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Lacey & Jessica say Goodbye on Lesbian Love.

The LAST Episode of Lesbian LOVE

Jessica and I say goodbye to all the lesbians and people out there looking for love. We gave you guys the opportunity  in this last episode to see some fun out-takes, our usual two cents on love, and you’ll get to see some actual wedding footage from our Puerto Vallarta Wedding Extravaganza in February 2010.

The end of Lesbian Love is bittersweet for Jessica and I… We both have a ton of projects going on right now and continuing LL is just not possible with scheduling. I’m filming a fitness show with MTV, and Jessica is making the rounds in LA.  We are both working to be even stronger voices of love and hope in the community. We promise to always represent GAY in a positive uplifting way. Thank you for believing in us and what we stand for. You have made the past year amazing.

We have so enjoyed sharing our lives with you and intern you’ve shared your  lives with us.  It has been an eye-opening remarkable experience that I’m so happy to have been a part of.  We’ve taken your comments and personal notes to heart. Thank you for all the beautiful stories you’ve shared.

Jessica and I Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and if you’re looking for love we’re here to say it’s possible… If you want love, give LOVE.


Lacey Stone & Jessica Clark

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The Great Straight-GAY Divide.

Jessica, Lacey and their Gorgeous Straight friend Alexis talk about why gay girls and straight girls are often like oil and vinegar.  Is it our fault or theirs… hhmmmmmm.

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Newly OUT Nicole!

Jessica and Lacey talk to their favorite adopted “Niece,” Nicole, about
being BRAND new to Gay Land. Congratulations to Nicole for her bravery
in coming out to the world on Lesbian Love.

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Adding a 3rd to your Relationship…

“They say that 2’s company and 3’s a crowd…. Or is it?? Lacey and Jessica discuss what it would mean to include a third person in your intimate relationship.

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Is Facebook Love, Good or BAD?

Jessica and I are talking about the world wide web today… Has it brought us closer together or further apart. Has Facebook made cheating impossible with the tags? Let us know what you think, I personally like Facebook and Jessica is a Twitter girl… However I do think life was a little more intimate pre-online social media.

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What’s wrong with Women’s Sports?

Women are AMAZING at Sports, right?! Then why don’t they get as much coverage… Why isn’t the WNBA as successful as the NBA? Lacey and Jessica break it down.

And let us know what you think… We are very interested 🙂

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Being Gay in a Straight World

Jessica & Lacey talk about what it’s like to be different in a society that doesn’t always understand what it feels like to be gay.