Week 1 Complete!


That was a great showing of effort and spirit!  I loved it… Did you see the audience gathering they want to be on the Team… GREATNESS. My last email was ccrraazzzyyy long so this time I’m going to cut to the chase.

SATURDAY = Team Meeting

  1. When? 10am
  2. Where? Peak Performance – www.peakperformancenyc.com, 54 West 21st Street and 6th avenue, 8th floor
  3. Why? Finish what you started. You signed up for BOOTYCamp! because you wanted to change your body. So get all the info you need to make that happen… It’s NOT just about sweating people.
  4. BONUS, Nutritionist Marissa Lippert and Life Coach Jessica Clark PLUS me Lacey Stone Fitness Icon J will be there… All questions will be answered.

DO NOT FORGET your journals – Marissa will be taking them and giving you notes as to what you can improve on.  I will return your journals to you Tuesday.

Tuesday post BOOTY I’ll be filming an episode for a new Bravo Reality Show called “Pregnant in Heels”- This is the note to check if you’re reading my emails… And it’s true, WOO!!! J

BONUS– We will be raffling off a copy of Marissa’s New Best Selling Book –“The Cheater’s Diet” Swweeetttttttttttt!!!


Some of you told me you could come post camp, Thank YOU! Some of you still haven’t told me yet. I need to know yah or nah, by tomorrow.


We have 10 people entered in the competition… Some of you said you wanted in. By the end of the day today send’em my way and join in on the fun. Who will be crowned BOOTYLICIOUS?


Shout out to Annabel, Steve, and Miriam for pulling the Double on Tuesday Night post the 5am wake-up call… They did Le Gran Jeu in the evening at Greenwich along with Day 1 of BOOTY. Shout out to Shane and Mir for defending their Champion Title against any and all naysayers. Shout out to all the BOYS for BRINGING IT… I love the levels of fitness we have in this camp. YOU guys are FIIITTTTT!!! And the harder you try to be your best the more you push each and everyone else to be their best. I’m soooo happy this is a co-ed camp… Because there’re no limits on anybody, only you can limit yourself. Do NOT be intimidated by your follow campers, be inspired to do better… They are just a boy or a girl doing their best. RAISE your game so that others around you will be inspired to do the same… “Do your BEST every day and your BEST becomes BETTER.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all! See you next week!


PS – Watch your food over the weekend, Friday-Saturday-Sunday tend to = Disaster for people looking to make changes in their fitness routine. Get it in check.

PPS- I dedicated a Song to all of you on my Facebook Page, Can you handle it? 🙂


Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC

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