARD. These people have trained themselves to enjoy that.  These people don’t eat the breadbasket… They are disciplined and work for those bodies.  

AAAaannnndddd the ones that don’t work out and don’t choose healthy life styles BUT still look freakin great on the OUTSIDE… As fitness professional I shouldn’t say this… but I care.  Those people sadly mainly women are barely eating enough to survive.  Those women consider a soy latte a meal, those women are not very happy on the inside…. For them it’s not a lot of fun to be alone or to have to look at themselves in the mirror.  I’d RATHER bust my butt in the gym then be like them any day. 

Please STOP comparing yourself to women who are miserable… pppleeasseeee.  Sometimes looking good isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, my idea of what looking good is involves feeling good too. IF you don’t feel good what’s the point? 

There’s a small percentage of about 5 on the planet that don’t have to worry about working out or eating right… Most people no matter what they tell you do one or the other – Workout (TRULY Workout) or don’t eat.

I’m going to give you my Top 5 tips for a REAL Workout… One that will give you the body you deserve.

1. You can not read a magazine article while you’re doing a workout that’s real.

2.  You should want to be wearing short sleeves or shorts, if you’re comfortable wearing long pants or a sweatshirt it better be freezing because you need to be able to move. YOU gotta move to get results.

3. Sweating is key… Everyone sweats.  You need to get your body moving to a point where you need a towel.

4.  You should feel your body… When you put your hand on your chest you should be able to feel your heart beating through your skin.  If you don’t feel your heart beating rapidly at one point during your workout it wasn’t a GREAT workout that gets mmaaajjorrr results.

5.  I truly believe a workout that gets results involves a point where you question if you want to go on any longer.  If it’s easy/breezy the entire time you’re not giving what you need to give to get the results you want.

This workout is about a SEXY body… losing those extra 5, 10, 20, 30, whatever pounds. There‘s a time and a place for Yoga and Pilates but those two workouts will NOT get you a tight piece of ass you are looking for… YUP, you heard it here first.

Madonna worked her ass off before she considered yoga… That woman does 1 hour of yoga and 15 hours of dancing and taking over the world. That woman never stops.

I want you all to have the body of your dreams… I’m going to talk about my cardio workout in the next week. Know that anything worth having isn’t easy, if it were easy it wouldn’t be worth it.

How does that make you feel?