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Happy Labor Day Weekend NEWSSS!!!

Hi Everyone!I have 3 Things To SHARE!


MONDAY September 5th at 12.30pm I’ll be teaching a FUN Workout Extravaganza at Barry’s Bootcamp New York City!

Where: 135 W. 20th Street btwn 6th & 7th
When: Monday September 5th at 12.30-1.30
What: We’ll be BUSTIN A** focusing on Arms, ABS, and my personal favorite CardiooOOOoooOOOO!
Register: Log on- or call 646.559.2721
Cost: $32/Class or get a package people! You. Better. Work.

Labor Day Monday is a perfect opportunity to fall back into Fitness with me. I’ll be teaching at Barry’s every M/W/F @ 12.30 looking to get You in the BEST shape of your life!


G Series FIT Show w/ ME Today!!! 🙂 Tune in TODAY Friday September 2nd at 2pm ET to hear me answer your fitness questions at 
Or if you have any questions before the show just submit them by using the #GSeriesFIT hashtag on Twitter, cool?!


BOOTYCamp! September starts up this month! I’m looking to add a couple more people to the teams so if you’d like a spot in the last Lacey Stone Fitness Camp of the summer, shoot me an email NOW!

Team One: M/W 6.30am-7.30am, *Week 1 meeting W/F due to the holiday – 8 workouts total
Team Two: T/TR 6.30am-7.30am – 8 workouts total

Lots of AMAZING stuff going on in September… Stay tuned for my Formal Lacey Stone Fitness BLAST coming out Monday September 5th and Thank you for you for bringing it on a regular…
It is you who makes FITNESS and my job AWESOME.

If I don’t see you at Barry’s Monday, have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend 🙂

Happy Friday!


Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC


Lacey Stone FITNESS – MAY 2011 NEWS!


Have I got the STUFF to share with you this month… Holy SMOKES! The Gatorade Juice, In Touch Weekly Central, BOOOOOTYYY, Musica, BrravvooOOOO, Event Nation, and some motivation that will make you think! Hip Hip Hooorrayy SUMMER IS HERE.


BOOTYCamp! May is FULL… BUT there are still 12 spots left in JUNE & JULY! Guys if you are looking to take your workouts to the next level BOOTYCamp! is the answer. Join the Team that gets consistent results year-in and year out! Shoot me an email today to get it!, I promise it will be your BEST month of the year.

Here are the details:
When: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6.30am – 7.30am
BOOTYCamp! is available in May, June and July
Where: Pier 46 on The West Side Highway at Charles Street – Astro Turf Field
Why: Lose Weight and FEEL GREAT!
What: Think Running, Jumping Jacks, Sit-ups, Push-ups, and Sprinting… Everything that’s going to get you the body you deserve!
Cost: May & June are $350 each; July is $300 and led by the EXTRAORDINARY Carl Lauro– 8 workouts each month, including bi-weekly motivational emails and a Fitness Fit-tervention.

For more info –
To pay shoot me an email

BOOTYCamp! HONORS! Lacey’s Camp has been written up in VOGUE, Glamour, Timeout New York, and Fitness Magazine. Last year it was voted one of the Top 5 Outdoor Workouts in NYC by Timeout

Gatorade is a GAME CHANGER.

Dudes last month I had one of the most amazing experiences of my Life in LA at the G Series FIT launch Party. I mean I wore a DRESS as illustrated in the picture at the Top! Gatorade is not playing around with this new product line. Lots of you tried the 01 & 02 in my classes last week, GOOD RIGHT?! The Product launch at Walgreens was a SMASH HIT home run… They can’t even keep it on the shelf. Thank you to everyone who went to Walgreens and Downloaded all 3 of my FREE Workout Videos!

Here’s a Blog Post about the G Series FIT Launch Party from one of my favorite Health writers, Gina Harney –

And here’s a Sneak Peek of My G Series FIT Workout! I’m in talks with Gatorade, Women’s Health & Men’s Health, and Walgreens (That’s a mouthful) to see if I can get you guys the downloads after the promotion expires… TBD

This Wednesday Gatorade has invited me to Their Town Hall Meeting at their corporate Head Quarters in Chicago. I’m honored, inspired, and excited to talk to over 100ish G Employees getting them PUMPED about the future of Fitness!

Who knew a little girl from Wisconsin could make all this SH*T happen… EQUINOX FOR LIFE! Stay tuned to me on Facebook and Twitter @LaceyStoneFIT for buzz-worthy updates!

NEWS – Extra, Extra!

BRAVO – Did you get a chance to see me on Rosie Pope’s SMASH HIT Show Pregnant In Heels? If not here you Ggoooo! I’m praying for a second season because good things are in the air people… “WATCH WHAT HAPPENS,” I could get used to saying that! Thank YOU Marissa Lippert

WOMEN’S HEALTH – Having a STRONG BACK is not only important for posture but also confidence, grab a copy and check out my article on page 64 Thank you Jen Ator!

IN TOUCH WEEKLY – I was quoted in IN TOUCH WEEKLY 2X last month. Once telling the world that Halle Berry is HOTTER at 40 than 20 aaannndddd 2 that Kirstie Alley is doing Fan-freakin-tastic job on Dancing With The Stars… If she can keep it up we may have Cheers flash-backs… “Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your nameeeee.” Thank YOU Amy

RED BOOK – Check out my LAZY LADY Workout in REDBOOK Magazine May Edition! Multi-Task to the MAX. YOU Nicole!

BOOTYCamp! – Join the TEAM of allstars that BRING IT on EVERY level. I am looking to fill June and July this month so please shoot me an email if you’d like to be a part of either of those teams – for more info click

EQUINOX PHOTO SHOOT – Lights Camera Action, YIKES! Yesterday Equinox featured some of their Top Fitness Instructors on the NEW and IMPROVED Equinoxwebsite… Believe it or not they chose me as one of the lucky few! Check it OUT – Remember, It’s not Fitness… It’s Life People. Thank you Pope Bianca.

SHARK CAMP – I was asked to give a motivational pep-talk to The New York Sharks Training Camp on May 14th – New York City’s only Women’s Professional Football Team, I’m honored and excited! These chicks epitomize the words BRING IT.

BLISTREE.COM WRITE-UP! After appearing on BRAVO Blisstree did a little write up about me, BOOTYCamp! and the Show…

WEDNESDAY NIGHT SPIN – Now it’s time to say goodbye to all my Company…. Thank you to everyone that ROCKED it out with me one last time last Wednesday. That time slot will always be a part of my heart thank you for sharing 7 great years with me at 6.30pm!

Here’s my revised 2011 SUMMER HOT-BODY SCHEDULE at Equinox
Monday – 6.30am – SPIN – Greenwich AND 12.30 – SPIN – Columbus Circle
Tuesday – 6.40 – TheBigGAME! – Greenwich – The BLOCK PARTY BEGINS – Indoor/Outdoor
Wednesday – 12.15 – SPIN – 19th Street
Friday – 6.45am – TheBigGAME! – Greenwich – Indoor/Outdoor


On Saturday May 14th you’re invited to The Official Lacey Stone Fitness Wellness Hour!!!

Get a Pep-Talk on everything you need to know about weight training, fat loss, goal setting, and nutrition.

When: Saturday May 14th
When: 9am-10am
Where: Peak Performance – 54 West 21st Street, and 6th avenue, 8th floor
Who: Special Guest – Sharon Richter, Today Show Nutrition Expert –
COST: $20/person

Limited Spots available to RSVP email today! Recruit friends and make it a day you won’t forget! Summer TIME!

MUSIC – May Top10 2011

Check out these ROCKIN Workout Tunes or for more of Lacey’s favorite log onto

1. Moment 4 Life – Nicki Minaj & Drake
2. Rolling In the Deep – ADELE
3. Telling the World (RIO Pop Mix) – Taio Cruz
4. Give Me Everything (feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer) – Pitbull
5. Band of Gold – Freda Payne
6. Who Says – Selena Gomez
7. Oh My Love – Chris Brown
8. Judas – Lady GaGa
9. The Good Life (Single Version) – Tony Bennett
10. Run The World – Beyonce


I’ll be OUT of town traveling to Chi-Town for a little Gatorade Lacey Stone Fitness LoveFEST! Thank you important people at the G-Unit! And at the end of the month I’ll be going home to Wisconsin for my Father’s 70th Birthday! Happy Birthday Mr. Stone!

ALERT TOMORROW!!! – Tuesday May 3rd – 6.40pm Greenwich – TheBigGAME! – SUB, Benjamin Damptey

Wednesday May 4th – 12.30 19th Street – SPIN – SUB, Victor Self

Friday May 27th – 6.45am Greenwich – TheBigGAME! –SUB, TBD
Monday May 30th – 6.30am Greenwich –Spin & 12.30 CC – SPIN – Sub, Coco Cohen



Short read with a powerful punch – ” Little Miracles” complied by Dan Zadra w/ Katie Lambert. This book contains cherished messages of Hope, Joy, Love, Kindness, and Courage.

Here’s one of my favorite’s – “What the World needs is more people that specialize in the Impossible.” – T Roethke

See you at the GYM!



Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC




Oh my Golly Miss Molly… What a Month!!! April ROCKS. Why? Cause it’s my Birthday on the 17th and I have a Sh*t TON of High Quality BUZZ & Motivation to share with you. I’m going to be on Bravo, Good Morning America (picture at the top), BOOTYCamp! starting soon, Workout Videos Releasing… and even more!!!

April Powers Bring it on…



The ORIGINAL Outdoor NYC Training Camp is back and better than EVER. This 1 month explosive experience of energy is exactly what you’re looking for to get you on track for SUMMER. There’s only 5 spots left in May and June is starting to fill up FASSSTT so contact me today for your spot on The Team –

BOOTY Camp! is my baby, my creation. It’s about more than just weight-loss it’s about training your body from the inside out. It’s about feeling so good you can’t help but smile. Are you ready?

Here are the details:
When: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6.30am – 7.30am
BOOTYCamp! is available in May, June and July
Where: Pier 46 on The West Side Highway at Charles Street – Astro Turf Field
Why: Lose Weight and FEEL GREAT!
What: Think Running, Jumping Jacks, Sit-ups, Push-ups, Sprinting… Everything that’s going to get you the body you deserve!
Cost: May & June are $350 (LACEY ) each, July is $300 (CARL) – 8 workouts each month, including bi-weekly motivational emails and a Fitness Fit-tervention.

For more info –
To pay shoot me an email

BOOTYCamp! HONORS! Lacey’s Camp has been written up in VOGUE, Glamour, Timeout New York, and Fitness Magazine. Last year it was voted one of the Top 5 Outdoor Workouts in NYC by Timeout

Here’s a sneak peak of the BOOTYCamp covered by NBC!!! o



* G Series FIT – LACEY’s Workouts!!!

Gatorade’s new product Line “G Series FIT” launched April 1st at 7,000 Walgreens across the country.  Gatorade chose ME to represent their Brand as the Trainer to the Fitness Athlete. AahhhhHHH!!

Starting on the 5th when you purchase all 3 of the G Series FIT products together you’ll be able to download one of my customized workouts for FREE – Tight ABS, Cardio Craze, or Lower Body Sculpt!!!

There will also be a BIG OLE Picture of me on the product display… SO YAY! Guys you gotta try this product and my workouts! I don’t have words to describe how excited this entire project experience makes me…verklempt.

Come summer there will be more to come with Gatorade… Stay Tuned for exciting Pop-Up Events across the country!


* NEWS!!!!

Lacey’s on BRAVO!!! – Move over Jackie Warner 🙂 I’m going to be the Trainer on the 3rd episode of the New BRAVO Show “Pregnant in Heels.” The Show premieres April 5th on Bravo at 10/9c. My guest appearance is set to air on April 19th… YAY BRAVO, Set your DVRS and get your popcorn! 🙂 Here’s a link about the show and Rosie Pope the entrepreneur who made it happen! –

G Series FIT AMAZINGNESS Launch – Gatorade is Launching it’s new Product line G Series FIT to the Media at the SLS HOTEL in Hollywood on April 12th! The event is said to be a Star Studded Extravaganza… I’ll be there to represent the Brand and this exciting new Fitness Beverage! Thank you Gatorade for picking me to be the Trainer to represent the Fitness Athlete. And thank you to my clients, colleagues, and everyone who takes my classes and or and or follows me on Facebook/Twitter… You are the reasons why I stand out in the Fitness industry as someone Gatorade can trust. I LOVE EVERYBODY.

GOOD MORNING AMERICA! – Looking to keep your backside Tight and Right?! Check out my GMA segment or for the REAL Deal sign up for BOOTYCamp!

SPIN – GOOD NEWS!!! The 6.15am spin that was too early for all of us, including me, is getting moved back to 6.30am starting Monday the 4th!! THANK GOD otherwise known as Mark Hendricks! 🙂

SHAPE – Check out my HOT mention in the April editon of Shape Magazine, Page 22! Keep it Tight and RIGHT 🙂

INSTANT UPDATES – For instant updates on Events that Lacey’s doing with Nike, Gatorade, Equinox, or even an opening in BOOTYCamp! follow Lacey on Twitter @LaceyStoneFIT


*MOTIVATION – Mental Toughness

Playing competitive sports I’ve made a conscious decision to live my life with an athletic mentality. I know sometimes it’s so annoying to hear the words SUCK IT UP and keep on going. But here’s the truth… Sometimes we do need to rest, we do need a break, we do need to look in the mirror and create balance in our lives. Rest if you must, rest away, but please don’t quit… Unleash your inner athlete, be the champion you were born to be. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…

These are the 7 Characteristics of Mental Toughness that l tap into when the task at hand challenges my patience. I always remember what my coaches taught me and I’d like to share it with you – “A person who is mentally tough looks at competition as a challenge to rise up to rather than a threat to back down from.”

Here are the 7 Characteristics I have posted on my Wall to draw strength and motivation from in times of extreme pressure.

1. Competitive – An Athlete can’t accept not trying.
2. Confident – An Athlete believes she can handle whatever comes her way.
3. Control – Focus on what you can control and don’t allow things that are out of your control to control you.
4. Committed – Time and energy focused on your goals and dreams. No distractions, no comparisons.
5. Composure – Keep your cool when the heat is on. Willingness to accept criticism with grace.
6.Courage – Willing to take a risk, willing to fail in order to succeed. Willing to look ridiculous, to take the road less traveled, to make short-term sacrifices for long-term success. Willingness to trust in a dream that no one else believes is possible… To trust in the space between her dream and reality, to trust the journey.
7. Consistency – Keep at it, no excuses.

To learn more about the drive of Champion Athletic I suggest you purchase the book “ Mind Gym” by Gary Mack – He is the innovator of the 7 C’s which brings me strength on Intense days!


* MUSIC – April Powers Top10! 2011

Check out these ROCKIN Workout Tunes or for more of Lacey’s favorite log onto

1. Loralai – Matt Pryor
2. Rock With U – Janet
3. Arms – Christina Perri
4. Till the World Ends – Britney Spears
5. On the Floor (feat. Pitbull) – Jennifer Lopez
6. Life Passed Me By – Super Stereo
7. Hello (Single Edit) – Martin Solveig & Dragonette
8. Loser Like Me (Glee Cast Version) – Glee Cast
9. Dr. Feel Good (feat. Cee Lo Green – Travie McCoy
10. Say It With Me – Chris Brown




Absent for 1 week in April due to the G Launch and a little Birthday Action!

Monday April 11th – Friday April 15th not teaching – April 17th – It’s my 30-Something Birthday… Happy Clappy! 🙂

BACK April 18th to BRING it for the Rest of Abril! (That’s not a spelling error it’s Spanish Justin Mabardi, Liz Miersch, John Stone, and Robin Canter) 🙂




I was cleaning out my closet this month and I found an old card from my sister… Motivation can come to us in the weirdest ways. I took it as a sign and I wanted to share it with you today. Trust the journey…

“I beg you… To have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don’t search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer…”

Thank you Tiffany. This card did the job not once but twice…

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy RELIGION!


Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC


Week 1 Complete!


That was a great showing of effort and spirit!  I loved it… Did you see the audience gathering they want to be on the Team… GREATNESS. My last email was ccrraazzzyyy long so this time I’m going to cut to the chase.

SATURDAY = Team Meeting

  1. When? 10am
  2. Where? Peak Performance –, 54 West 21st Street and 6th avenue, 8th floor
  3. Why? Finish what you started. You signed up for BOOTYCamp! because you wanted to change your body. So get all the info you need to make that happen… It’s NOT just about sweating people.
  4. BONUS, Nutritionist Marissa Lippert and Life Coach Jessica Clark PLUS me Lacey Stone Fitness Icon J will be there… All questions will be answered.

DO NOT FORGET your journals – Marissa will be taking them and giving you notes as to what you can improve on.  I will return your journals to you Tuesday.

Tuesday post BOOTY I’ll be filming an episode for a new Bravo Reality Show called “Pregnant in Heels”- This is the note to check if you’re reading my emails… And it’s true, WOO!!! J

BONUS– We will be raffling off a copy of Marissa’s New Best Selling Book –“The Cheater’s Diet” Swweeetttttttttttt!!!


Some of you told me you could come post camp, Thank YOU! Some of you still haven’t told me yet. I need to know yah or nah, by tomorrow.


We have 10 people entered in the competition… Some of you said you wanted in. By the end of the day today send’em my way and join in on the fun. Who will be crowned BOOTYLICIOUS?


Shout out to Annabel, Steve, and Miriam for pulling the Double on Tuesday Night post the 5am wake-up call… They did Le Gran Jeu in the evening at Greenwich along with Day 1 of BOOTY. Shout out to Shane and Mir for defending their Champion Title against any and all naysayers. Shout out to all the BOYS for BRINGING IT… I love the levels of fitness we have in this camp. YOU guys are FIIITTTTT!!! And the harder you try to be your best the more you push each and everyone else to be their best. I’m soooo happy this is a co-ed camp… Because there’re no limits on anybody, only you can limit yourself. Do NOT be intimidated by your follow campers, be inspired to do better… They are just a boy or a girl doing their best. RAISE your game so that others around you will be inspired to do the same… “Do your BEST every day and your BEST becomes BETTER.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all! See you next week!


PS – Watch your food over the weekend, Friday-Saturday-Sunday tend to = Disaster for people looking to make changes in their fitness routine. Get it in check.

PPS- I dedicated a Song to all of you on my Facebook Page, Can you handle it? 🙂


Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC



Check out my 3 Favorite AB Moves: 3 Exercises That Can Be Done Anywhere

Let’s face it, we all want a flat tummy. Well, it’s time to stop envying the six-pack of others and get moving. No excuses because you don’t need a fancy gym membership or personal trainer to get results fast. I’m here to show you 3 Ab Exercises that can be done just about anywhere (even our tiny NYC apartments).

Thank you to Vanessa Alfano and Healthy Style New York. For more types on Fashion, Beauty, Fitness, and much much more log onto


Bikini Ready Body: 3 Exercises To Get You Set For Summer

Spring is here, and that means summer is right around the corner, and THAT means bathing suits! If you’re looking to get your body bikini ready we’ve got the exercises just for you. Fitness expert, Lacey Stone (that’s me), takes us through three exercises to get in shape in time for summer.

Bikini- Ready Exercises

1) Elevated Single Leg Squat: Great exercise to get that booty in shape! Do 15 reps of one leg then switch and do 15 of the other. By the end you will be feeling the burn. Great for your glutes, hamstrings and inner thighs.

2) Tricep Dip: Make sure hands are securely gripping the bench. Keep feet at a 45 angle on the floor, and dip down until your bottom almost touches the floor. Do 15 reps and feel the burn! To make this exercise even more intense, lift one leg. Great for sculpting those arms for summer.

3) Push Up/ Star Jump!: Bring out your inner star with this fun and challenging exercise. Do a full push-up and then bring it to the next level by boosting off the ground into a star-jump. This hits all the major spots on the body (arms-core-legs), and gives a good kick of cardio to take it all to the next level!
All of these Exercises can be done in or outside of a gym. If not in a gym, make sure to use a sturdy bench when doing the squat and tricep dips. Each exercise should be done for 10- 15 reps (depending on your level). They should be done in a circuit (squat-tricep-star jump) and the circuit should be done 3 times!
Get that body bikini ready!

Big Thanks to Equinox AND Vanessa Alfano Founder of Healthy Style! Annnddd for more AWESOME TIPS on Beauty, Nutrition, Relationships, Fitness, and much much moorrree log onto


Summer WORKOUT – BOOTYCamp! 2010


Are you looking for a way to change up your workouts?! BOOTYCamp! is where it’s at come May and June! Join me and the TEAM for an outdoor workout that’s guaranteed to change your body! Make  a commitment, get the RESULTS.

You can sign up for BOOTYCamp! May plus June for a total of 16 heart pounding, body changing experiences. To sign up email Both Camps are limited to 25 spots, so sign up TODAY to get yours!


1.  8 – BOOT Camp Style Workouts designed to get YOU into your BEST Summer Shape! SWEAT-O-THONS.

2.  When? MAY is NOW FULL. The June Camp Begins June 1st and ends June 24th… YOU will meet twice a week for 4 weeks every Tuesday and Thursday from 6.30am-7.30am… Ccoommeee ready to BRING IT!

3.  Where? Pier 46, Perry Street and the West Side HWY!

4.  What else? BONUS! Not only does BOOTYCamp! include the workouts…

1. Bi-Weekly emails from me to keep you on your toes!
2. The Official BOOTYCamp! Calendar and Nutrition Notebook
3. The TEAM Meeting on June 12th, where we go over my expert fitness tips and Nutritionist      Marissa Lipert,, will go over her healthful hints.
4.  Marissa will also go over All camper’s Nutritional Notebooks and offer her expert advice for FREE.

5 spots left in JUNE and if you’d like to sign up for July… We can do that starting NOW!

Let me know if you’re interested asap  sssooo YOU can secure your spot TODAY! Email The cost for this Magical Month $350! For more information log onto

BOOTYCamp! May and June will be Lead by ME.  I promise to give you everything I have… Let’s make the summer of 2010 something special together. I’m looking forward to whipping your BOOTY!

Are you READY?
Lacey 🙂

Passion.Patience.Persistence = EXCELLENCE

Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC