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BOOTYCamp! – TEST DAY Complete!


Hey BOOTYCampers! AWESOME job this morning… The energy was INTENSE from the get go! We have a strong Team this month. I went through all of the Day 1 Test Day Scores and everyone is a contender. Your job in May is to stay on top of your fitness on and off the field. You the calendars and journals to help you harness your focus on what you set out to do. Work hard this month so you can enjoy the spoils of tighter behind, ok? 🙂

TOP SCORES – Test Day May 4th, 2010

Thank you for participating full force this am… These are the leaders in the Seven Camp Categories. Joe had the most powerful over all attack and Miriam held it down for the ladies with a nice balance speed and strength. Thank you everyone for ROCKING it out… Work hard this entire month and I promise you’ll KILL your scores come Results Day. It’s not about having the BEST scores it’s about finding your balance and improving your numbers over the course of the month.


Push-Ups (2 mins) Doug – 97 Shane – 86 Miriam – Shout Out! 63

Squat JUMPS (1min) Joe – 60 Miriam – 55

Sit-ups (3 mins) Emily – 116 Mags – 98

Dips (1 min) Joe – 74 Doug – 70

Lunge JUMPS (1 min) Joe – 97  Todd/ Carolyn – 56

SPRINT Taps (1.30min) Shane – 17.2 Miriam – 17 Aisha – 16.5

PARTNER CHAMPION – Miriam & Shane WINNERS! 1.33 🙂 Faassttt!!!


The Team Meeting will be held on Saturday May 8th from 10am-11isham at Peak Performance New York City. The meeting will take about an hour annddd I highly recommend you come. We are going to go over everything fitness… Everything I think you need to know. Come with questions because we will be ready with answers.

You will have 3 Top Fitness Gurus there willing to spill their vast knowledge to you 🙂

Marissa Lippert, my go-to nutritionist, will be there to go over any and all of your food questions. We will be raffling off a copy of Marissa’s recently published book – BONUSE, The Cheater’s Diet, her Book Launch Party is Tomorrow Night… So Proud of her. For more info on Marissa check out

Jessica Clark – Life Coach Extraordinaire. You know what to eat and what do so why can’t we stay consistent and focused with it? That’s where Jessica comes in. She will guide your focus helping you do understand the negative patterns you keep repeating in your life. Together you work on shifting those patterns so you can achieve whatever you want with your body. She’s helped me a lot and has worked with several BOOTYCampers past and present.

Lacey Stone – Your Leader! 🙂 I’ll be there to talk about Weights, Cardio and everything in between… The meeting is about coming together as a team and talking about ways to be our best selves… Not only physically but mentally as well.

Don’t want to miss out. Please let me know if you’ll be there, I need a head count for set-up and gym reservations! Thank YOU!


Several of you expressed interest in joining in the “TBL” Challenge newly re-dubbed for legal purposes The SMALLEST BOOTY! 🙂 10 of you contacted me but I only have 5 before and after shots? Send them to me by the end of Camp Thursday and you’re in. Proof that the BOOTY works, I need a before & after shot and your weight at the beginning and end of camp. I PROMISE from the bottom of my heart that I will keep your weight and your photos 100% PRIVATE, ok?! The WINNER gets two FREE sessions from me, an LSF Hoodie, and they’ll be crowned The SMALLEST BOOTY! In the land.

Don’t be Late

Hey Guys like I said Pre-Camp! Just shoot me a text and you are good to go. Here’s my number 347.525.1726, plug it into your phones now. And if I don’t have your number be sure to write your name at the end of your message if you text me so I can plug it in, ok foo? 🙂

That’s all I got today… Well, a little Homework

I know it’s lloonnnggger email but I want you to have all the details so you can make the most out of MAY. Take those calendars and put them on your fridge, put them where you can see them and so you can focus on you being AWESOME. You all signed up for BOOTYCamp! for a reason, tonight in your journal write down all of the goals you’d like to accomplish this month… Lose 7lbs, gain confidence in your running, whatever gets you going. This is your month to SHINE ppeeoopllleee, own it. BELIEVE YOUR HYPE.

See YOU Thursday!

PS Those of you who didn’t make it to camp today be sure to grab a waiver from me pre-camp Thursday. Sswwwwweeeeeeeeeettttttttttt 🙂


Fitness Professional Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC