GATORADE’s G Series FIT & LACEY Launch across the COUNTRY

G Series FIT – LACEY’s Workouts!!!

Gatorade’s new product Line “G Series FIT” is launching April 5th at 7,000 Walgreens across the country.  Gatorade chose ME to represent their Brand as the Trainer to the Fitness Athlete. AahhhhHHH!!

Starting on the 5th when you purchase all 3 of the G Series FIT products together you’ll be able to download one of my customized workouts for FREE – Tight ABS, Cardio Craze, or Lower Body Sculpt!!!

There will also be a BIG OLE Picture of me on the product display… SO YAY! Guys you gotta try this product and my workouts! I don’t have words to describe how excited this entire project experience makes me…. verklempt.

Come summer there will be more to come with Gatorade… Stay Tuned for exciting Pop-Up Events across the country!



Gatorade is Launching it’s new Product line G Series FIT to the Media at the SLS HOTEL in Hollywood on April 12th! The event is said to be a Star Studded Extravaganza… I’ll be there to represent the Brand and this exciting new Fitness Beverage! Thank you Gatorade for picking me to be the Trainer to represent the Fitness Athlete. And thank you to my clients, colleagues, and everyone who takes my classes, and or follows me on Facebook/Twitter…  You are the reason why I stand out in the industry, as being someone a brand like Gatorade can trust.



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