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June BOOTCamp! is off to a HOT start!


You’re energy was GREAT and your enthusiasm was through the roof. I looovveeeee it. Today was Test Day- The introduction to camp, the people, the field. I don’t want you to take this month for granted, take the time to focus on what you want out of June. Use your journal to stay on top of your food outside of your workouts and figure out what you’re going to do on the off BOOTY Days.  Be it run or take a class, have a plan of attack this month so you can dominate your fitness.

Lee and Annabel are veterans that are PERFECT examples of people who’ve busted their Asses to be at the Top of their fitness games. Both have gotten much faster, stronger, and have learned what it is to balance fitness with life. It takes discipline but once you start feeling the power, there’s no turning back! BRING IT BOOTYS!

TOP SCORERS – Test Day June ’10 BOOTYCamp!

TEST DAY was fierce congratulations to Meri, Mags, Steve, Katie, Erin, and Teresa these six bootys finished in the top 3 in more than one category.

Push-Ups (2 mins)

Mags – 76, Nola – 70, Meri – 63

Squat JUMPS (1min)

Teresa – 69, Steve – 68, Katie – 64

Sit-ups (3 mins)

Mags – 106, Erin – 102, Meri – 102

Dips (1 min)

Marty – 68, Steve – 66, Teresa – 50

Lunge JUMPS (1 min)

Katie – 140, Meri – 120, Pam – 105

SPRINT Taps (1.30min)

Erin – 18, Bryan, Steve, Lee, Katie, Jessica – 17, Shana, Marty, Valerie – 16


The Team Meeting will be held on Saturday June 12th from 1030am-1130isham at Peak Performance New York City.  The meeting will take about an hour annddd I highly recommend you come. We are going to go over everything fitness. Everything I think you need to know. Come with questions because we will be ready with answers.

You will have 3 Top Fitness Gurus there spilling our vast knowledge and passions to you. Marissa Lippert my go to nutritionist will be there to go over any and all of your food questions. We will be raffling off a copy of Marissa’s recently published book – The Cheater’s Diet for all who attend. So Proud of her. For more info on Marissa check out

Jessica Clark ( and JUNE BOOTY Teammate) – Life Coach Extraordinaire, We know what to eat and what do so why can’t we stay consistent with it. That’s what Jessica is all about helping you do understand the patterns of your life, how to shift them so you can achieve whatever you want with your body.  She’s helped me a lot and has worked with several BOOTYCampers past and present.

Lacey Stone – Your Leader, I’ll be there to talk about Weights/Cardio and everything sweat. Discussing my methods to achieving fitness Domination.

Between the 3 of us no stone will go on turned. YOU don’t want to miss out.  Please let me know if you’ll be there for sure, I’d like to have a head count for set-up! Thank YOU!

Don’t be Tardy for the Party

Hey Guys like I said Pre-Camp! Just shoot me a text and you are good to go. Here’s my number 347.525.1726, plug it into your phones now. And if I don’t have your number be sure to write your name at the end so I can plug it in too.

THURSDAY and Beyond!

Come ready to bring it from here on out. We have a CRAZY FUN Team this month mmaannnn, stick to the program and lets see AWESOME results in JUNE. Come Day 8, I want you to RIDICULOUS Test day scores. How do you do that? YOU work it out this month on a regular, you bust it when we bust it, and you rest when you have a rest day. You eat right and take care of you.. COME June 24th lets wow ourselves.


Take a moment. What do you want out of this month? Write it down. Improved Speed, Strength, weight loss, boosted confidence, killer workouts.  The first step to reaching a goal is knowing what you want.

See you Thursday at 6.30am!


PS Those of who missed Day 1, have no fear… We have 7 more workouts together! And come Thursday please come to me to sign your waiver and get your cool notebook and calendar, yahhoooo!!!!! 🙂



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