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8 Reasons to Workout TODAY.

Because 10 reasons would just be sooooo predictable 🙂

1. Getting your sweat on helps the brain deal with almost anything; it releases those feel-good endorphins that make you happy. Get out those frustrations, vent any anger you might have, release any sadness you’re carrying for just 45 minutes to an hour and you won’t regret it.

2. Try to see it not as a chore, which you hate but will do begrudgingly, but as a gift to yourself. Some YOU time where the focus is you, and only you. No colleagues trying to get your attention, no kids, no boyfriends/girlfriends/husband/wives.

3. See it as a gift to above mentioned; guaranteed by the time you get to work, or home after the gym you’ll feel a whole lot more empowered, relaxed, sexy, strong and just generally kick ass.  Which means you’ll be nicer, much more productive and the ‘you’ they all want to be around (if you feel like letting them….hehe)

4. You won’t be as tempted by those donuts in the office or by that greasy Chinese takeout when you just worked out.  Waste all that energy only to put those calories straight back on?  I don’t think so. That’ll be the sushi and miso soup for dinner please :).

5. Because it’s easy to stay motivated when it’s summertime and bikinis are on the horizon.  It’s a whole different playing field come the Fall…. But just as well you are NOT one of the herd, by continuing to workout you’ll be all slinky and ahead of the curve when the holiday parties start in a few months!

6. It’s an amazing feeling to feel strong, centered and to know what your body is capable of. To know that you might be a more curvalicious creature than your skinny friends but you know who can hold it down running for the bus…and it’s not them! Or that if you’re a little thing, you can know that’s it’s a LOT harder to push you around than they think. Yep…I can lift my own suitcases thank you (and I pack a surprisingly hard right-hook…don’t mess). Try not to look too surprised :)!

7. Because it’s a fun and totally justifiable reason to buy a hot new workout outfit…having your body look slammin’ is a GREAT motivation to keep those workouts coming full throttle.

8. And finally: because the gym/running club/hiking group or whatever is full of people like you who are trying to give their bodies and brains their best.  Because when changing direction for the better in life, it is always SO much easier and more fun to build a new support group of likeminded friends that get and share your goals. And just as a side note… if you’re single it’s often a perfect way to meet someone you may be compatible with. You never know… the boy or girl on the treadmill that you smile whenever you happen to make eye contact might just be harboring a secret crush. If you’re AT the gym you’ll give them the opportunity to jump off the treadmill and ask you out for coffee.  No joke… that is the story of how Jessica asked out Lacey.  Aaawwwwhhh :).