Conflict Resolution

You yell, you fight… when it’s healthy in a relationship and when it’s a sign of too much conflict. Lacey and Jessica share their thoughts on this sometimes touchy subject.


2 Responses to “Conflict Resolution”

  1. 1 Emptyinbetween
    March 3, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Wow what a great episode! The topic is definitely relevant for anyone/everyone in a relationship.

    It’s great that you share so much of your own relationship, even though that must be quite hard for you in some way? At least it would be for me, so thumbs up for being so open and “close” with the viewers! And I think it’s great to hear REAL examples from you guys, rather than hearing generalized discussion about the matter. I definitely can relate to the discussion, thus viewing is way more interesting than if you kept it on a general level you know..

    I have difficulties with taking my partner seriously sometimes when I feel she’s just yelling at me or complaining because a) she’s tired or b) feels frustrated about something else than me or something that I did. Most of the time these arguments are triggered by something I did (misunderstandings or something like that) but the real reason might be something that is not “in my hands” or something. The yelling and getting frustrated is just her way of acting the feeling she’s having.. and to me, this is usually silence or acting weird (=distant). So everyone has different ways of handling themselves when frustrated/feeling hurt etc and when you’ve been together for a longer period, you’ll learn these things about the other party and you will be able to handle yourself better in these situations. Respecting the other party is important and understanding where she’s coming from, but you should communicate to each other how you think it would be wise to resolve the conflicts and what you think is appropriate or not..

    Ok, so lastly, a totally off-topic question for Lacey, do you still play ball sometimes? Just interested since the awesome jerseys (I guess I’m totally obsessed about them since this is the 2nd time mentioning the jerseys, oh boy!)

  2. 2 Erica (Lifepoet)
    March 7, 2010 at 12:00 am

    First off, I hope you guys had a wonderful, relaxing and fantastic honeymoon!

    Great vlog and it’s so real. I grew up in a household that had A LOT of yelling, pretty much all my life, which really affected the way that I handled arguments. Since I know the power of words and how deeply they can cut, I turned into someone who held in most of my anger. However, with me being both an Aries/Taurus (born on the 4/20 cusp), that makes me an “icy ball of fire”!

    In my past relationships, when I was younger, I would be both short-tempered and stubborn, loud and quiet, extremely expressive and reserved, blow things out of proportion and dwell on the minor. I would do all these things to the EXTREME.

    Reacting the way that I did had a lot to do with maturity and not knowing who I was. However, after my parents passed away when I was in college, I learned so much about myself – my strengths, my weaknesses and my breaking points. I really learned what I was made of. I was forced to grow a lot from that situation and I think I was better able to handle conflicts once I understood myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still an Aries/Taurus and still an “icy ball of fire”, but I can control it better.

    I hope that wasn’t too deep…

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