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SPIN & Sunday Workouts… It’s SPOOKtacuLAR!!!

The time has come to BRING IT!!! The last two weeks of October lets have some fun together, as a matter of fact what are you doing this Sunday?


Starting this Sunday, October 16th I’m Teaching the 10am-11am FULL-BODY Bootcamp at Barry’s!

What: Full-Body Bootcamp Styled Cardio Sweat-Fest of LOVE
Where: Barry’s NYC – 135 West 20th Street & 7th Avenue
When: Launches – Sunday October 16th
Time: 10-11am
Why?: Because you miss me and you want to get you’re a** Kicked GOOD RALLY the troops Retro STYLE!!! It’s like the Double on Sunday at 19th Street, REUNION of Full-Body Madness!

Reserve Your 3 Sunday Full Body SWEAT-FESTS!
1. Sunday 16th
2. Sunday 23rd
3. Sunday 30th

If you’d like to Pre-Register for The 3-Pack Sunday FIESTA before the Masses catch wind call 646.559.2721! Just say I’d like to secure my spot for Lacey’s Sunday 3. 3 Pre-Registered Classes = $100.

AND… YES, I’ll continue to teach my Regular Schedule of Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 12.30-1.30!!!
Monday – Arms, Wednesday – Chest, Friday – Full-Body!
Here’s how you can get your weekly spots or get in on the Sunday FIESTA! or call 646.559.2721 for 3pack & more details.


I’m PROUD to be a part of the launch of KiwiSweat a pioneer in creating the highest quality fitness in unique destinations to transform the ho-hum workout routine into the premier fitness experience.

KiwiSweat’s inaugural SPIN EVENTS will take place NEXT WEEK in Chelsea Market & you’re invited!!

H-O-T Gilt City Offer – Save up to 50% off Tickets to my SPIN Classes, offer ends Tuesday the 10th – via 🙂


1. Thursday, October 20 – 6:30pm – 7:15pm

2. Saturday, October 22 – 11:00am – 11:45am

3. Wednesday, October 26th – 7:30am – 8:15pm

4. Saturday, October 29 – 10:00AM – 10:45AM – PRE-HALLOWEEN MADNESS!!!
It’ll be a guaranteed “Thriller”

Learn more about me and other KiwiSweat Instructors and KiwiSweat – DO IT 🙂


P.S. Let me help you with what the rest of your Weekends will look like in October, ok?

1. *THIS Sunday- BARRY’S, 10.16.11 – 10am-11am – Full-body Bootcamp w/Lacey

2. *Saturday SPIN, 10.22.11 – 11:00am – 11:45am w/Lacey
* Sunday BARRY’S, 10.23.11 – 10am-11am – Full-body bootcamp w/Lacey

3. *Saturday SPIN, 10.29.11 – 10am-1045am – w/Lacey
*Sunday BARRY’S, 10.30.11 – 10am-11am – Full-body Bootcamp w/Lacey… Happy HALLOWEEN!!! 🙂

Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC



Dearest Dudes!

MOST EXCELLENT EFFORT THIS Morning! We have a very balanced Team this month – Great Speed, Strength, & Spirit, yeahhh BooooOoyyYY!


In my opinion Fitness is Life… It’s about making a conscious choice to be the best you can be every minute, of every second, of every day no matter what. It’s about BRINGING IT to the best of your ability in all situations, no excuses… It’s about making being your BEST a habit. Because when something becomes a habit you can’t not do it, right? Make being your best everyday… The only option, make it just the way it is.

ONLY 4 MORE DAYS. Lets make the most outta HELL PeeOOOooPppPPPLEeeE!!!!


This is week is about spot training different areas on your body. Today was ARMS, Tomorrow is BUTT & LEGS…. When doing exercises to fatigue it is extremely important that you have good form. We have a nice size group so I’ll be doing a lot of form correction (Because I love you), but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


*THREE PEET!!! GREAT Job Nicole & David you crushed the competition in the first round of Tag TEAM. SWWEEETTTTTTTTTT 🙂

*Christian, Eden, and Grant showed lighting bolt quickness during the 45second DASH… ssppeeeeddddddddd.

*And Erin flexed her muscles in the 3 Set Push-UP OFF! Yyeeaaahhhhhhhhh

*EVERYONE – LOVED your spirit… It took us about 25mins to wake-up this morning but once we did we were great. Loved the High-5ing and Smiling… You know I love me a 10second count down too! HA! 🙂 FANTASTIC JOB ALL.

*Joe, Annabel, Kerstin, Laurie, and Joanna we all look forward to welcoming you manana!!! 🙂


Way to be on time everybody, very impressive!!!! And those of you who were running late thank you for the texts. Everyone plug my number into your phone now 347.525.1726. If you are running a couple minutes late just text me and we are all good. If you do not I will explain the consequence tomorrow.
Tomorrow starts at 6.30am SHARP… Enjoy those extra 15mins BOooooOOotTyyyYYs!


I know we are meeting in the AM on Wednesday but I wanted to invite you all to my first official class as a FREE agent at Barry’s Bootcamp… This is going to be the HOTTEST New workout in New York City… Watch! I know a couple of you are coming it’s going to be Funness

Anyway, I’m leading an event there This Wednesday Night.

When: Wednesday, August 24th @ 8pm
Where: 135 W 20th Street NY, NY 10011
HOW TO GET YOUR SPOT: Call 646.559.2721
Cost: $32

BARRY’S is known as HOLLYWOODS number 1 Workout 🙂


Let me know if you want to order Exclusive Lacey Stone Fitness “NO EXCUSES” or “Athlete” Burn Out T. I will wear one tomorrow so you can see what it looks like 🙂 Several of you have them and they are Pretty FIERCE.


Take care of yourself this week! Stretch FOR SURE; maybe reward yourself with a massage post camp. We are going to be rocking it out for four more days and I want you to be at the top of your game every day. Get some Z’s and Hydrate.

Awesome Job Today TEAM… 🙂

See you Tomorrow!


Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC




Greenwich Village Equinox:  I remember the first day I stepped on that stage to teach 6.30pm Spin Class at Greenwich Village Equinox… The instructor that had the spot before me was not working out so I was given the opportunity to ROCK it out at a club where I had started out as a floor trainer. I was SO EXCITED, I had big plans…  As I recall, in my first class I had about 3 people… hahahah!  🙂 🙂  But I wasn’t disheartened, I told my club group fitness manager that one day “I’ll have a waiting list… you wait Rachel, you wait.”

7 YEARS later what a ride.  THANK YOU to EVERYONE who’s SWEAT with me on those bikes.

My Final Curtain Call…

Wednesday April 27th will be my last 6.30pm SPIN at Greenwich Village Equinox. I’ve been holding Court on Wednesday Nights for 7 Glorious years… Come Celebrate the end of an Era!!!
Thank you to everyone who’s participated over the years… I’ve truly enjoyed every minute of it… Thank you for an extraordinary run!!! My Wednesday Nights are going to be devoted to the next phase of Lacey Stone Fitness – There are now new people in my life that I have to say “I will have a …. you wait and see.”  🙂

Wednesday April 27th will be my final curtain call and I’ll be passing my primetime 6.30pm torch to the Amazing John Esty. Wednesday’s 6.30pm SPIN Event! @ Greenwich Equinox will have Gatorade Give-aways galore, A couple hoodie prizes, & more… Please come and a celebrate 7 years of SWEAT and LOVE!

AND Don’t be alarmed: I’ll continue to teach all of my other regularly scheduled classes at Equinox

Monday – 6.30am – SPIN – Greenwich & 12.30 – SPIN – Columbus Circle

Tuesday – 6.40 – TheBigGAME! – Greenwich

Wednesday – 12.15 – SPIN – 19th Street

Friday – 6.45am – TheBigGAME! – Greenwich

See you at the GYM!


Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC




Check out Lacey’s Fitness Tips to keep your Rear in GEAR! Here she is on GMA –

This Booty-Buster Circuit is 15mins – It will get your butt tighter and more defined, the cardio element will strength the targeted area while make it more lean and toned.

1. Alternating Side Lunge

Make sure one leg is bent and one leg is straight. Keep weight driving down through the bent leg.

FOCUS – Glutes, and inner Thighs, hamstrings and Quads

Also works cardio, and Core

2. Split Lunge

Land back down low in the lunge position jump as high as you can and land softly.

FOCUS – Booty-Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads, Calves

Also works Cardio, and Core

3. Cross Back Lunge

Keep weight driving down through the front heel

FOCUS – Outter Glutes – Medius and Minimus, Quads, Hamstrings

Also Works Core

4. Hip Lifts

Lift your hips as high as you can by squeezing your glutes.

FOCUS Glutes (Glutes Maximus- Butt/Booty), Hamstrings, and calves

5. Modified Side Plank Leg Lift

Lift your hips as high. Make sure your arm is right underneath your shoulder and leg is straight when you lift it.

FOCUS – Glutes (Medius and Minimus)

Also Works Core

Recover for 30seconds and repeat 3X Total Workout Time about 15mins




Every March brings me back to my athletic dreams. It’s the time of year when the unthinkable happens, Teams advance much further in the NCAA tournament than was ever thought possible. It’s when naysayers are silenced, giants are taken down, and Cinderella Stories come true. It’s about hard-work over the course of a season paying off because it’s not Game-Day that got them there it’s the 10,000 hours of hard work and skill development each player earned over the course of their lives on playgrounds and driveways across the country.

Shooting in the dark, Playing with the boys, practicing in winter coats in the rain and in the snow… Each and every one of those athletes had the Dream to one day play under the lights in the NCAA Tournament. As the viewer we get to watch their destiny unfold.

BoooOOM! I’ve so much to share with you this month- My MTV Show is online, Gatorade Products and Events designed specifically for you, and Jessica & I are on the cover of a magazine, HOLLERATION!

Are you putting in the 10,000 hours to qualify you for your life’s “Tournament?” BRING IT everyday so when GAME-DAY comes you’re ready to take home the “W.”




WATCH this AWESOME and Inspiring Story of a girl who’s looking to turn her life and fitness around. Teen Mom Vanessa’s worst enemy is herself will she be able to conquer her inner demons and change her life forever? So PROUD to be a part of this show…. This was the greatest opportunity to stretch my limits and help a young girl realize for the first time what it feels like to be a Champion.




* G Series FIT – It’s not your mama’s Gatorade 🙂

I’m Thrilled to be a part of The G Series FIT vision. G has taken the time to think about what you need to consume BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER your workouts.  G Series FIT will be launched Nationally at Walgreens in April 2011.

BONUS – When you purchase all 3 G Series FIT products together you’ll be able to download one of 3 customized workouts with ME for FREE!

Here’s a sneak peak of one of my Out-Takes for The G Series FIT Cardio CRAZE Workout… This isn’t your mama’s Fitness.





BOOTYCamp! –  The SUMMER BootCamp you love is right around the corner! If you’d like to register now shoot me an email and I’ll get you on the Team. MAY-Camp will take place on Perry Street and the West Side Highway every Tuesdays/Thursday from 6.30am-7.30am.  The total cost of the 8 Sweat-Fests, Team Meeting, and Bi-Weekly motivational emails is $350. If you’d like to sign up for both May & June you can do that at this time as well… Spots will go fasstttt so contact me today!  For more info check out the Official BOOTYCamp! Website –

GOOD MORNING AMERICA – I’m pre-taping a segment on 5 tips to a tighter backside this Wednesday!

– Jessica and I made the cover of GO Magazine “The LOVE ISSUE” check out the cover and the featured article “BI-Coastal Bliss” –

– Check out my Out-Take explaining the 01 PRIME to you the Fitness Athlete – who knew the teleprompter would be my new BFF 🙂



Check out these HOT tunes…
& for more fun music just like this log onto the Lacey Stone Fitness PlayList Library!

1. S&M (Dave Aude Club) – Rihanna
2. Rolling In the Deep
3. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Script
4. Life Passed Me By – Super Stereo
5. Hit the Lights (feat. Lil Wayne) – Jay Sean
6. Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor) [feat. T-Pain] – Pitbull
7. For the First Time – The Script
8. Cold War – Janelle Monáe
9. Born This Way – Lady GaGa
10. All of the Lights – Kanye West




I’m back from LA ready to BRING IT  today and the rest of March!

ONLY 1 SUB: 3.9.11 – I WON’T be teaching 12.15 – Spin – 19th Street *GMA Segment & Equinox Group Fitness Photo Shoot

*ALERT – I WILL be teaching evening Wednesday March 9th SPIN @ 6.30pm – Greenwich. MULTI-TASK BABY!




“The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.”

Thank you Jessica Clark for always encouraging me to expand my mind and believe in the scope of what’s possible.

Rock it out!


Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC


Happy February From Lacey


Welcome to the shortest month of the year! Last year at this time I was headed to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to get married… This year on February 28th I’ll be celebrating my One Year Wedding Anniversary. HOORAAYYY!!! Time flies, eh? 🙂 That’s why it’s SO important to remain focused on what’s important to you. Be disciplined and present with your vision so you can capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves. When you choose to BRING IT everyday you give yourself the chance to live your life to it’s fullest at the gym, at work, and with the people you love… If you’re not in the game, how can you win?


Last month “Fit Mom” aired on MTV. The show rated as one of the top watched MADE episodes of all time!!! Thank you for watching and all of the lovely emails. Annndd A resounding YES, to answer the most asked question by everybody… “When are you getting your own show?” Everyday I’m working hard at making that happen, it’s coming 🙂

The picture at the top of this email is from The Fit Mom Episode in Times Square– “HEY VANESSA, up here!  It’s not Bird, it’s not a Plane, It’s Lacey your new MADE Coach.” What V did over the course of our 12weeks together was truly remarkable. She lost 30 plus pounds, enrolled in College, got a stable job, rekindled her relationship with her mother, and much more… This Kid BROUGHT IT! Fit Mom is truly an inspirational story and I’m honored to be a part of it. As soon as the link goes up online I promise to share it with you!


Check out these HOT tunes… and for more fun music just like this log onto the Lacey Stone Fitness PlayList Library!

1. What the Hell – Avril Lavigne
2. Weightless – Natasha Bedingfield  – The Power of Positive Lyrics, Take a listen to this song I played all last month.
3. Strip Me – Natasha Bedingfield
4. Breakeven (Falling to Pieces) – The Script
5. Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You) – Enrique Iglesias
6. Fly – Nicki Minaj & Rihanna
7. All of the Lights  – Kanye West
8. Omg (CPR Remix) – Marshall
9. Who Dat Girl (feat. Akon) [8 Barz Club Mix] – Flo Rida
10. Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros


PHOTO SHOOT –  I was the featured TRAINER in Antenna Magazine this Month! Their Spring issue hits stands in February, Check out their RAD website too, very hip & trendy stuff –

MTV NEWS – Rochester buzz on Vanessa’s Made experience.

MTV – DELETED SCENE, me changing a diaper… priceless

DVD  – I’m working on an EXCITNG new project anndd shot the DVD for it on Feb 7th. I can’t wait to share all the buzz and workouts with you come Early Spring 2011!


I’m a HUGE believer in the power of positive energy. I believe the energy we give to the world is the energy that comes back to us. That’s why I try to make all my classes high energy with a focus on Team and enthusiasm. If we enjoy what we’re doing it’s going to make us want to come back again and again, right? Making working out an enjoyable experience for you is what my classes are all about, it’s my focus. I want to do everything I can to help you to create consistency in your workouts. The fact of fitness is the more consistent you are the better your results will be.

This month introduce yourself to the girl on the bike next to you, or High-5 that person in TheBigGAME! that makes you smile. Why on earth would I do that… I have enough friends in my life?  I can just hear the little voice in your head. It’s not because I want all my classes to be happy-clappy, it’s because the more fun you have with your workouts the easier it will be for you to give your best.  That’s the method to my MADESS.  My assignment for you this month is to introduce yourself to one person at the gym, your “hi friend.” You can say, I’ve been saying hi to you for year now I thought it might be time to introduce myself 🙂

The more you enjoy working out and the people you do it with the easier it will be to get the results you deserve. I know it’s New York and we all have so many things going on and the Gym is your place to let loose, and, and, and…  BUT in my classes we’re a Team, that’s how I teach you.  Believe it or not the energy you bring to your workouts not only affects you it affects the entire room.  Now, I know some people don’t like the word team because they’ve had bad experiences with it in past. Well, I’m here to tell you so have I… My bad experiences with Team are the reasons why I got into fitness in the first place. I wanted to be the coach I never had…  When you’re having a bad day or a bad workout I’m here to lift you up so you can always play to the best of your ability, that’s what good coaches do.  I don’t care if you’re – young, old, gay, straight, man, woman, black, white, green, fit, or unfit… Everyone is always Welcome. That’s my attitude and that’s the attitude I’d like you to share with me when you take my classes.  I believe everyone has the power to be great, that’s how I coach my classes and that’s my mission in life.

Which brings me to where we started. The more positive we can be.  The more we can support each other in our fitness pursuits, the easier it will be to win at everything we do. Let me coach you to victory…  Lets’ BRING IT PEOPLE!


At the tale end of February I’m going to LA to celebrate my 1-year Wedding Anniversary… You get it, right?!  The reason Jessica’s in LA is because she was cast in a pilot that got picked up by ABC – “The Great State of Georgia.” ROCKED IT OUT!!!!

-Monday (TODAY) February 7th – Shooting DVD said to release in Early Spring 2011! Details coming soon 🙂

*Tomorrow, Tuesday FEBRUARY 8th – FEBRUARY 23rd I’M IN NEW YORK CITY looking to get you all in the BEST shape possible.

-END of February (Jessica may be reading and the dates are a suprise)  – In LA LA… Celebrating the love and working on that show that I talked about in the DREAMS section of this email. Passion.Patience.Persistence = Anything is possible.

* GIVING – Opportunity

Lifebeat is an AWESOME charity my friend Ben Wymer has asked me to share with you. Lifebeat is an official Charity Partner of the New York Road Runners and the 2011 New York City Half Marathon. They’ve secured 25 entries in the Half Marathon occurring on March 20, 2011 in New York City. Funds raised from the Lifebeat team will fund the organization’s HIV/AIDS prevention and support programs that have been making a difference locally and nationally in the Fight against HIV/AIDS for over 18 years.

I’d love for you to take part in this amazing cause but there are limited spots left so follow-up today by checking out: Life Beat’s Team Page – email or call 212-459-2590.

* QUOTE-tastic

“It’s okay to doubt yourself just don’t ever doubt the dream.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC


Lacey’s MTV Episode “FIT MOM” Airs WEDNESDAY!

An Unhappy and Unfit Teen Mom decides she wants to change her life forever. The MTV Emmy Award winning Docu-reality show, MADE, hits it big with this one hour inspirational story.
Teen Mom Vanessa has had it tough for a long time, she has a lot of demons she needs to face and some major weight she’d like to lose.  When she feels like there’s no hope at all in comes America’s Fitness Coach, Lacey Stone. Watch the drama unfold and see if Lacey’s method of tight Abs with a side of love can help Vanessa turn her life around?

Air Date: Wednesday January 19th, 2011 at 4pm (eastern standard time)
Show Title: Fit Mom
Channel: MTV, check your local listings – Manhattan, channel 20

Sneak Peak of “Fit Mom” w/ Lacey & Vanessa –

Check out Lacey’s other Made Episode “Weight-Loss” with Tyler the Tyrant –

Soooo What do you think people… Are you going to tune in? Don’t let the drama fool you, it’s going to be a very Inspirational Story!
Thank you Vanessa & MTV!
Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC