Today was deadly. Team 1 and Team 2 were neck and neck until half past the 7 o’clock hour 🙂 Halftime was over and the whistle blew!!! Crabby Crawls to the wall–20 dips–Around the Horn–20push-ups– Champion! SHOUT OUT to Carolyn, Sue, and Stteevveeeeee the tie was broken by your efforts and Team 1 came out of Day 2 Victorious. Shout out to Team 2’s Shane and Bryan you held fort in the relay… AWESOME effort.


If we can keep up this kind of intensity for the next 3 weeks you’ll see more than results. Sooo use that journal and stay on top of it this weekend… Plan out your workouts for next week.

Come to Le Gran Jeu tomorrow – That’s French for TheBigGAME!, 6.30am at the G-Unit. http://www.equinox.com – We have the BEST INSTRUCTORS in the world at this club, seriously lots of us have won fitness awards! USE US. Kristi Molinaro, Patricia Moreno, Nadia Zaki, Mark Hendricks, Will Ashley, Ilaria (Can never spell her last name right), Gregg Cook, and ME… These are some of my favs. Our job is to BRING IT for YOU. If you are not an Equinox member I know people cooommeee SWEAT! 🙂

Lets make this month ROCK beyond expectations starting now. Make a Pledge… JUNE 2010 is your best year yet mmannn. Prop those calendars up on your fridge to remind yourself everyday that you signed up for something special this month, ok?! NO REGRETS.


Please let me know if you can be there or not… Some of you already have soo Thank YOU 🙂 Why the journals? I’m going to collect your journals on Thursday the 10th and Nutritionist Extraordinaire Marissa is going to take a look at them. On the 12th I’m going to redistribute your little blue, red, and brown journals back to you so you can see what the expert thinks.


I’ll be there to explain the method to my madness and Marissa is going to be there to dish on her methods. It’s going to be something good. Fitness isn’t just about SWEATING, if you want to make lasting results you must incorporate fitness into your lifestyle. That is how you dominate. ANNDDDD if you have any topics you’d like us to cover please let me know, okey docks?

Tanks, T-shirts, and Hoodies oh MY!

Long after the last Whistle blows you can carry BOOTY on with your forever. PLUS you are going to get sooo sick of people asking you how you got such a great body… With a Lacey Stone Fitness Shirt you can just point to your back? Saves you soooo much effort. http://www.laceystonefitness.com/shop.htm – OUR own BOOTYCamp! Model Jessica Clark is modeling the lovely Tanks. Steve… It’s time 🙂 I will be placing the orders next week.

Have the BEST Weekend!


PS If you need ANYTHING! You know where to find me 🙂


LACEY STONE Fitness Professional

Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC



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