1 day left of Camp… What a GREAT Team.

GReeatttt Job Today Everyone!

It was a JOY to be back and sweating with you today. I’m really proud of how hard you worked and supported each other; I’m sad I missed most of camp with you BUT I can tell you didn’t miss me so much… YOU KILLED IT TODAY.  Today was about you… But let me tell you the MTV thing is going to be a really great show. I promise to let you know when it airs and we can all remember this great month you shared together as a Team.

You gotta chase your dreams, go after them with everything you have… right?  That is what BOOTYCamp! is all about; Going outside of your comfort zone, pushing it to the limit so you can become even stronger than you ever thought possible.


I need you to come ready to BRING IT to the Nth degree people. SERIOUSLY. You have busted your booty literally for an entire month. Tomorrow needs to be a celebration of all you have worked for. I challenge you all to top each and every category you were tested in on Day 1.  AND I want you to get at least 5 higher in one category, ok?! NO EXCUSES, just do it.  Can I get a HELL yeah?!  If you accept my challenge email me now- Lacey@laceystonefitness.com. Surprise yourself Thursday and KILL IT! Put an exclamation point on a month well done.


GREAT job Carolyn, Doug, Monica, Sydney, Ben, Jenn, and Erin on the Relay! You blew away the competition with your – Crabby-Crawl, 20 dips, Around the Horn, 20 push-ups, Champion! EXCELLENT wooorrkkk.


Who’s doubling it UP! Ben and Mark already committed to rocking it out with me at Equinox tonight – 6.40pm is Le Gran Jeu, That’s French for TheBigGAME! at Greenwich Village. Go BIG or GO HOME.

BOOTYCamp! Augusto! 🙂

Several of you have signed up for BOOTYCamp! August. It’s going to be a stellar squad, lots of ringers, let me know if you want in… And if you can’t make August there are spots in September. September will be the final month of BOOTYCamp! 2010 and will close a chapter on the most successful summer of camps to date. Thank you for being a part of the magic 🙂

Final Note.

Thank you for your enthusiasm today people… You ROCKED the house and I know you got some serious results this month.  In life as in on the field we must earn our rewards, lets celebrate all your hard work and efforts Thursday as a Team.

See you soon!




Fitness Professional

Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC



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