7 Classes left

Oh New York City what a run we’ve had together… I began teaching at Equinox in 2003 with a class I created for them called TheBigGAME! and there was of course Spin too,  GO BIG or GO HOME 🙂 Memories… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB3MqxwK2Ww

New York City helped mold me… It helped push me to create BOOTYCamp! one of New York’s most successful outdoor bootcamps, Gatorade Amazeballs, Nike, Dove, Google, Vogue, Glamour, Today Show, Bravo, MTV, Good Morning Amereica… I’m FOREVER in love with this Town and I know I’ll be back for many years to come, however…

I only have 7 Classes left in 2011 to share with you… my Fitness Family and Home.  I hope to see you for my “Finals” Next Week!

1. Monday 10.24 – 1230 – Barry’s Bootcamp – ARMS & ABS

2. *2x Wednesday 10.26 – 12.30 – Barry’s Bootcamp – CHEST & ABS AND  *3. 7.30pm – Kiwi Sweat – SPIN *New York Times is coming to SPIN so be camera ready 🙂 

4. Friday 10.28 – 12.30 – Barry’s Bootcamp – FULL-BODY BEAST!

5. Saturday 10.29 – 10am – Kiwi Sweat – LAST SPIN in NEW YORK CITY!

6. Sunday 10.30 – 10am – Barry’s Bootcamp – LAST FULL BODY BLAST!

7. Monday 10.31 – 12.30 – Barry’s Bootcamp – LAST CLASS of 2011 ARMS & ABS

Sign up for Kiwi Sweat here – only 4 spots left, http://www.kiwisweat.com/calendar/week?week=2011-W44%3Fweek%3D2011-W44

Sign up for Barry’s Here – https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/home.asp?studioid=17517

I’ll be in LA a bunch for work next month and the BIG move is happening in early December!!! Hollywooddddddd… Also, I’ll be having a FIESTA-Blizzard/Tornado Going Away Party in December so stay tuned for that dance fest 🙂

EMPIRE STATE I LOVE YOU and will be back for events and such in 2012 100 million percent… However, lets end this mutha with BANG, right?!!!!

See you in CLASS!

Lacey 🙂

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