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Happy APRIL!  This month is about POWER… Aries are known for their FIRE their drive, and their passion. I should know… April 17th is my BIRTHDAY 🙂  Hip HIP HOORRAAYY, lets celebrate all month long with GREAT workouts and FIREY power plays in and outside of the gym. WATCH out World!

* BOOTYCamp! – May, June, July!

Camp is about taking 1 month out of your life to work on being “your” best… Not only physically but mentally. Together as a Team we carve out 2 days a week to have ROCKStar Workouts outside in the summer sun… I make it my mission to keep on top of all 28 participants with Bi-Weekly emails and constant support. If you’ve been looking for something that will SPARK you, change the way you feel about yourself and your body… BOOTYCamp! is the answer. I run this camp as a stand for all people looking to unleash their inner AWESOME.

At this time May is Full but there’re still spots left in June. AND you can begin signing up for July Today.  I believe in BC! 100%… It’s a real deal workout with REAL DEAL Results.

If you’d like to sign up for June or July shoot me an email I’ll hook ya up!  Spots are limited so get to me ASAP 🙂 For more info log onto


I’m a dreamer. I can’t help it. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t because BIG dreams can bring BIG drama… Lots of hard work, rejection, majoooorrr checks on patience, and the dreaded word … failure. If you want to be amazing, to be the BEST at something, failure is part of the equation.

I had a big “a’ha moment” about a week ago… I realized I was so afraid of failing that I wasn’t taking any chances. I wasn’t really going for it because I didn’t want to mess up. I was caught up in being so perfect that I wasn’t taking the risks necessary to differentiate myself from the pack. I forgot what had gotten me where I am in the first place, me. I’m different, I’m a little bonkers, a risk taker, yes a little crazy at times but that’s what makes me, me. We all have our inner core of who we are. The thing that no one else can copy or take away from us because it’s our essence.

Why am I telling you this… Because I feel free. I realized my fear of failing or making mistakes was getting in the way of my true potential. To be great, to be unstoppable is to fail. There can be no light without darkness, just as there can be no wins without losses. Making mistakes is what we learn from, what makes us grow into the people we were born to be.

This month I’m going to focus on not just staying in the game… I’m focusing on dominating the game, maybe losing sometimes but knowing in my heart that I SWUNG for the rafters… Because I’m a home run hitter, I’m a dreamer. Do you hear me, do you get what I’m saying? Are you a dreamer? Then DOMINATE… Play to win.

*Lacey & Jessica Talk LOVE

Have you ever had a CRUSH on a lady or a fella and you didn’t know how to handle it? Gay or Straight we’ve all had them… 🙂 Jessica & I will share the good, the bad, and the embarrassing


I got the Shout OUT on CNN’s American Morning with John Roberts, my name drop is right at the end. Thank you John for being my angel man last month – John takes my Monday spin at Columbus circle on a regular… the man wakes up at 3am in the morning and still ROCKS it out with a smile. He is a perfect example of NO EXCUSES baby. You inspire me… Regina you know I love you.

My favorite quote from this article is “Tight Abs with a side of LOVE… Sign me up!” – Thank you Charlotte and Jen!!

IVILLAGE – If you’re looking for fresh ways to start a fitness routine check out this article, I gave 3 helpful hints a long with a couple other top fitness pros! Thank you Jill 🙂

* MUSIC – March Top10!

Download this month’s playlist! – Just click to get The March’s Top10! GOOD Tunes!

1.  Remember (La Di Da) [Giuseppe D. Tune Adiks Mix] – Lucas Prata
2.  Fireflies (CPR Dance Remix) – Top 40 Hits Remixed, Vol. 9
3.  Undertow (feat. the Fray & Esthero) – Timbaland
4.  Scream My Name – LMFAO
5.  Sweet Little Thing (A. Viale, DJ Ross & Paul Sander Mix) – Alessandro Viale
6.  Imma Be (Workout Mix) – Chani
7.  Solo – Iyaz
8.  Live Your Life (DJ Godfather Detroit Ghetto Tek Mix) – DJ Godfather
9.   The Promise – When in Rome
10.  Sex On Fire – D’Mixmasters


I will be out of the office for TWO Weddings… Summer lovin happened so ffasssttttt.

4.9 – 6.30am TheBigGAME! Greenwich – sub-a-licousness

4.13 – 6.40pm TheBigGAME! Greenwich -sub

4.23 – 6.30am – TheBigGAME! – Greenwich – sub

4.26 – 6.30am – SPIN – Greenwich – sub

4.26 – 12.30 – SPIN – Columbus Circle – sub

* QUOTE-tastic

“Strive to be of value rather than success.”  This famous quote comes from Mr. Albert Einstein. What is success any way… Money, Fame? If you strive to be of value you win every time.

Thank YOU,


Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC


Straight Girl Crushes…

Lacey & Jessica do a little Wedding Talk 🙂 The Picture above says 1000 words annnddd The Main Top of the day – “Straight Girl Crushes seem to come with the territory when you’re a gay or bi woman. Lacey and Jessica discuss how best to handle them; honesty or avoidance?”