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Happy NEW YEAR!!! 2011 is your YEAR.


2011 is here!!! It’s a New Year… Ignite that Fire inside you and lets get on track to make 2011 Unimaginably FANTASTIC. I gotta say a lot of pressure often sets in at the beginning of a year. How can I top last year, what are my goals for this year, should I make a move or should I keep on trekking??? Ahhhhhh! Have no fear…
The New Year is here!
It’s a fresh start… Believe in yourself and what makes your heart sing. Work hard, be patient, and the rest will take care of itself. May your 2011 be AMAZING.


* PLAYList of The Year!

The VOTES are in! The PLAYList of The YEAR Event at Greenwich was a Smash-Hit Success!

Drum Roooollll please, the number 1 voted song of 2010….. Only Girl in World – Rihanna.  It was a close call between P!nk and Rihanna but in the end Rih-Rih proved Victorious by a 2 Vote Margin.

Eminem made the list twice with his chart toppers “Not Afraid & Love the Way You Lie.” Annndd Katy Perry and Ke$ha got the shaft 🙂

Come to SPIN and Sweat it out to the Top Voted Songs of 2010… The New Year is here; it’s time to get in the game.

1. F**k You         – Cee Lo Green
2. The Time (Dirty Bit) (Dave Aude Club Remix) -The Black Eyed Peas
3. Love the Way You Lie (feat. Rihanna) = Eminem
4. Only Girl (In the World) – Rihanna
5. Animal – Neon Trees
6. Not Afraid – Eminem
7. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (feat. Pitbull) – Usher
8. Dog Days Are Over – Florence + The Machine
9. Raise Your Glass – P!nk
10. Hey Soul Sister – Train


* NEWS – TV, Online, & MORE!

TV -CBS, THE EARLY SHOW – I was the Fitness Expert on The CBS Early Show in a piece about New Year’s Resolutions, take a look 🙂

TV- MTV AIR-DATE – My Super STARING Appearance on MADE is airing Wednesday January 19th at 4pm. The show’s Title is Fit Mom and the airdate is subject to change so stay tuned to me on facebook and Twitter @laceystonefit, ok? 🙂 This is going to be a verrryyyyy special show! I’m so proud of everyone that took part in the production! Thank you Vanessa, Anne, and Elyse!

THEBIGGAME! – TheBigGAME! is back on Friday mornings but it’s just a little later this year. Instead of 6.30am, I’ll be bringing it at 6.45am! Can’t wait.

HAUTELIVING – Check out my FAVORITE places to EAT, SWEAT, and LIVE it UP in New York City –

MANJR – I got a nice write up on 🙂

FITCELEB – Check out my TOP 21 Workout Tips thank you FitCeleb! 🙂

BLISStree – Some of my favorite tunes on my ipod 🙂

JESSICA – Upon closer inspection to the ads on the front of your local Equinox you may recognize my WIFE 🙂 Lots of press for the new ad campaign… Yes, I’m a lucky girl! hahaha!

– Jessica and I were featured in Equally Wed Magazine, who says you can’t find love at the gym? 🙂



2011 is underway… We’re already 10 days in. Have you thought about what you want to accomplish this year? Have you written it down?

Every year I take some time at the beginning of January to access where I’d like to be by the end of the year. Last year I was all about accomplishment… I signed with Gatorade, I did two shows with MTV, I auditioned and became a finalist for NBC’s The Biggest Loser, and I got married… It was a whirlwind of Amazingness.

Accomplishment and Success are AWESOME but only if it’s in balance with your soul. I encourage you take some time this month to access your past year. Did it Rock? Are there some things you could tweak this year to make it even better? Are there any changes you could make in your daily ritual that would have a positive impact on your life? Would going to the gym on a regular basis do that, reading more regularly, taking more time to relax?

Take a moment this month to access not only what’s on your mind but also what’s in your heart.  Really think about what makes you happy. Then commit yourself to living a life you’re proud of. Not because other people think it’s cool but because it makes you smile from the inside out. If something in your life isn’t working you have the power to Change… The New Year is the perfect opportunity to do that.  I know change can be hard but sometimes changing what you once thought was “the only way” is The Way to your destiny.

2011 is going to be a groundbreaking year… Dare to dream, work for the luck, and never give up on what makes your heart smile.



My schedule remains the same for 2011 except for two minor changes.

Monday Morning Spin at Greenwich has changed to 6.15am rather than 6.30am. More time to beautify 🙂

Friday Morning TheBigGAME! is back but it’s moved a little later, instead of 6.30am it’s 6.45am.

My Official 2011 Schedule

6.15am – Spin – Greenwich – NEW TIME!
12.30 – Spin – Columbus Circle

6.40pm – TheBigGAME! – Greenwich

12.15 – Spin – 19th Street
6.30pm – Spin – Greenwich

6.45am – TheBigGAME! – Greenwich – NEW TIME!

If you’re not an Equinox member but you’d like to try one of my signature classes just shoot me an email 48hours before class. I’d love to help you tighten that A$$, I BUST Mine… So I can KICK yours 🙂 🙂 🙂


* MUSIC January Top10! 2011

Check out these HOT tunes… and for more fun music just like this log onto the Lacey Stone Fitness PlayList Library!  – or itunes playlist

  1. Carol of the Bells -David Foster
  2. Touching the Ground – Brandi Carlile
  3. Oh Dear – Brandi Carlile
  4. F**k You (Le Castle Vania Remix) [Bonus Track] – Cee Lo Green
  5. Coming Home – Diddy
  6. What’s My Name? – Rihanna & Drake
  7. Dark Fantasy – Kanye West
  8. Have You Ever – Brandi Carlile
  9. Who’s That Chick? (feat. Rihanna) – David Guetta & Rihanna
  10. Auld Lang Syne (The New Year’s Anthem) – Mariah



I’m here almost the entire Month! WOOOOO!!!

It gets cold in our fair city so I’m going to make a little trip south of the border at the end of the month. Other than that I plan on Bringing it Full-Throttle in every 45min Sweat-Fest we share… Are you ready to start this year off right people?

Out of The Office
1. Friday – 1.28 – 6.45am – TheBigGAME! – Greenwich
2. Monday – 1.31 – 6.15am – Spin – Greenwich, 12.30 – Spin – CC



It’s the time of year that people start thinking about getting a trainer.

I’ve been working as a Top Trainer in the City for many years and I’ve made it a priority to get to know and build strong relationships with OUTSTANDING Fitness professionals.

If you’re looking to make a change but don’t know who to work with OR even where to start email me. Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll help guide you. I know loads of great trainers and nutritionists, and who knows if our schedules mesh we could possibly train together?!

My mission is to help, as many people as possible feel good about their bodies and their lives. It would be my pleasure to help you


* QUOTE-tastic

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe

I saw “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” and “Some like it Hot” for the first time over the holidays… I think I’m in love 🙂


Happy 2011!


Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC


Happy Novembah 2010

Happy NovemBAH!

I hope you had an AWESOME Halloween yesterday… Can you believe that before we know it, It’s going to be Gooble, Gooble! Time for the carving knives cause here comes the Turkey & Stuffin’! There’s only 2 months left in 2010?!! Take some time this month to give thanks for all you’re grateful for. Think about the good that has happened to you this year and light a candle because 2011 is right around the corner. November is the month to give and receive thanks. You get what you give- So love, love, love; Happy Turkey Day Everyone!


Lights Camera ACTION! Now you can check out what I was working on July-September. I know a lot of you DVR’ed it but for those of you who missed out here’s the quick edited version of when I come to the rescue. Watch Tyler the terror transform into… A Champion.

Lacey Stone Fitness in FULL-EFFECT… Make it fun, sweat it out, and get results… Thank YOU Tyler and MTV 🙂

PART 1 –

PART 2 –

BONUS: Here’s a look at what Tyler was like Pre-Lacey… uh oh:


GAY NEWS – The Lesbians want to make me Jillian Michael’s and Jackie Warner’s love child… Check out this fun interview I did with last month, thank you to all the gays.  Your support means the world to me –

COLLEGE SHOUT OUT! – My College Alma Mater The University of Maine interviewed me on being a Top Trainer in New York City! Goooooo Black Bears!

DOVE – Last month Katie Couric, Abigail Breslin, Jess Weiner, Marissa Lippert, and I helped Kick-off Dove’s Self-Esteem Weekend in New York City-  Dove is looking to create a world where Beauty is a source of confidence not anxiety. The picture at the top of this blast was from the event. What an inspiring experience, and what a wonderful brand. For more info on what DOVE is looking to do check out –

MTV – I’m filming my second MADE episode this month. New kid, new challenges… Should be interesting 🙂

MUSIC October Top10!

Check out these hot tunes… and for more fun tunes just like this log into the Lacey Stone Fitness PlayList Library!

1.  Raise Your Glass – Pink
2.  The Only Exception
3.  Momma’s Place (Bongo Boys Remix)
4.  Grenade – Bruno Mars
5.  Alive (Joakim Remix) – Goldfrapp
6.  Angel – Akon
7.  Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
8.  Thriller – Compilation 80’s
9.   I Made It (Dr. Pack Remix) – DB Sound
10. Just a Dream (HumanJive Extended Remix) – Chani

Take Two: I’m shooting the Second Made episode on TWO Separate occasions this November annnddd I have a Rather LARGE event with Gatorade! DREAM, WORK HARD, Learn how to be patient and trust in your abilities… It will happen.

AWAY!!! Monday November 1st but BACK TOMORROW the 2nd of November

HERE!!! I’m in New York City Tomorrow November 2nd -12th

AWAY!!! November 17th-26th – Happy Thanksgiving! – Gatorade, MTV 🙂

HERE!!! November 29th-December 3rd WORK-Off the Turkey and mashed potatoes with me the final week of November at Equinox!

If you ever have a question as to whether I’m teaching just shoot me a quick email and I’ll let you know, or you can follow me on Twitter for immediate updates – @laceystonefit… 2011 is going to be insane good, I can feel it… 🙂

Thank you, Aisha, for this wonderful quote. I’ve put it on the wall above my desk.

“Promise yourself to be so strong nothing can disturb your peace of mind.  Look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.  Think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best.  Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. Live in the faith that the whole world is on your side so long as you are true to the best that is in you!” – Christian D. Larson

Happy ThanksGIVING!

Passion.Patience.Persistence =  EXCELLENCE

Fitness Professional & Reebok PRO
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC




Lacey & Jessica say Goodbye on Lesbian Love.

The LAST Episode of Lesbian LOVE

Jessica and I say goodbye to all the lesbians and people out there looking for love. We gave you guys the opportunity  in this last episode to see some fun out-takes, our usual two cents on love, and you’ll get to see some actual wedding footage from our Puerto Vallarta Wedding Extravaganza in February 2010.

The end of Lesbian Love is bittersweet for Jessica and I… We both have a ton of projects going on right now and continuing LL is just not possible with scheduling. I’m filming a fitness show with MTV, and Jessica is making the rounds in LA.  We are both working to be even stronger voices of love and hope in the community. We promise to always represent GAY in a positive uplifting way. Thank you for believing in us and what we stand for. You have made the past year amazing.

We have so enjoyed sharing our lives with you and intern you’ve shared your  lives with us.  It has been an eye-opening remarkable experience that I’m so happy to have been a part of.  We’ve taken your comments and personal notes to heart. Thank you for all the beautiful stories you’ve shared.

Jessica and I Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and if you’re looking for love we’re here to say it’s possible… If you want love, give LOVE.


Lacey Stone & Jessica Clark

If you’re having trouble viewing this on Facebook just click –


Back in the Saddle again…

Jessica and Lacey talk to their Soul Sister Nikki about being back in the game after a long term break-up. What to do and how to stay positive when handling the heart ache.

If you’re having trouble viewing this on facebook please click –


Newly OUT Nicole!

Jessica and Lacey talk to their favorite adopted “Niece,” Nicole, about
being BRAND new to Gay Land. Congratulations to Nicole for her bravery
in coming out to the world on Lesbian Love.

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Is Facebook Love, Good or BAD?

Jessica and I are talking about the world wide web today… Has it brought us closer together or further apart. Has Facebook made cheating impossible with the tags? Let us know what you think, I personally like Facebook and Jessica is a Twitter girl… However I do think life was a little more intimate pre-online social media.

If you’re having trouble viewing this on facebook just click – 🙂


May 2010 Fitness Blast


Can you believe it’s MAY? Wow. As you get older life seems to start to move to fast.  Close friends are getting married and starting to have kids… I find myself wondering when did this happen, when did I grow up? But the truth is you never really grow up do you? Sure we have to do grown-up things like pay your taxes and some of us have to wear “fancy pants” to go to work… BUT you never really have to “grow up,” right?! As the sun starts creep out something in me still wants me to yell…
School’s out its Suummmmeeeeerrrrrr!!!!!
Under 6 weeks till summMAH, what more motivation do you need???

* BOOTCamp! EXPRESS – July

CHANGE YOUR BODY. Camp is about taking 1 month out of your life to work on being “your” best… Physically and mentally. Together as a Team you carve out 2 days a week to have ROCKStar Workouts outside in the summer sun… There will be Bi-Weekly emails and constant support. If you’ve been looking for something that will SPARK you, … BOOTYCamp! is it, REAL DEAL Results.

If you’d like to sign up July shoot me an email at I’ll hook ya up!  Spots are going ffasssttt… For more info log onto the BOOTYCamp! Website –

BOOTYCamp! EXPRESS will be tagged Teamed by Annie Galovich one of The BEST Trainers in New York and me. The Total cost for July is $300.

* Lacey & Jessica Talk Women’s SPORTS

What’s wrong with Women’s Sports? Why can’t they garner as much interest as Men’s Sports… Jessica and I break it down.  The way women’s sports and SWEAT are viewed in Society needs to change. I think working hard and kicking A$%& is sexy don’t you?

I used the picture of Serena and I for the blast because (yes, she really messed up on the tennis court last year). But she has created an “image” of who she is that is larger than the game of Tennis and that’s impressive. Her starting her clothing line and working with Nike, Gatorade, being on MTV draw more fans to woman’s sport. Her and Venus were the first two female athletes to ever demand equal purses for Championships. And for that I tip my hat… She by herself has made a legendary impact for female athletes.

Take a Look at our chat and let us know what you think, ok? 🙂


HEALTHY STYLE NY –  Check out these two videos I did with Vanessa Alfano for her FRESH New Site –

-My 3 FAVORITE AB Moves that’ll have you begging for more-

-3 Moves that’ll get you Bikini READY! –

– One of my favorite Itunes Playlist is featured in Fitness next month. Mmuuussiiicccccc! Thank you Stef 🙂

– Grab a copy of Glamour the June edition, you might find a picture of a particular couple 🙂

* MUSIC – April Top10!

Download this month’s playlist! – Just click to get April’s Top10! Tunes!

1. Live Like We’re Dying – Kris Allen
2. Can You Feel It (feat. Esthero & Sebastian) – Timbaland
3. Whataya Want From Me (Jason Nevins Electrotek Extended Mix) – Adam Lambert
4. Alright With Me – Kris Allen
5. Back In the High Life Again – Steve Winwood – This song had me skipping down the street
6. I Am (Dave Audé Remix) – Mary J. Blige
7. Use Your Love – Katy Perry
8. You Belong With Me (Factory Team Remix) – Housecream
9. All Night Long (As Made Famous by Lionel Richie) (Energy Remix  + 131 BPM) -DJ ReMix Factory
10. Sex On Fire – D’Mixmasters


I’ll be missing only 3 classes, over the course of the month.

Wednesday, 5.12 – 6.30pm – SPIN – Greenwich
Friday,  5.21 – 6.30am – TheBigGAME! – Greenwich
Monday, 5.31 – 12.30 – Spin – Columbus Circle

* QUOTE-tastic

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”

Have the BEST Day!


Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC