DAY 4 The Team came TOGETHER!

DAY 4, WEEK 2…. RECORD BREAKING Performances!

3minute 34second PLANK held by 7 campers! Carolyn wins the SHAKE IT for your life award… That was amazing mind over matter. PROUD.

SHANE ran like the freakin WIND in every competition with Schuler always hot on his trail.

Today there were all around stellar performances by each and every one of you. No matter what level you’re at you were bringing it to the best of your ability in all categories… AMAZING to watch.

I feel like The Team really came together on this sunny New York Morning.



WE ARE HALF-WAY through Camp People. Mentally I’ve found that over the years Bootys have the hardest time in Week 3.  You need to prepare yourself mentally and physically for this week. Because once Week 3 is over you only have two session left, the last one being RESULTS Day. I want you to CRUSH YOUR Test Scores from DAY 1… Annihilate them. NO MERCY.

How do you do that…. You put in the work now. EVERY SECOND COUNTS. That’s how I want you to participate in all your workouts and your life. What if you lived your life like you live your workouts at BOOTYCamp! GIVE 110%, Support the people around you from your heart, When something doesn’t go your way… Do you cry about it and quit?! HELL to the NO… When you get knocked down you GET your ASS right BACK UP with no hesitation. The most successful athletes and people I know on this planet do not hesitate in the negative. They focus on what they want and they do whatever it takes to get there. NO Hesitation, Get out of the doubt-zone as quickly as possible and onto the next opportunity to BRING IT (Right MARTY?!). You have a choice every day as to how you want to live your life.  Believe in the magic of what’s possible.

You are all getting stronger not only physically but also mentally… and that makes me proud.  It’s not about being the BEST it’s about bettering your best. What if you made your life about making every second matter? Do you think it would be extraordinary? I do.

I want you to think about what you want out of the FINAL two weeks of camp. Take it seriously… Make it matter. This is your opportunity to take it to the next LEVEL dudes. Sometimes the next level hurts, but that’s why it’s called the next level. Clearly  🙂

These are very inspiring words from an unlikely source… Take a look if you have the time – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfWGoLj1JCM&feature=share I believe in all of you.

TheBigGAME! Mananaaaaaaaaannnnnnn!


Who’s coming? Carl and Annabel are?! Lets be rowdy and ridiculous Toggetthheerrrrr!

That’s all I got… Today was good day!

Thank YOU!



PS I LOVE OPRAH. Loved our discussion this morning… Gayle better watch her bacckkkkkk, hahhahaha!





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