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BOOTCamp! July Starts TODAY!

Great Day 1 Everyone!

You kicked it into High GEAR this morning. The first Tuesday is a very important day in camp.  As coaches we get see what the strengths and weakness are of the Team.  We also get to witness Brilliance! Congratulations to Nicole for dominating 5 out of 6 categories, now that’s balance baby 🙂

Today I want you to focus on what you want to get out of this month’s BOOTYCamp!   Lose weight, build strength, get faster, build confidence, what do you want… ?  Please write it down and focus on getting there each and every day this month.

You have 7 workouts you’ve signed up for with us. There WILL be consistency this month. It’s vital that you take the time to plan what you’re going to be doing when you’re not at BOOTYCamp! Gym workouts, training sessions, or even a jog outside… What will work for you?

Quote of the day  – “Have a plan, or plan to fail.” Lets do this guyyyss!!!

Annie and I want you to see amazing results this month.  We want you to surprise yourself with your strength… The time is now.


Congratulations to everybody that participated in Test Day.  Annie and I went over the score sheets and we have a balanced group with many people finishing only a couple below the Top 3 Scorers, nniicccceeeee – Keep bringing it! Over the course of the month we’ve designed workouts that are guaranteed to improve your fitness in all Six Categories.

*Top Scorers July 2010

Push-Ups (2 mins)

Nicole – 71

Sydney – 59

David – 57

Squat JUMPS (1min)

Jenn – 69

Nicole – 57

Sydney – 55

Sit-ups (3 mins)

Monica – 115

Nicole – 113

Megan – 88

Dips (1 min)

David – 61

Jenn – 58

Nicole – 54

Lunge JUMPS (1 min)

Jenn – 152

Ben – 140

Nicole – 121

SPRINT Taps (1.30min)

Ben – 18

Naomi, Sydney, Jenn – 17

Day 1 was the Introduction

Day 2 is down to business. Annie is going to go straight into the thick of it with running and plyometric drills. Be sure to bring water (Kurt that’s you 🙂 )!  July is a HOT month so you’re going to be sweating up a storm, stay hydrated so you can push it to the limit.

Timeout New York

The girl from Timeout said the piece was going to come out either next week or the following week. Should be a fun one, check newsstands and let me know what you think?! Yaayyyy BOOTYS! 🙂

Don’t be Tardy for the Party!

Here’s my email Lacey@laceystonefitness and number 347 525 1726 AND here’s Annies’s email and number 917 623 4812.  Plug this info into your phone now, okey docks?  If you’re running late or need to miss a session no problem, just let us know.  A text or an email message at 6.29am can save the rest of the team from doing an extra champion.

Rest up today and Annie will see you at 6.30am come Thursday for Day 2.

Have a GREAT Day!