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The dirty 5-letter word in relationships? M-O-N-E-Y! Who makes more, who saves less? It’s harder to talk about than S-E-X so Lacey and Jessica get the conversation started.


What do you really want?

Do you know what you want? It sounds like an obvious question, but is it…?

A couple of weeks ago my client asked me tht exact question in regards to my personal finances… I found myself speechless- There was SILENCE. 🙂

When my client asked me about the money stuff I got nervous, a little irritated, aaannddd I felt myself wanting to change the subject immediately.  I think unconsciously I’m afraid of what I need to do in order to get my financial portfolio in order.  Money Management/ IRA/ Roth/ Sep/ Mutual Funds/ Stocks/ 401k/ keeping receipts, aaaAAHHHH!!!  Just writing this all down creates anxiety in me 🙂

Money stuff is my weakest link…  However after I talked to my client I did a lot of thinking and I found a strong correlation between “MONEY” & “FITNESS.”  I realized that the way I responded to my client in regards to money is the exact same way my personal training clients respond to me in regards to their fitness.

Here’s My Take – For my client, understanding money is something that comes naturally to him. Money is to him what Fitness is to me. He’s very calm about it, he knows exactly what to do to get the job done, he’s been working with it his entire life, annndd most importantly he loves it! That’s when I had, as Oprah would say,  an AHA! Moment 🙂

Tell me if you agree with this, ok?

I’m a FIRM believer that all of you are good at something.  YOU know how to get the job done WELL in one area of your life;  you’re an All Star.  I bet if you apply the same rules you use to be successful in that area of your life to your Fitness Routine you’ll see amazing LASTING Results.  Why?  Because using your own personal blue print to get results will aallllwwaaayyysss be better than following someone else’s plan.  If it’s true to you it’ll work, guaranteed.

Lets say you’re very good in Relationships, Friendships, or Your Job… Simply apply those success principles to your Fitness.  If you’ve found “Success” in one those areas of your life you then know that the results were not something that happened over night.  It takes time to accomplish greatness.  If you know this you also know that once you establish your own personal system for success it naturally becomes a part of who you are.  Accomplishments in the areas of your life you feel confident in are easy and fun because they’re innate; they’re a part of you, right?

Here’s an Example:  Lets say your Strength/What you’re good at is your Job.

One Stormy day there’s a catastrophe at work.  You made a HUGE error in judgement… You messed up Big Time!  How would you respond?  Would you say – “Forget it, I quit I’m not going in to work anymore, I give up!”

No way! You’d take as little time as possible to worry about the issue and instead correct the error as quickly as possible.  Then you’d move onto your next accomplishment, Bring It! Am I right?

It’s simple.  Apply that same discipline to your fitness routine.  When you miss a day at the gym, drink too much, or eat a piece of cake are you going to let that stop you from reaching your goals???  HELL NO!!! Make that the motivation that gets you to put the pieces back together as quickly as possible and move on.  The shorter the Pity Party the faster the results, period.  I don’t mean to be harsh but the way I hear people talk when they eat a cupcake gets a little out of control.  YOU are not a bad person; you only ate a cupcake.  Perspective is key.  Keep your goals at the forefront of your mind and take the necessary steps every single day to get what you want.  If you do this, you’ll get there.

There’ll be some sacrifices…  It’s not going to be a Disney Land Fairy Tale, pretty present with a bow on top, ice cream sundae deal, BUT it will be amazing.  Here’s my little Zen moment that I believe in 100%. Take it or leave it amigos! 🙂

The journey to your goals is YOUR LIFE. If you want a “happy ending” it’s up to you and only you.  Sooooo make the journey memorable, live it up!  There will be highs and lows but if you stick to the game plan, if you’re clear in knowing what you want, aaannddd YOU know in your heart you’re taking all the neccessary steps to get it’s going to happen… It’s happening!

Do you think I’m cuckoo for coco-puffs?  🙂 Do you think the way you’ve found success in other areas of your life can help you get the body of your dreams???

In a future blog I’m going to break down how my Fitness Strength applies to my workout routine and how it’s working in all the other areas of my life too.  I apply the same principles of success to my relationship with Jessica, Friendships, and my job. It works for me  annddd maybe some of the stuff I’ve learned will work for you too?