Turning into Each Other!

She’s wearing your boots, you have the same jeans, she just dyed her hair… Is this Single White Female… OH KNOW, you’re turning into each other! J & L discuss the topic of to much of the same – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.


4 Responses to “Turning into Each Other!”

  1. April 14, 2010 at 6:17 am

    I love this thing, as you always tell it how it is, makes me laugh! The morphing into one another is so true, before you know it you do end up looking like twins; clothes, hair, everything.

    The problem is, it is always too late to change, as once one of you has noticed it happening, just broaching the topic of becoming a ‘unit’ leads to insecurity and questioning of love – the usual dodgy bird topics!! Silly really, as the morphing process initially starts due to an interest and curiosity about the others persons likes and loves.

    Ugh…anyhow, enjoy the v blogs, may try and add this dimension to my own blog at some point – thanks for the honesty and thanks for the laughs!….Oh, and thanks for promoting attractive, feminine women who happen fall in love with other women, about time we had a better image! :>)

  2. April 15, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    Hey Jessica n Lacey!

    So about the headline “turning into each other” I suppose is true… in my experience I ve turned a little bit into my girlfriend, but definitely in a very good way… like dress up more “cutely” nevertheless kept my own identity.

    I think you should maybe got a little deeper on how psychologically couples get the best of the other or not. I meen im sure jess learned a lot with lacey and vice virsa, isn’t that turning into each other also? Getting the point of view of your loved one and sometimes it makes more sense the way she thinks.

    Ok that was about the headline, now lacey said that your agent taught you how to seat in front of a camera. Now ladies, a really like your show and watches every monday. But come on we can feel from over sea that you kinda hold back ( http://migre.me/wLUU ). Come ON, social mídia is all about, the most authentic you get, the most audience you ll have, and let s get face it, im sure you want to increase your views and comments here. Your doing a great job talking about lesbian world, being a inspiration for girls all over the world, you can achieve even more people. Come on lacey if you feel like seating close to your wife this is what you should be doing.

    Watch this, http://migre.me/wMVF and this http://migre.me/wMWW

    They re drinking, they don t care how they are sitting. We don t care how your are sitting as long as you re being truthful about who u are, in every moves n not just in your speeches.

    We would feel closer to you, and to your stories, if your closer to us in every way, get mor intimate in the good way.

    Don t know if im out of line here, just saying what came to mind. And sorry for my english not realy my native langage.

    Bye Bye!

  3. 3 emptyinbetween
    April 16, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    I think it’s a natural course in relationships when two seperate and different people fall in love and couple up. It’s perhaps inevitable to some extent in order for the relationship to work. As in communication styles evolving to match each other which is crucial for the survival of the relationship. Then of course one influencing the other, and the other way around as well, through various interests one may have (music, cultural, job etc).

    But the question is when its unhealthy for your own sake? What’s too much? Like you, Lacey and Jessica, pointed out: it’s important to have something of your own. Whether its your job, a hobby or a group of people/friends – just to maintain a sense of independence OR just a way to “get away” from the relationship for a moment. I think thats the most important thing. It’s vital to have that in a relationship. It might be the only time you’ve being just you and not you + her. And we all need that.

    LadyQ, had to give you a shoutout since I feel you with the whole mentioning the problem causes more problems – which is sad but true in most cases. Maybe it’s better to just “guide” her back to her roots by suggesting her new hobbies or going back to something she’s dropped out of during your relationship.. This is a hard subject if only one party of the couple is changing = turning into the other as it might suggest her having a more fragile self image. Soo maybe a subtle approach is better in these cases as pointing out directly her turning into you is a bit confrontational?

  4. 4 Mary
    April 18, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    Thank you for another great v blog. Lacey, I totally feel you. I have never been comfortable crossing my legs. I think you should sit however you like and the cameraman should change the camera angle to compensate if necessary. Men don’t sit with their legs crossed and they manage to be on camera somehow. I vote that you should be comfy!

    Eloise – Thanks for the links!

    Peace ya’ll

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