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Attraction to other women…

In this episode Jessica and Lacey delve into the forbidden relationship topic. She’s hot, right? J&L talk candidly about what it feels like, what it means, and how to behave when another woman creates a little controversy in a relationship’s dynamic.

Watch what happens… 🙂


Jessica is The FACE of the FUTURE


Yes! That’s Jessica on the TOP! 🙂

ALLURE Magazine made a BOLD move this month –  They addressed the fact that the face of America is changing.

“More than EVER before, beauty is reflected in a blend of ethnicities and colors.” Thank the LORD for that!  SWEATCity’s own Jessica Clark was featured in the article on page 146.

Taken from Allure – “My mother always told me that the world was a big-melting pot, and everyone eventually would look like me,” says Jessica Clark, whose grandparents are English, Irish, Indian, and Nigerian, and who says that people usually guess that she gets her looks from whichever ethnicity they themselves belong to.  “She told me I should be flattered to be one of the first.”  The day will never come when every American is a Jessica Clark look-alike. (We should all be so lucky.)  But perhaps a time will arrive when faces such as hers are seen not so much as beautifully extraordinary, but simply as extraordinarily beautiful.”

Thank YOU Allure Magazine for writing a story about this… When I read it about my Fiancee, a tear rolled down my face.  She’s worked sooo hard to be the best she can be in a profession that does not cater to women who look like her.  It’s high time that every ethnicity is given a chance to shine… That is what this country needs to be about – “BEAUTIFUL is BEAUTIFUL.”


We’re Bbbaacckkkk!!!!!


We’re bbaccckkkk and better than ever!  A HOT format and fresh NEW Topics… Jessica and I can’t wait to share the juice with you.  Come November it’s on.


Jessica’s WIN

Jessica Clark

Jessica WON the New Now NEXT Award… “Because you are HOT”  yyyeeessss!!! Check out the red carpet antics and her acceptance speech!  YOU gooooo giirrlllll!!!!


Where do Lesbian Supermodels GO?


Jessica is now hosting on the HOTTEST New Lesbian Website!!! You wanna know what’s HOT? has the answer!

Check out Jessica’s hosting DEBUT –


Training Lacey-STYLE! :)

laceystone NIKE interview Picture


As a New Yorker, time is everything. We run around like we have our heads cut off. Where are we going? What am I doing? I have class, work and a party at eight. No time to eat, I’ll grab it on the go. Where is there time for fitness?

With a tight schedule, it’s difficult to think you could actually squeeze in time for a good workout session, never mind getting to the gym. In an attempt to keep women on their feet, Nike threw an event at Paragon in New York City and invited fitness trainer, Lacey Stone, to lead an intense workout session. It was a workout I was prepared for, but had no clue what was in store. For those unfamiliar with Lacey’s workouts, you’re in for a surprise. Her whole concept of training revolves around teamwork, which is an interesting spin considering we often deem training to be a one-woman job. Let me tell you a little bit about Lacey Stone.

Super Trainer, Lacey Stone, has been in countless magazines and knows her way around the gym to say the least! She realizes we are all busy, but likes to set realistic goals for women. Let’s break it down. There are “365 days, there’s 7 days in a week, 24 hrs in a day. Lets plan it out,” she says. Her philosophy is, “Anything is possible. There are two sides to fitness, the mental and the physical.” The mental aspect of training is something often overlooked, but something she sees just as important as the physical. “If you’re not motivated, then your not going to be consistent. If you’re not consistent, you’re not going to see results.”

Truth be told, Lacey knows how to motivate the crowd; there were about 50 of us that came to work out and all 50 of us finished strong. Everyone stuck it through and I was impressed at how each person cheered on the next. We started off our work out with a mile run to the park. Then we rocked out a hard 40 minute workout, which consisted of everything from running, pushups, squats (my favorite), jumping squats (oh yes, another good one), lunges, the classic jumping jack and a bunch more that equated to one tired sore little ol’ me by the time I was done.

It’s all about putting the idea of teamwork back into our workouts. Grab a friend and push yourselves. Funny, by the end of the workout, I was not only able to run another mile back, but I felt more energized and excited I got my workout done for the day. Doing an hour workout seems like a lot to take out of your day, but speaking from experience, going hard for an hour will give you another two hours to do work later on. Trust me, your body will thank you. Lacey says “I want people doing their best every single day.” She sure got the best out of me.


For more of Sarina’s awesome posts log onto and click women/nfr 🙂 And to check out more of my events click – I’d love to have YOU next time!



DR OZ Picture

Happy Fall! October is my favorite time of year… Jackets come back, people get pumpkins, and you’ll definitely be hearing a little Thriller in spin.  Trick or TREAT, smell my feet give me something good to eat, if you don’t I don’t care… Candy’s bad for teeth and I’d rather workout anyway, HA! Happy Halloween!!! 🙂


Two weeks ago I made my first Expert Fitness appearance on the Dr OZ Show.  He’s sooo charismatic and hottie, who knew? 🙂  The segment was entitled “BOUNCING off the YEARS!”- A Trampoline Workout that‘ll make you feel like a kid again.

OZ and I were able to get the entire audience to “Raise The Roof,” while bouncing on a mini-tramp.  Right after the segment the Producer said she’d be asking me back… Jackie Warner, who? YAY! aaaAAAHHHHH 🙂

I’m not sure of the exact airdate… but when I find out I’ll let you know. Thank you Stefanie, you’re an Angel Woman from Heaven.

“Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it… You can make it so.”

NIKE, Serena Williams, & ME

What a whirlwind of a month.  Nike Women featured lil’ old me on their website, WOOOO! Thank you Sarina… She totally understands me after only spending two hours together. That’s a GREAT reporter! 🙂

What she wrote in the article is it’s exactly how I choose to live my life. There’re 365 days in a year, 12 months in a year, about 30 days in a month, 7 days in a week, 24 hours in a day.  How are you going to attack your life?  Are you in it to WIN IT… or are you sitting on the sidelines watching other people play?

I have HUGE long terms goals, goals I’d be embarrassed to share with you … Yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals.  Everyday I set out to accomplish these goals to be the best I can not only in my fitness career but also in my life. I do my best to give every person I pass on a smile, a “hi,” workout, eat right; give the BEST 45min/1 hour sessions my little body can handle. To make the world a better place for others and me.

AAaaaannndddd yes at the end of the day I’m tired, sometimes exhausted…  We’re all exhausted because we’re all going for it in one way or another. If you’re going to go for it you might as well go after your passion, it makes it a heck of a lot easier to stick to it when the going gets tough 🙂

All we can ever do is our best. When we do our best consistently, when we’re working towards something that makes our heart sing… I truly believe miracles happen.

Last month I met Serena Williams through Nike annndd I was the featured Fitness Expert on The Dr OZ Show. I filmed a segment in 30 Rock, a building I’ve been trying to get into for a llloonnggg time. When I first moved to New York in 2002 I interviewed to be a NBC page… They didn’t hire me. My contact at the Today Show hasn’t quite been able to get me on… 30 Rock has been my Fort Knox. But something shifted on September 25th, 2009. I cracked the code.  It was a beyond surreal moment when I was standing on set with Dr Oz filming that Fitness Segment… It took me 7 years to get into that building. 7 years of never giving up.  My hard work and persistence finally gave me a little luck last month. It felt like a victory, it felt glorious.

Every day we have a choice to make our lives exactly what we want them to be. I definitely don’t have all the answers but this is my truth. I believe that anything is possible if we can muster of up the courage to pursue it.  Your time is right now… Never stop believing it’s possible.


GLAMOUR – October Issue page 288, I talk about what happens to your posture when your happy! Gwen Stefani is on the Cover of this mag… that makes me HAPPY! No DOUBT.  If you missed grab’in a copy here’s a quick link check out page 2 OF 4 J Yiiippyyy Skippppyyy, Thank you Kim!!

MARIE CLAIRE – October Issue page 242,  I’m the Fitness Expert discussing the difficulty of losing those last 5lbs…. I wish she woulda let me say join Equinox and I’ll whop ya! 🙂 Thank youuuu Jihan!

TIME OUT NEW YORK – October 1-7 Issue page 15, T-Out gave TheBigGAME! a shout out… Thank you Kate!

LESBIAN LOVE – You cast your votes and the intro has been decided. Jessica and I shot the first 5 episodes last month and our show should be launching mid-month! Gracias G 🙂

EQUINOX EVENT! – C-o-n-g-r-a-t-u-l-a-t-i-o-n-s!!! To Faisal Saublaban and Miriam Ryan thanks to their efforts of energy & enthusiasm they both scored a pair of NIKEiD sneakers, yyaayyy FITNESS anndd Thank YOU Nike 🙂

WEDDING! – We set the date, February 28th, 2010! The love boat… It’s exciting and new come aboard we’re expecting yoouuu…  alalalallalala!

September TopTEN!

Download this month’s MUSIC! It’s BA-NA-NAS, bananas J Just Click – and download August TopTen! ‘09

1. Empire State of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys) – Jay-Z, Talk about it!

2. Rock That Body – Black Eyed Peas

3. Jump (Malinchak Club Mix) – Flo Rida

4. Lights Out – Santigold

5. Paparazzi (Moto Blanco Remix] [Radio Version] – Lady GaGa

6. Tidal – Imogen Heap

7. It ‘s the Way You Love Me (feat. Kelly Rowland) – David Guetta

8. Ice Ice Baby – Crazy Frog

9. Ready for the Weekend – Calvin Harris

10.  Thriller – Michael Jackson – Happy HALLOWEEN! 🙂


Yes, the rumors are true. I will not be returning to my weekend classes at 19th Street.  This was an INCREDIBLY difficult decision for me. I loooovveee teaching for you on Sundays… BUT I know come fall I’ll have a TON going on personally and professionally making it impossible to be consistent for you. To sub out classes more than I am there is not something I’ll ever do to my TEAM. I ask you to be consistent and BRING IT 100% every time I see you, I must do the same.

I hope you weekend warriors will find me during the week, as always I promise to consistently deliver a POWERFUL punch of Energy and SWEAT!

For more details check out my Fall Equinox Schedule –

Thank YOU to 19th Street Sundays for 4 years of love and sweat.


I’ll only be missing 2 classes in October. If you ever have a question about whether I’m teaching a class just shoot me a direct email, I’ll BB you back a Y or an N 🙂

Friday October 9th – 6.30am – TheBigGAME! – Greenwich – Erica

Monday October 12th – 6.30am – SPIN! – Greenwich – Faris

“Doing something differently leads to something exceptional…”

Be the DREAM,


Passion.Patience.Persistence =  EXCELLENCE


Fitness Professional

Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC

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STEP IT UP -tember!

nike september

I hope you all enjoyed Labor Day weekend! Now’s the time to get back to business.  I have lots of fun stuff to share with you this month… Workouts, Events, Music, Gossip, Fall is approachin… Lets kick up the cardio this month, ookkk?!!!  🙂


Join me & Mark Hendricks for an ACTION Packed Evening of sweat and guts! Bigger Drills, Looonnggeerr RUNS… Sweat for days! 🙂  This is a ONE Hour Workout you don’t want to miss!  We’re taking Equinox OUTSIDE of the Studio and into the Streets of New York and the West Side Highway! BBrrrinnngggg IT!

Where: Greenwich Village Equinox, 97 Greenwich Avenue and West 12th Street

When: Tuesday – September 22nd The Vernal “Equinox”

Time: 6.30pm-7.30pm – PLEASE NOTE 6.30pm START TIME.

BONUS 1: There will be Equinox goody give-aways that night. I am on it!

BONUS 2: Non-members Welcome, bring your boyfriend, girlfriend, grandmas 🙂


LOTS has happened since last year!! I’ve compiled it all and did my YEARLY Update, wwoooo!!! I’ve added in my FALL Schedule, Articles in GLAMOUR, Marie Claire, Star –Video of my NIKE Talk, 50 Cent Show, NY1, & Better TV –  A silly new Gossip section promoting Jessica and my upcoming V-Log – anndd much much MOORREEE… Check it OUT! J yyyyaaayyy FITNESS! 🙂


The NIKE event at Paragon Sports was a SMASH HIT HOME-RUN!  Thank you to everyone who came to support.  It was a Magically FUN Evening, Right?!  I truly believe finding amazing Teams of people to workout with increase your fitness levels in an extreme way!   Catch a sneak peak of the Craziness and maybe you’ll join in next time?! 🙂 🙂


SHAPE ONLINE: Check out my expert tips in this written online piece! – Thank You Alla!

Life & Style – I was the Featured Fitness Expert discussing the joys of cellulite 😉

LESBIAN LOVE: Check out the 3 mock intros for The Lacey & Jessica V-Log on, Cast your vote & see which one we pick for the Late October Launch! – … RIDICULOUSNESS 🙂

LACEY STONE FITNESS – Update Central, – Home, Bio, Media, anddd morreeeee!!! I love New York City.

August TopTEN! MUSIC

Download this month’s MUSIC! It’s one of my best lists 🙂 Just Click – and download August TopTen! ‘09

  1. Wonderful (Radio Edit) – Gary Go
  2. Starstruck – Lady GaGa,
  3. When Love Takes Over (feat. Kelly Rowland) – David Guetta
  4. Run This Town (feat. Rihanna & Kanye West) – Jay-Z
  5. Just a Girl – No Doubt
  6. One More Chance –
  7. Meet Me Halfway – Black Eyed Peas
  8. Something About You (Silent Nick Radio Edit) – Lucas Prata
  9. One Love (feat. Estelle) – David Guetta
  10. Million Dollar Bill – Whitney Houston


I will not be teaching the following classes for very good reasons. If you ever have a question about whether I’m teaching a class just shoot me a direct email,… Goes right to the BB which is always pretty close to my hand 🙂

Top Secret Event I will tell you about when the info can be Leaked… aaAAHHH!!! 🙂

Tuesday  9.15

6.40pm – Cardio Sculpt – Greenwich – 45mins  – Erica Kulesza

Jessica’s Brother Dominic is getting married! 🙂

Tuesday 9.29

6.40pm – Cardio Sculpt – Greenwich 45mins – Erica Kulesza

Wednesday 9.30

12.15 – SPIN – 19th Street – Danielle Hopkins

6.30 – SPIN – Greenwich – Erica Kulesza

“IT MUST BE LOVE. 2009 Us Open”



Passion.Patience.Persistence =  EXCELLENCE


Fitness Professional

Founder of Lacey Stone Fitness, LLC