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DAY 5 is Pivotal in BOOTY and in LIFE.


GREAT DAY 5. I meant it when I said week 3 day 5 is a pivotal day in every Camp’s month. Once you can bust through week 3 you’re good to go! Annndd I’m not just talking about BOOTY guys. Treat every month like a camp month, start fresh on Day 1 and bust it out until Day 8. It’s easy to start a month strong or have a good day, but it is the warriors that stay consistent throughout the month. Staying positive through the highs and lows knowing they will accomplish their goals. Treat every month like you treat June and I promise you will have a great YEAR and an awesome LIFE. Today both Teams proved victorious through their work ethics, performances, and spirit. ROCK ON.


The Team meeting was a SUCCESS. Campers & non-campers came to support the cause. Someone came to tape the meeting for their website so I’ll let you know when it airs for those of you who could not attend. The main point of the meeting was that you can have whatever body you want. You just need to plan how you’re going to attack your fitness, what you need to add and what you need to subtract to make it happen. If you’re interested in my methods of treating your life like a GAME, you can also check out my Nike speech where I break down what a “win” and a “loss” is. – Yes I know I say freakin a lot, don’t worry I worked on it for my future motivational speeches 🙂

Marisa ROCKED the meeting and your journals – If you have any questions for Marissa please reach out to her . She’s a GREAT nutritionist that I HIGHLY recommend.

If you liked what Jessica had to say and would be interested in working with her on how to coach yourself to a better body email her at . The woman knows what’s up… obviously 🙂

Anndd if you’d be interested in Training with me or one of the many wonderful trainers that work at Peak Performance post camp let me know. Matt’s one of my guys there… And on Saturday we were lucky enough to see the Million Dollar Baby herself training (that’s Hilary Swank :)). It’s a pretty sweet place to work it out, if I don’t say so myself 🙂 SswweeeeeAATTTT –

2 SWEAT FESTS left until Judgment DAY!

Come Thursday READY to go… Don’t leave anything on the BC! Field. Thursday is Stations Day, BUST OUT the circuits. I love how you guys are looking… FAST, FIERCE, FANTASTIC – keep it up! Sydney told me she dropped 8lbs today, I’ve seen her effort and her focus… very inspiring lady!


Set your DVRS 🙂 Our own Jessica Clark, my wifey, is going to be Hosting the Red Carpet this Thursday for the New Now Next Awards on Logo. She said her best interview was with Rupaul… Should be interesting! 🙂 hahahhaha!

When: Thursday June 17th

Channel: 155, LOGO

Time: 9.30pm is the RED Carpet show!

See you Thursday!


PS If you want to do The Two-A-Day I’ll be teaching TheBigGAME! at Greenwich in honor of my Celtics. Game 6 is tonight… Post Le Gran Jeu 🙂


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