What’s wrong with Women’s Sports?

Women are AMAZING at Sports, right?! Then why don’t they get as much coverage… Why isn’t the WNBA as successful as the NBA? Lacey and Jessica break it down.

And let us know what you think… We are very interested 🙂

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12 Responses to “What’s wrong with Women’s Sports?”

  1. 1 Emptyinbetween
    April 20, 2010 at 10:50 am

    First off I want to say that I’ve not realized/seen any “unfitness” in the WNBA but thats probably bcuz I’ve not been able to catch that many games. But definitely, if you’re a pro, you ought to be fit and look and represent a healthy lifestyle as its an essential part of sports.

    Marketing for example WNBA should be totally renewed as they’ve been doing a poor job since day 1. The characters (players) are nonexcisting if compared to the players we’ve on NBA. I think one of the biggest problems for WNBA is the fact that they’re hardly present anywhere else than in the states. Little girls overseas have no WNBA “idols” as compared to the little boys admiring the NBA players. A well known female player with a strong media image would change the game completely. Lets take the dunking as an example – I bet most people do not even know that there are ladies who dunk atm. That could turn a regular player into a character instantly if marketed well. A little media buzz around a player would also help quite abit. AND marketing the WNBA for its “back to basics” nature – true basketball played by great teams. BUT of course we need characters such as Candice Parker or Lauren Jackson (during the last olympics Lauren got a lot of attention here overseas) to make the game interesting. They need to start selling the game through themselves. And the legue should find the right ankle to market and sell.

    And as for the sex appeal for the female athletes, its important for the selling that the product (in this case a player) is attractive to the eye. I would not say this means bikini shots or seductive campaigns selling different products. It means you look the part and that you take care of your image. It does not mean every player has to be blond with huge boobs – it means you look sporty and present yourself well.

    I would like to add one thing: female sports have a totally different meaning in countries (smaller than the US!) where there are not that many stars/players in the sport. For example handball in Norway, I have not seen that much enthusiasm for female sports in awhile, than this. Their olympic gold (and the chase for it!) affected hugely on the popularity of the sport in Europe. But the sport is in high demand in Norway and its been that way for awhile now! And we lezzies get to enjoy the norwegian handball even more due to the amount of openly lesbian players in the legues (swedish, norwegian, danish). But the attraction for this female sport is rather small outside Scandinavia/Europe. They do not market the sport outside the countries but for example Norway the players are huge celebs and I would say most people know at least 2-3 players by name!

    Handball is perhaps the only sport I can name with as many out lezzies atm. This has not affected the popularity of that particular sport. BUT in the case we should remember that Scandinavia/Northern Europe is rather accepting in the matter. Thus, the sport and the openly gay players would not be preceived in such a fashion in other places with lower acceptance standards.

    As one can read from my post, Im also very passionate about sports and especially female sports. A lot has to be done in order for the men and women be leveled in sports but I’m rather optimistic that its possible with the rigtt approach. As a business student, I totally agree with you, L & J, that female sports should be treated with the same kind of business mentality as the mens sports are being treated with.

  2. 2 i9jah
    April 20, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    Gooo Lacey!!!

    Ok your passionate about sport and made quite some points in this video. Lets review them. In order to get people tho watch and cheers for women’s game, the players should:

    play “the game” out side the field
    being in shape
    bring it on your sex appeal
    personal branding
    media training – events non-basketball related
    buzz words

    It makes perfect sense to me.

    I just keep thinking what if some female just wanna play the basketball game and go home, because for some it might be what they want. (which is sad) but its their decision. I think it should be a team thing, like in order to play in this team you all have to attempts to some rules (be in shape, media training and so on).

    Jessica asked lacey, so how can we turn this the way around? Well for me is not just about the marketing, its also about it, but their is more to it.

    Lacey is all about girl power, lets show the world what we’re able to do. I m so into that also. im feminist. unfortunately for us, not every woman is.

    So we live in a culture which is ruled by machismo. Even feminist have some machos behavior. because is every where: films, marketing, education, sports, families. i mine i have them.

    So jessica i think the way to go is to give an feminist education, in movies, in marketing education and so on. In after ellen a girl wrote that she was oblige to go to her brothers game, but they never show up for her game. Whose fault is that??? the brothers?? NOOO!! its the parents fault!!! it the whole culture.

    That goes with what jessica was talking about – “its not sexy women who plays” – SAYS WHO? macho guys that no one should date enyways!!!!

    And im with jessica – “im interested in watching them” kkkk

    Nice video girls – lets turn this thing up side down!!!!!


  3. 3 i9jah
    April 20, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    Hey girls!

    just wanna add – Brazilian volleyball is getting more fan every year. Men and women get together to watch the games. Now if you want to see how the players looks like, here s how:


    Hey Lacey! is that what u met by fit and in shape????
    Here in Brazil, volleyball is the one sport that woman s are realy admired for. I guess thats a start. what is sad though is that any of the actual players is out of the closet, not one. Is there any volleyball player gay in brazil? Certainly there is, just not quiet out.

  4. 4 dens13
    April 20, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    Great vlog as always. The topic is one i’m also really interested in… As a life long athlete, and having worked for the Boston Breakers soccer team back when they were WUSA, I’ve experienced a lot of womens’ sports on several levels.
    You hit some points dead on- women’s sports ARE marketed to kids/youth/families. It’s ridiculous. When I worked @ the Breakers, doing marketing, we’d spend the most time targeting youth soccer leagues and middle/high school girls soccer teams. There WERE some adult women who came to the games, but they were outdone by kids and families. SO frustrating.

    Another point- women’s sports get hardly ANY airtime on ESPN, etc. Its a miracle if one blurb on SportsCenter is about a women’s team. It’s inequitable and its not fair and it should be causing a riot of women to stand up and make noise. How many YEARS ago was Title IX passed??? The effects should be felt from college to pro sports…We should be moving up and up and up some more…

    So what does it all come down to?? In my opinion it comes down to a society in which sexism is so deep-rooted into our daily lives that we can’t get away from it, if we wanted to! Sexism is far more accepted than racism in this society….If people of color were treated in the same fashion as women- inequitably and unjustly- there would be lawsuits abound and a media frenzy.
    Who controls the networks? Who sits in the corner office of all the radio/tv stations?? Who has the power??? Predominately, white, heterosexual, rich males. Hence, they control what the media shows. And its not “manly” to watch “a bunch of chicks” play sports on a level that’s “not as good as professional men”. Men don’t want to watch women play sports…period. Why? Because of the belief that women are less-than. That’s what it boils down to.

    We, as women, need to unite. we need to stand up and make noise and DEMAND equality. Equality and visibility in our everyday lives. I am behind you 150% in that women’s sports should be viewed equally as men’s. And the only way to achieve that, I believe, is to get at the root of sexism, challenge it, and make it obsolete!

    And now I will step off my soapbox 😉 Keep up the amazingness, you two.

    xoxo from Beantown


  5. 5 Nancy
    April 21, 2010 at 2:58 am

    Could it be that the women’s sport organizations(basketball, soccer..) just hasn’t been around as long as men’s sport organizations? So each women sport is developing but unfortunately they are against the professionals that have been through change after change. But I agree with a lot of the viewers who have mentioned society’s part in the very slow development of women sport organization.

    Lacey accidentally said Michael Jordon and WNBA together and then correct herself with NBA. The thought came to me maybe the WNBA can capture ex-professional basketball players to guide them in the business, or coach them on the court? I look forward to see what it will be that will launch a women’s sport to the next level!!

    Nice vlog.

  6. 6 dens13
    April 21, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    oh and another thing i forgot to say before….Lacey- I absolutely agree about it being a business…You gotta be able to Talk the Talk ANNND Walk the Walk… then people will see you’re legit, and will give a damn.
    Women in professional sports, or in any career for that matter, have to fit the image and the “brand”. Branding is the single most important thing to being successful. Professional athletes need to make it their BUSINESS to have their name be synonymous with the sport. That’s the key.


  7. 7 C. Emba
    April 22, 2010 at 4:06 am

    Hey! I’m a recent fan, but great video. I’m pretty sure you touched on it, but WPS is a good example of a strong effort to push female sports and I think right now it has the potential to grow past the MLS. As you said the business side is key, their media juxtaposes femininity with strength and skill while making sure the true focus is the beauty of the game. Maybe one issue is the loss of the focus on the game and pushing the athletes themselves past physical and technical boundaries–not just meeting standards.

  8. 8 Nancy
    April 25, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    I have no idea what the business part of sports organizations are like, but it would be nice if businesses like those of Donald Trump would do some fixing up, some tweaking that shows some humanitarian, that it’s not always about money, profit and killing the competitors. A business is made up of people, so why not create an image people can look up to.

  9. May 1, 2010 at 11:43 pm

    Great vlog. I do have one other aspect that I’d love to hear from y’all about. What about the fans? I feel like women and men (gay or not) are afraid to be a fan of women’s athletics. Mostly because it is almost cool to make fun of women’s athletics. You don’t see hardly anyone sporting the team apparel, or any die hard fans for the WNBA, etc. This goes hand in hand with the athletes marketing themselves, not just playing and going home. But, somehow the women’s sports industry needs to make it cool to be a fan. Until you get some dedication, it’s a lost cause.

  10. 10 avidfan
    April 15, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    I’m about a year late in watching this video, however, I do agree with you said about women’s sports getting more exposure and getting more attention like the NBA and other men’s sports. I’m a huge women’s basketball fan and I agree that there is a problem in the transition from college basketball to professional basketball with some players. Some players don’t realize the business side when it comes to marketing and publicity, its hard to be attracted to a sports organization especially a women’s sports organization when they don’t look fit or appealing to the brands that support men’s sports. However, I have started to see a small development with some brands such as NIKE and Adidas, they are starting to display the poster with the women’s athletes on the them in places other than lady footlocker. With the help of players like Diana Taurasi and Candice Parker the WNBA is starting to get recognized more because people other than little girls are starting to talk about them more, guys know who these players are and some are willing to debate with you about them. ESPN is starting to help also with the promoting they do for the WNBA games its just hard to get more games on tv because of the lack of ratings of teams that Parker or Taurasi play for. Even with the newcomers like Maya Moore, Britney Griner, and the whole UCONN women’s team from 2009-2011 and what they have done for their college programs and the sport overall has helped with media attention. So although womens sports and organizations are not at the level of exposure to where they should be, its developing shortly.

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