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Jessica is The FACE of the FUTURE


Yes! That’s Jessica on the TOP! ūüôā

ALLURE Magazine made a BOLD move this month Р They addressed the fact that the face of America is changing.

“More than EVER before, beauty is reflected in a blend of ethnicities and colors.” Thank the LORD for that! ¬†SWEATCity’s own Jessica Clark was featured in the article on page 146.

Taken from Allure – “My mother always told me that the world was a big-melting pot, and everyone eventually would look like me,” says Jessica Clark, whose grandparents are English, Irish, Indian, and Nigerian, and who says that people usually guess that she gets her looks from whichever ethnicity they themselves belong to. ¬†“She told me I should be flattered to be one of the first.” ¬†The day will never come when every American is a Jessica Clark look-alike. (We should all be so lucky.) ¬†But perhaps a time will arrive when faces such as hers are seen not so much as beautifully extraordinary, but simply as extraordinarily beautiful.”

Thank YOU Allure Magazine for writing a story about this… When I read it about my Fiancee, a tear rolled down my face. ¬†She’s worked sooo hard to be the best she can be in a profession that does not cater to women who look like her. ¬†It’s high time that every ethnicity is given a chance to shine… That is what this country needs to be about – “BEAUTIFUL is BEAUTIFUL.”