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WEST HOLLYWOOD!!! Are you ready to have your BODY ROCKED??!!!

Have no FEAR… Lacey is Finally here!  Lets make 2012 the year you take your BODY to the next level with me at Barry’s Bootcamp!

FIRST CLASS is January 10, 2012 – Come Join me 3X/week and get after it!

*Tuesday – 12.30 or 2pm

*Thursday – 12.30 – 2pm

*Saturday – 1pm

I am SO EXCITED to meet you and get your year started off with a BANG!!!

Happy Holidays!!





I wish you a Merry Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Holidays and a Happy New Year! May this month bring you merriment and delight beyond your wildest dreams! I have oodles of fun tidbits to share with you this holiday season… May your last month of 2011 be awesome!


On December 18th Jessica and I head to LA LA LANDIA. Yes, I’m that girl. How did it happen you ask? I honestly don’t know? And to be honest, I don’t really know how I ended up staying in the Empire State for 9 years. That was never the plan. I had always wanted to move to LA but then I got caught up in this Big BAD cciitttyyyyy of life and destiny.

New York City is sooo about faster; better, BEST, THE BEST aaaaaAAHHHH!!! Its exhilarating and soul sucking at the same time. I LOVED IT. But with the Equinox departure and the boutique gym explosion my time in the city came to an end the same why I ended up here.

I don’t know what Los Angeles has in store. For once in a long time I don’t know… There was something about that that scared the hell out of me. But then I re-framed the way I thought about the move. The way we frame thoughts in our minds determines the way we feel about them. Instead of fearing the unknown and the loss of my so-called “control” I began to embrace the change. Because when you realize that you don’t know what the future holds and you don’t have “control” over anything really, you start to surrender to the possibilities. You realize that when you don’t know what’s possible… Anything is possible.

New York City I’ll be back a ton, I promise. But this girl is ready…. HELL YEAH. Hey LA, whatcha doin? There’s a new girl in town 🙂 I don’t know if Hollywood’s ready for this peopllleeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!!!! 🙂
*Barry’s Bootcamp LA Schedule!!!

My official Barry’s LA Schedule is here. New Year’s resolutions look no further…. Have no FEAR, Lacey’s here. Tell every body you know and lets pack the HOUSE!!!!!!

START DATE: Tuesday January 10th at 12.30pm!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Legs & Butt BABY!!!

1. *2X on Tuesday: Legs & Butt, 12.30-1.30 & 2-3

2. *2X on Thursday – Shoulders & Back, 12.30-1.30 & 2-3

*Saturday – Full Body, 1-2pm


The 3X Method comes out in January and I need your help. If you guys know anyone in LA that’s interested in training with me please send them my contact info, I’m locking in 3 clients looking for some serious sweat sessions Pre-January 1st

Over the past 9 years I’ve been developing my method with my loyal clients, classes and camps. The 3X Method fuses my two decades worth of experience from both the athletic and fitness worlds… I’m so pumped to roll it out!

If you have any questions please email me. I can guarantee extraordinary results and service, you have my word. Passion. Patience. Persistence = EXCELLENCE BABY! 🙂


Please tell all your LA Friends that the HOTTEST New Workout in LA is LACEY at BARRY’S!!!! New Yorkers stick together baby J LA followers… I’m finally here, tell everyone and stop by for the love!

Cycling future is coming… Start date and location TBD. More to come!

With your help… The Team we created over the years, I know anything is possible. Thank you.

* The LACEY Show!

Last week I filmed the first episode of my new show The Gym! This show is going to blend all the elements that I’ve learned over the years from teaching across the country to working with some of the best wellness professionals in the world.

I created this show for you! If you have any Fitness questions shoot me an and your topic could become an episode!

Nutrition, goal setting, cardio, weight training, relationship don’t hesitate to ask… I’m a firm believer that if anything in your life is out of balance it will affect the success of your fitness goals.

This show was developed to stop the insanity and help people get real answers and REAL DEAL RESULTS. Come January 2012 it is on!!!! 🙂


If you guys haven’t checked out, do it now. For my re-launch of LACEY STONE FITNESS I’m also going to be changing music providers. 2012 will restart the Lacey Stone la la palooza on Spotify!

On this music-sharing site you can listen to songs all the way through and you can always check what your friends are listening to on the site and facebook. STALKER SMARTNESS.

Music makes your workout… Rock that BODY!
* EAST meets WEST!

7 ways to stay connected now that I’m not going to be in your NYC back yard as much as before.

1. Watch my new Show, THE GYM, every Monday for Motivation, information and all around silliness.

2. Twitter – Tweet at me @LaceyStoneFIT or just follow the adventure.

3. Email me always –

4. Facebook – Follow my Fan Page, Lacey Stone Fitness, and lets interact wall style.

5. Come to LA and SWEAT…. Vacation! 🙂

6. Stay tuned for my New York City Sweat-Fest Events!

7. Early register for BOOTYCamp! May 2012 🙂

I love everything New York City. If you know that you’re going to be in the LA and would like to Train or Workout with me, shoot me I’ll get you on a guest-list or whip you in the gym. SWEAT & BE MERRY… Hook-Up Central.
* QUOTE-tastic! & A Tribute to YOU

Here’s a tribute to the journey that got me to this point in my career and my life. “God doesn’t give you the people you want, He gives you the people you need. To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you into the person you were meant to be.”

Happy Holidays and Thank you New York City!!! A tribute to everyone along the way…


P.S. January 2012 marks the Re-launch of all things Lacey Stone Fitness: Website, News Letters, Gear, Music, Brand, Classes, and moreeeee. Keep it here for what’s HOT & MERRY!


Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC


Lacey’s New Show, THE GYM!

Get a sneak peak of Lacey’s New Show, THE GYM. This show is going to blend all the elements that Lacey’s learned over the years from teaching across the country to working with some of the best wellness professionals in the world.

Nutrition, goal setting, cardio, weight training, relationships… Lacey is a firm believer that if anything in your life is out of balance it will affect the success of your fitness.

This show was developed to stop the insanity and help people get real answers and REAL DEAL RESULTS. The First Episode will air January 1st 2012.

Lacey created this show for you! If you have any Fitness questions shoot us an email and your topic could become an episode!

2012 Shall Rock.


Lacey Stone – New York City & Hollywood Fitness Expert

The journey of what makes Lacey one of the Top Fitness Professionals in New York City and the Country. It’s not just about Fitness… It’s Life.




Happy Turkey Day & Thanksgiving to all! Is it me, or has 2011 been a crazy whirlwind? I can’t believe that we only have two months left and T-Day is this week?! Take a deep breath guys we made it through 2011. Spend some time with family this week and give thanks for all the things that went right this year. May your time at home or with friends this week be very special.




On this Thanksgiving I have a lot to be thankful for. It took me awhile to put this email together because I didn’t know what to say… Thank you for believing in me, thank you for following me to extreme workouts with red lighting, outside in the freezing rain, in pop-up studios where books and produce are sold, around New York City blocks clapping and cheering, in dark spin studios across the city. Thank you for believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself… Thank you New York City.

September & October was my final curtain call. Thank you to all my faithful fitness followers you tried Barry’s Bootcamp & Kiwi Sweat SPIN. My last couple of classes were filled with joy and tears. I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and love… it means the world.

Next month is my final email to you as a Full-Time New Yorker… Of course I’ll be back for BOOTYCamp! 2012 and other fun events around town, but our 8 year term came to an end last month and for me it brought a lot of emotion. I grew up with you guys and that’s not to be taken lightly…

New York is a wonderful city to learn your craft and build a company, I cannot think of a better place to find yourself… It’s off to Los Angeles now to navigate new adventures. I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled about this move for many months… but now something has shifted in me and I know it’s time.

Thank you for helping me to get to this point with your love, thank you for showing me that when I leave I won’t be forgotten. To me sweating together is more than working out it’s creating a bond that lasts a lifetime.

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for you.





THE LACEY SHOW – January 2012, I’m going to be launching THE LACEY SHOW on my revamped, renewed, RADICAL NEW website (The picture at the top is just one of the fun new website images). This way no matter where you are in the world we can stay connected via the internet. The Show is going to be a LifeStyle VLOG about everything that keeps you on track to have the body and life you deserve. I can’t wait to share it with you!


SEVENTEEN – Check out this FUN video I did for Seventeen Magazine on Motivation!


WELL & GOOD – Check out this funny write up I got on Well & Good… Apparently I’m a luxury, who knew? 🙂


NEW YORK TIMES – Keep an eye on the style section this month there’ll be a piece on the awesome pop-up fitness event I was involved in with Kiwi Sweat. Check out Kiwi’s Dumbo Event, they are rocking it! – Thank you Alycia & Pam!


BARRY’S – Thank you for every thing! I can’t wait to start teaching in La La Land… I am so proud of Joey and the entire Barry’s Team, it’s not easy to come into New York City and make a name for yourself as the Top In door Bootcamp workout in the city in under 1 year. Goooo Barry’s It’s your Birthday! Lots of Fun Barry’s Happenings in 2012 stay tuned fooshizzil!


LA SCHEDULE – I’m traveling to LA a bunch this month to lay the foundation for my December move and January 2012 LA Launch. Hopefully I’ll have a solid cycling and Barry’s Bootcamp schedule to share with you soon. LA Teaching & Training starts January 2012… Holy Hollywood 🙂



*Workout MUSIC – October Top2!

Check out My 2 Favorite downloads this month! As many of you know I spend hours on the Internet searching for good tunes for us to jam in classes. This month I was turned onto two new online DJs.

  1. My new Favorite Sound Cloud DJ is Scott Melker: – Hold on, Wilson Philips Remix makes me happy 🙂
  2. Best Days Of My Life – GREAT REMIX – – Jarod Ripley




I know for a fact that Peak Performance has an extraordinary roster of some of the best trainers in the city. If you’re looking to change your body and get a trainer that knows what he/she is talking about email me and I’ll set you up with someone GREAT.
*Peak – 54 West 21st Street, & 6th avenue – 8th floor



*Feeling a Little off?!

I’m writing to let you know about Dr. Doug Willen. I feel he is someone that should be in everyone’s rolodex/iphones as he is truly a gift to our wellness community. He is a Chiropractor, Nutritionist and Diet Coach with an office on Broadway and 20th street.

I first met Dr. Doug when he was taking my spin class every Wednesday for a year and worked with him on an injury I had, his personal care and bedside manner is like no other!

So I decided to approach him about a creating a special offer for my students:

Normally he charges $175 for the first visit and $90 for follow-up visits for body alignment, chronic injuries and chiropractic.

For my friends he will reduce the first visit to:
$50 for the first visit (30 minutes)
$45 for follow-ups. (about 15 minutes)
**You can also book extended time if needed!

For Nutrition/Weight loss/ Natural Solutions from Hormones to Digestion he normally charges $225 for the first hour and $125 for a follow-up half hour. Read more here…
For my friends it will be:
$125 first hour appt.
$75 for follow up (30 minutes).

Contact Doug here… I highly recommend him!
Dr. Doug Willen-347-371-2715 (cell) (email) Health fixer Blog) (Paleo Blog)
900 Broadway(At 20th street)




I’m going to be in LA more than New York this month… Lots of planning for the BIG move come December 16th.

My classes are on Hiatus until January 2012… Stay tuned lots of fun happenings on the horizon!!




“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing that you will make one”. Elbert Hubbard

But I have a solid business here. “But what if you could have a solid business on both coasts?”… Think outside the box, take a risk, JUMP, believe in the power of you. Dream BIGGER.

Second ”Quote” by Jessica Clark… Thank you Jessica.



Happy Thanksgiving!


Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC


7 Classes left

Oh New York City what a run we’ve had together… I began teaching at Equinox in 2003 with a class I created for them called TheBigGAME! and there was of course Spin too,  GO BIG or GO HOME 🙂 Memories…

New York City helped mold me… It helped push me to create BOOTYCamp! one of New York’s most successful outdoor bootcamps, Gatorade Amazeballs, Nike, Dove, Google, Vogue, Glamour, Today Show, Bravo, MTV, Good Morning Amereica… I’m FOREVER in love with this Town and I know I’ll be back for many years to come, however…

I only have 7 Classes left in 2011 to share with you… my Fitness Family and Home.  I hope to see you for my “Finals” Next Week!

1. Monday 10.24 – 1230 – Barry’s Bootcamp – ARMS & ABS

2. *2x Wednesday 10.26 – 12.30 – Barry’s Bootcamp – CHEST & ABS AND  *3. 7.30pm – Kiwi Sweat – SPIN *New York Times is coming to SPIN so be camera ready 🙂 

4. Friday 10.28 – 12.30 – Barry’s Bootcamp – FULL-BODY BEAST!

5. Saturday 10.29 – 10am – Kiwi Sweat – LAST SPIN in NEW YORK CITY!

6. Sunday 10.30 – 10am – Barry’s Bootcamp – LAST FULL BODY BLAST!

7. Monday 10.31 – 12.30 – Barry’s Bootcamp – LAST CLASS of 2011 ARMS & ABS

Sign up for Kiwi Sweat here – only 4 spots left,

Sign up for Barry’s Here –

I’ll be in LA a bunch for work next month and the BIG move is happening in early December!!! Hollywooddddddd… Also, I’ll be having a FIESTA-Blizzard/Tornado Going Away Party in December so stay tuned for that dance fest 🙂

EMPIRE STATE I LOVE YOU and will be back for events and such in 2012 100 million percent… However, lets end this mutha with BANG, right?!!!!

See you in CLASS!

Lacey 🙂


SPIN & Sunday Workouts… It’s SPOOKtacuLAR!!!

The time has come to BRING IT!!! The last two weeks of October lets have some fun together, as a matter of fact what are you doing this Sunday?


Starting this Sunday, October 16th I’m Teaching the 10am-11am FULL-BODY Bootcamp at Barry’s!

What: Full-Body Bootcamp Styled Cardio Sweat-Fest of LOVE
Where: Barry’s NYC – 135 West 20th Street & 7th Avenue
When: Launches – Sunday October 16th
Time: 10-11am
Why?: Because you miss me and you want to get you’re a** Kicked GOOD RALLY the troops Retro STYLE!!! It’s like the Double on Sunday at 19th Street, REUNION of Full-Body Madness!

Reserve Your 3 Sunday Full Body SWEAT-FESTS!
1. Sunday 16th
2. Sunday 23rd
3. Sunday 30th

If you’d like to Pre-Register for The 3-Pack Sunday FIESTA before the Masses catch wind call 646.559.2721! Just say I’d like to secure my spot for Lacey’s Sunday 3. 3 Pre-Registered Classes = $100.

AND… YES, I’ll continue to teach my Regular Schedule of Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 12.30-1.30!!!
Monday – Arms, Wednesday – Chest, Friday – Full-Body!
Here’s how you can get your weekly spots or get in on the Sunday FIESTA! or call 646.559.2721 for 3pack & more details.


I’m PROUD to be a part of the launch of KiwiSweat a pioneer in creating the highest quality fitness in unique destinations to transform the ho-hum workout routine into the premier fitness experience.

KiwiSweat’s inaugural SPIN EVENTS will take place NEXT WEEK in Chelsea Market & you’re invited!!

H-O-T Gilt City Offer – Save up to 50% off Tickets to my SPIN Classes, offer ends Tuesday the 10th – via 🙂


1. Thursday, October 20 – 6:30pm – 7:15pm

2. Saturday, October 22 – 11:00am – 11:45am

3. Wednesday, October 26th – 7:30am – 8:15pm

4. Saturday, October 29 – 10:00AM – 10:45AM – PRE-HALLOWEEN MADNESS!!!
It’ll be a guaranteed “Thriller”

Learn more about me and other KiwiSweat Instructors and KiwiSweat – DO IT 🙂


P.S. Let me help you with what the rest of your Weekends will look like in October, ok?

1. *THIS Sunday- BARRY’S, 10.16.11 – 10am-11am – Full-body Bootcamp w/Lacey

2. *Saturday SPIN, 10.22.11 – 11:00am – 11:45am w/Lacey
* Sunday BARRY’S, 10.23.11 – 10am-11am – Full-body bootcamp w/Lacey

3. *Saturday SPIN, 10.29.11 – 10am-1045am – w/Lacey
*Sunday BARRY’S, 10.30.11 – 10am-11am – Full-body Bootcamp w/Lacey… Happy HALLOWEEN!!! 🙂

Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC