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The Team that Inspired the Coach.

One Week Left!

BOOTTYYYSSSSSSS!!!!!! Can you believe the sunshine today?! Week 3 is OVER… We only have week left to BRING IT. I’m going to be real with you… You guys have been one, of if not the BEST BOOTYCamp! Team I’ve ever led. YOU work UBER-HARD, you don’t complain, and you support each other in every drill. You’ve been a joy… Those of you who’ve signed up for JUNE lets continue this wonderful momentum. This is what BOOTYCamp! is all about. I can not believe we are coming in on our final week already. THIS IS IT GUYS… One more Tough workout on Tuesday and then RESULTS day on Thursday. On Thursday you will see how much stronger you’ve become over the course of the month. The 10min Sprints, the push-ups, the Champions… It’s all for DAY 8. You should be very proud of yourself. YOU all have shown tremendous strength in May. Remember this month… In May 2010 you were a warrior.

Extra – Extra, EXCITING NEWS/Inspiration TWO Fantastic Opportunities I just got contacted for. mmajjoorrr

1. WNBC wants to do a feature on ME and my programs for summer fitness in New York City. I’m trying to get them to come to camp next Tuesday to get some shots and interviews of our AMAZING Team. TBD 🙂

2. MTV MADE COACH – I just got asked to be a MADE Coach on MTV. It’s a huge opportunity… I’m PUMPED.

Inspiration – Whatever your dreams are big or small I stand here to tell you they are possible. I say to be people all the time “I want to make a difference in this world through fitness.” Some people cheer me on, some people get jealous, and some people think I’m crazy. That’s my passion, that’s my dream, and nothing is going to get in the way. Whatever your dreams are, whatever you want, BIG or SMALL… I stand here to tell you it’s possible. DREAM BIG, believe in yourself and hhooolllldddd on. It may not happen over night… but if you’re willing to do whatever it takes, very little sleep, meeting after meeting, and rejection after rejection… Find a way in your heart to keep on believing. It will happen… With your body, with your job, with your life.

“Anything is possible IF we have the Courage to pursue it.”


FINAL Week opportunities to BRING IT even MORE. Are you around Memorial Day weekend?

Friday the 28th – The DAY after the completion of MAY BOOTY!

9.30 – TheBigGAME! – Greenwich

10.30 SPIN – Greenwich

Monday 30

1030am – TheBigGAME! – Greenwich

1130 –Spin

Come one come all, the gym is open to the public for my classes so bring boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, grandmas, or just friends! 🙂


Shane – All month you have been a breath of fresh air with your effort and spirit… YOU kill the champions, win the push-up competitions, you dominate the long runs. YOU are a RockSTAR. You’re older naysayers have said he’s half my age… hahaha! But we all know you’re a special one… Thank you for arriving before me every morning and clapping your teammates on always.

Top 10 – 3 lap loop – Will, Jackie, Carolyn, Shane, Lynn, Marty, Aisha, Todd, Joe, Sarah!!! You lead the pack on the 10minute chase-off!

Kristin – For being the only person to buy a Lacey Stone Fitness Hoodie this camp… 🙂 hahahah! Henry Thank YOU xoxoxo


The race is tight literally. All who’ve entered… I’ve been looking at your bootys and they are lookin goooddddd. Annabel and Lee wwoooaaaAAHHH 🙂 Please send me your new pics and weight and I will crown the smallest BOOTY on Thursday, Day 8. If the Top 2 Finishers are also doing BOOTY June… We could make it double or nothing – rather than 2 sessions I’d give you 4 freebies? BRING IT.


I Love you all! Some of you are doing June which is going to ROCK. But please know that I want to be here for you outside of camp. I’m your coach… email me if you ever have a question. If you want a trainer I have some great ones I work with and I know who are tops at the NOX.  May BOOTYCamp! forever.

Have a GREAT Weekend Everybody!


PS I’m not going to teach TheBigGAME! at Greenwich tomorrow morning… Trying to get rid of this cough! 🙂


LACEY STONE Fitness Professional

Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC


Is Facebook Love, Good or BAD?

Jessica and I are talking about the world wide web today… Has it brought us closer together or further apart. Has Facebook made cheating impossible with the tags? Let us know what you think, I personally like Facebook and Jessica is a Twitter girl… However I do think life was a little more intimate pre-online social media.

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Awwweeeeesssssooooommmmmmeeeeeee job today guys! I didn’t even notice that it was cold out because your energy was HOT! They May Team may go down in history?!

SHOUT – OUTS!!!!!!!!!!

1. Shane, Carolyn, Joe, Doug, Steve… You guys KILLED the relay in a BIG wayyy… And yes Annabel I know you were .5seconds behind 🙂 clap, CLLAPPP!!! For all of you 🙂

2. MIRIAM!!! The Camp misses you and wants you bacckkkk.  I told The Team about your situation today and Teresa actually said she might be able to help YOU! Miriam meet Teresa, Teresa meet Miriam… Send Teresa your resume and lets get you back on track NOW! – 646.2853398 REMEMBER my mantra woman… Passion.Patience.Persistence… YOU will make it through this. NO EXCUSES, you are a resourceful woman and I have no doubt that you are going to surprise yourself with how awesome you are in a tight jam.


We are half way through camp already?! Can you believe that?! Week 3 tends to be the hardest week, so come with the attitude that you’re going to DOMINATE and make it the easiest week eevveerrrr, ok?! Stay focused this weekend and lets get some results bbaabbyy!!!

Lacey Stone Fitness – Hoodies! And Tanks

Who wants one? I am going to be placing the orders this weekend. Get a memento of this AWESOME month. I gotta say the Hoodies are pretty FIERCE.

NO EXCUSES on the FRONT – on the woorrkkkkk

Or you can get a tank or T of your liking, check out this link… You may find a particular camper model 🙂 JOOOOEEEE –


This is a girl with a dream… I use to see her every Wednesday at 19th Street working the front desk. I always liked her because no matter what, she’d always have a smile on her face and say “Hi Ms Stone and I’d say “What are you up to Ms Thang?” …Her response would always be… “You’ll see.” 🙂

Anything’s possible you guys… Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.

Bridget Kelly SUPER STAR – – In New York, Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of there’s nothing you can’t do. Now you’re in New York… These streets will make you feel brand new, these lights will inspire you. Lets hear it for New York, New York, New YOOORRKKKK!!!!!

Love you guys!




Fitness Professional

Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC



The dirty 5-letter word in relationships? M-O-N-E-Y! Who makes more, who saves less? It’s harder to talk about than S-E-X so Lacey and Jessica get the conversation started.


Week 1 Complete!


That was a great showing of effort and spirit!  I loved it… Did you see the audience gathering they want to be on the Team… GREATNESS. My last email was ccrraazzzyyy long so this time I’m going to cut to the chase.

SATURDAY = Team Meeting

  1. When? 10am
  2. Where? Peak Performance –, 54 West 21st Street and 6th avenue, 8th floor
  3. Why? Finish what you started. You signed up for BOOTYCamp! because you wanted to change your body. So get all the info you need to make that happen… It’s NOT just about sweating people.
  4. BONUS, Nutritionist Marissa Lippert and Life Coach Jessica Clark PLUS me Lacey Stone Fitness Icon J will be there… All questions will be answered.

DO NOT FORGET your journals – Marissa will be taking them and giving you notes as to what you can improve on.  I will return your journals to you Tuesday.

Tuesday post BOOTY I’ll be filming an episode for a new Bravo Reality Show called “Pregnant in Heels”- This is the note to check if you’re reading my emails… And it’s true, WOO!!! J

BONUS– We will be raffling off a copy of Marissa’s New Best Selling Book –“The Cheater’s Diet” Swweeetttttttttttt!!!


Some of you told me you could come post camp, Thank YOU! Some of you still haven’t told me yet. I need to know yah or nah, by tomorrow.


We have 10 people entered in the competition… Some of you said you wanted in. By the end of the day today send’em my way and join in on the fun. Who will be crowned BOOTYLICIOUS?


Shout out to Annabel, Steve, and Miriam for pulling the Double on Tuesday Night post the 5am wake-up call… They did Le Gran Jeu in the evening at Greenwich along with Day 1 of BOOTY. Shout out to Shane and Mir for defending their Champion Title against any and all naysayers. Shout out to all the BOYS for BRINGING IT… I love the levels of fitness we have in this camp. YOU guys are FIIITTTTT!!! And the harder you try to be your best the more you push each and everyone else to be their best. I’m soooo happy this is a co-ed camp… Because there’re no limits on anybody, only you can limit yourself. Do NOT be intimidated by your follow campers, be inspired to do better… They are just a boy or a girl doing their best. RAISE your game so that others around you will be inspired to do the same… “Do your BEST every day and your BEST becomes BETTER.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all! See you next week!


PS – Watch your food over the weekend, Friday-Saturday-Sunday tend to = Disaster for people looking to make changes in their fitness routine. Get it in check.

PPS- I dedicated a Song to all of you on my Facebook Page, Can you handle it? 🙂


Fitness Professional
Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC


BOOTYCamp! – TEST DAY Complete!


Hey BOOTYCampers! AWESOME job this morning… The energy was INTENSE from the get go! We have a strong Team this month. I went through all of the Day 1 Test Day Scores and everyone is a contender. Your job in May is to stay on top of your fitness on and off the field. You the calendars and journals to help you harness your focus on what you set out to do. Work hard this month so you can enjoy the spoils of tighter behind, ok? 🙂

TOP SCORES – Test Day May 4th, 2010

Thank you for participating full force this am… These are the leaders in the Seven Camp Categories. Joe had the most powerful over all attack and Miriam held it down for the ladies with a nice balance speed and strength. Thank you everyone for ROCKING it out… Work hard this entire month and I promise you’ll KILL your scores come Results Day. It’s not about having the BEST scores it’s about finding your balance and improving your numbers over the course of the month.


Push-Ups (2 mins) Doug – 97 Shane – 86 Miriam – Shout Out! 63

Squat JUMPS (1min) Joe – 60 Miriam – 55

Sit-ups (3 mins) Emily – 116 Mags – 98

Dips (1 min) Joe – 74 Doug – 70

Lunge JUMPS (1 min) Joe – 97  Todd/ Carolyn – 56

SPRINT Taps (1.30min) Shane – 17.2 Miriam – 17 Aisha – 16.5

PARTNER CHAMPION – Miriam & Shane WINNERS! 1.33 🙂 Faassttt!!!


The Team Meeting will be held on Saturday May 8th from 10am-11isham at Peak Performance New York City. The meeting will take about an hour annddd I highly recommend you come. We are going to go over everything fitness… Everything I think you need to know. Come with questions because we will be ready with answers.

You will have 3 Top Fitness Gurus there willing to spill their vast knowledge to you 🙂

Marissa Lippert, my go-to nutritionist, will be there to go over any and all of your food questions. We will be raffling off a copy of Marissa’s recently published book – BONUSE, The Cheater’s Diet, her Book Launch Party is Tomorrow Night… So Proud of her. For more info on Marissa check out

Jessica Clark – Life Coach Extraordinaire. You know what to eat and what do so why can’t we stay consistent and focused with it? That’s where Jessica comes in. She will guide your focus helping you do understand the negative patterns you keep repeating in your life. Together you work on shifting those patterns so you can achieve whatever you want with your body. She’s helped me a lot and has worked with several BOOTYCampers past and present.

Lacey Stone – Your Leader! 🙂 I’ll be there to talk about Weights, Cardio and everything in between… The meeting is about coming together as a team and talking about ways to be our best selves… Not only physically but mentally as well.

Don’t want to miss out. Please let me know if you’ll be there, I need a head count for set-up and gym reservations! Thank YOU!


Several of you expressed interest in joining in the “TBL” Challenge newly re-dubbed for legal purposes The SMALLEST BOOTY! 🙂 10 of you contacted me but I only have 5 before and after shots? Send them to me by the end of Camp Thursday and you’re in. Proof that the BOOTY works, I need a before & after shot and your weight at the beginning and end of camp. I PROMISE from the bottom of my heart that I will keep your weight and your photos 100% PRIVATE, ok?! The WINNER gets two FREE sessions from me, an LSF Hoodie, and they’ll be crowned The SMALLEST BOOTY! In the land.

Don’t be Late

Hey Guys like I said Pre-Camp! Just shoot me a text and you are good to go. Here’s my number 347.525.1726, plug it into your phones now. And if I don’t have your number be sure to write your name at the end of your message if you text me so I can plug it in, ok foo? 🙂

That’s all I got today… Well, a little Homework

I know it’s lloonnnggger email but I want you to have all the details so you can make the most out of MAY. Take those calendars and put them on your fridge, put them where you can see them and so you can focus on you being AWESOME. You all signed up for BOOTYCamp! for a reason, tonight in your journal write down all of the goals you’d like to accomplish this month… Lose 7lbs, gain confidence in your running, whatever gets you going. This is your month to SHINE ppeeoopllleee, own it. BELIEVE YOUR HYPE.

See YOU Thursday!

PS Those of you who didn’t make it to camp today be sure to grab a waiver from me pre-camp Thursday. Sswwwwweeeeeeeeeettttttttttt 🙂


Fitness Professional Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC


The Reality Show that never happened

Check Out the un-aired pilot sizzle reel for a reality show called “Fierce Love” that may have changed the course of our relationship forever!  Jessica and I shot this demo in late ’07 early ’08 and several major networks were interested in the project but then… The economy tanked and the project was as they say “shelved.”  At the time I was upset, I really wanted it to happen… but as I shift through our wedding photos from February 2010 I know what was meant to happen, did.

In 2008 I viewed the failing of the demo as a setback… And I remember turning to this quote for guidance.  “Whether you like it or not, the universe is unfolding exactly as it should.” We’ll never know what would’ve happened had Oxygen taken a risk on two lesbos… In hindsight I’m very happy they didn’t.

I love you baby 🙂

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