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Every March brings me back to my athletic dreams. It’s the time of year when the unthinkable happens, Teams advance much further in the NCAA tournament than was ever thought possible. It’s when naysayers are silenced, giants are taken down, and Cinderella Stories come true. It’s about hard-work over the course of a season paying off because it’s not Game-Day that got them there it’s the 10,000 hours of hard work and skill development each player earned over the course of their lives on playgrounds and driveways across the country.

Shooting in the dark, Playing with the boys, practicing in winter coats in the rain and in the snow… Each and every one of those athletes had the Dream to one day play under the lights in the NCAA Tournament. As the viewer we get to watch their destiny unfold.

BoooOOM! I’ve so much to share with you this month- My MTV Show is online, Gatorade Products and Events designed specifically for you, and Jessica & I are on the cover of a magazine, HOLLERATION!

Are you putting in the 10,000 hours to qualify you for your life’s “Tournament?” BRING IT everyday so when GAME-DAY comes you’re ready to take home the “W.”




WATCH this AWESOME and Inspiring Story of a girl who’s looking to turn her life and fitness around. Teen Mom Vanessa’s worst enemy is herself will she be able to conquer her inner demons and change her life forever? So PROUD to be a part of this show…. This was the greatest opportunity to stretch my limits and help a young girl realize for the first time what it feels like to be a Champion.




* G Series FIT – It’s not your mama’s Gatorade 🙂

I’m Thrilled to be a part of The G Series FIT vision. G has taken the time to think about what you need to consume BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER your workouts.  G Series FIT will be launched Nationally at Walgreens in April 2011.

BONUS – When you purchase all 3 G Series FIT products together you’ll be able to download one of 3 customized workouts with ME for FREE!

Here’s a sneak peak of one of my Out-Takes for The G Series FIT Cardio CRAZE Workout… This isn’t your mama’s Fitness.





BOOTYCamp! –  The SUMMER BootCamp you love is right around the corner! If you’d like to register now shoot me an email and I’ll get you on the Team. MAY-Camp will take place on Perry Street and the West Side Highway every Tuesdays/Thursday from 6.30am-7.30am.  The total cost of the 8 Sweat-Fests, Team Meeting, and Bi-Weekly motivational emails is $350. If you’d like to sign up for both May & June you can do that at this time as well… Spots will go fasstttt so contact me today!  For more info check out the Official BOOTYCamp! Website –

GOOD MORNING AMERICA – I’m pre-taping a segment on 5 tips to a tighter backside this Wednesday!

– Jessica and I made the cover of GO Magazine “The LOVE ISSUE” check out the cover and the featured article “BI-Coastal Bliss” –

– Check out my Out-Take explaining the 01 PRIME to you the Fitness Athlete – who knew the teleprompter would be my new BFF 🙂



Check out these HOT tunes…
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1. S&M (Dave Aude Club) – Rihanna
2. Rolling In the Deep
3. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Script
4. Life Passed Me By – Super Stereo
5. Hit the Lights (feat. Lil Wayne) – Jay Sean
6. Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor) [feat. T-Pain] – Pitbull
7. For the First Time – The Script
8. Cold War – Janelle Monáe
9. Born This Way – Lady GaGa
10. All of the Lights – Kanye West




I’m back from LA ready to BRING IT  today and the rest of March!

ONLY 1 SUB: 3.9.11 – I WON’T be teaching 12.15 – Spin – 19th Street *GMA Segment & Equinox Group Fitness Photo Shoot

*ALERT – I WILL be teaching evening Wednesday March 9th SPIN @ 6.30pm – Greenwich. MULTI-TASK BABY!




“The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.”

Thank you Jessica Clark for always encouraging me to expand my mind and believe in the scope of what’s possible.

Rock it out!


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Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC


Straight Girl Crushes…

Lacey & Jessica do a little Wedding Talk 🙂 The Picture above says 1000 words annnddd The Main Top of the day – “Straight Girl Crushes seem to come with the territory when you’re a gay or bi woman. Lacey and Jessica discuss how best to handle them; honesty or avoidance?”


Meeting the Parents

I’m in LOVE… but will my parents think? 🙂 Lacey and Jessica explore this sometimes-difficult predicament. How to prepare your loved ones and your folks for the primal meeting. This is one episode you don’t want to miss, J & L will teach you how to make it work.

Love is always the answer… 🙂

PS If you’re having trouble viewing this episode via facebook just click this


It’s a question of LOVE

Please take just a few minutes from your busy, demanding day to watch and listen to this video.

Lacey and I began our SWEAT City! Blog because we share a passion for life, for strength, for empowerment be it physical or mental and yes, a passion for love.  For whatever reason people would ask us what, why, how we got the bodies we have, how we managed to seem so happy a lot of the time, what was our secret?

I find myself again writing to you that while this is not a political blog, there are seismic shifts happening all around us all in these days and weeks that affect every part of us.   You may know that we believe a beautiful and healthy body and life comes from the inside out. That it is all about being true to whom we are, finding a passion, loving and respecting ourselves: believing that anything is possible.

On Sunday 2nd November I proposed to the love of my life, Lacey Stone. She accepted.  Lacey happens to be a woman, as am I.  On Tuesday 4th November history was made when the USA elected as its next President Barack Obama.  On that same day Prop 8 was passed in California resulting in the amendment of the California Constitution to state that only marriage between a man and a woman is legal.  One of the arguments that aided the passage of this Amendment is that it would require “redefining marriage”.  As the video points out, if marriage had never been redefined then the multi-racial parents of the new President-Elect could not be married in the country that has now chosen him to lead it.  The world didn’t come to an end when inter-racial marriages became legal; they helped to create a new, stronger and more hopeful USA than ever before.

If you take the time to watch the video, and I hope with all my heart that you do, Olbermann says it far more articulately than I ever could.  That we are all, each and every one of us, trying to live fulfilling lives, honest and peaceful.  There are two stark choices before us: to embrace love, to embrace hope and to go forward. Or to allow the hate and division that so embattles our world, that filters through to every element of our being, how we feel about ourselves as human beings, to gain an even stronger hold.

How we feel about ourselves as we wake up every day, as we decide what to eat, how to think, treat ourselves: our bodies and minds and how to treat other human beings is all a question of love.  And not just love in the romantic sense, but that love for our fellow person, who we may not ever know, or even want to know, but who is just trying to be true to themselves and happy and in love too.

As Olbermann says “This is the only world we have, and the other guy counts too.”