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It’s a question of LOVE

Please take just a few minutes from your busy, demanding day to watch and listen to this video.

Lacey and I began our SWEAT City! Blog because we share a passion for life, for strength, for empowerment be it physical or mental and yes, a passion for love.  For whatever reason people would ask us what, why, how we got the bodies we have, how we managed to seem so happy a lot of the time, what was our secret?

I find myself again writing to you that while this is not a political blog, there are seismic shifts happening all around us all in these days and weeks that affect every part of us.   You may know that we believe a beautiful and healthy body and life comes from the inside out. That it is all about being true to whom we are, finding a passion, loving and respecting ourselves: believing that anything is possible.

On Sunday 2nd November I proposed to the love of my life, Lacey Stone. She accepted.  Lacey happens to be a woman, as am I.  On Tuesday 4th November history was made when the USA elected as its next President Barack Obama.  On that same day Prop 8 was passed in California resulting in the amendment of the California Constitution to state that only marriage between a man and a woman is legal.  One of the arguments that aided the passage of this Amendment is that it would require “redefining marriage”.  As the video points out, if marriage had never been redefined then the multi-racial parents of the new President-Elect could not be married in the country that has now chosen him to lead it.  The world didn’t come to an end when inter-racial marriages became legal; they helped to create a new, stronger and more hopeful USA than ever before.

If you take the time to watch the video, and I hope with all my heart that you do, Olbermann says it far more articulately than I ever could.  That we are all, each and every one of us, trying to live fulfilling lives, honest and peaceful.  There are two stark choices before us: to embrace love, to embrace hope and to go forward. Or to allow the hate and division that so embattles our world, that filters through to every element of our being, how we feel about ourselves as human beings, to gain an even stronger hold.

How we feel about ourselves as we wake up every day, as we decide what to eat, how to think, treat ourselves: our bodies and minds and how to treat other human beings is all a question of love.  And not just love in the romantic sense, but that love for our fellow person, who we may not ever know, or even want to know, but who is just trying to be true to themselves and happy and in love too.

As Olbermann says “This is the only world we have, and the other guy counts too.”