Do The Right Thing… ???


I was speaking to one of my clients the other day about my company.  We were trying to come of with a “Lighting BOLT / CATCHY Motto” for what Lacey Stone Fitness stands for… An Elevator type of a pitch for a literary agent/publicist/You/Whoever  🙂

If you notice most Fitness Books tend to have a–  Celebrity Trainer who’s been on TV, Trainer who trains celebrities, a Celebrity themselves, a Quick Catchy Slimming Magical “Trendy” workout, or something MAJORLY Catchy like “Skinny Bitch.”

I do train Celebrities but not ones that want to be involved in a fitness book, I’m not on TV (YET!  🙂 ) , I don’t like being trendy/quick fixy (although…), But I think I could figure out how to make something catchy?  Anyway, it’s all very interesting…  If you have any thoughts I’m all ears?!  🙂

This is something I came up with that’s  Kinda Catchy/Kinda Old School.  This December I’ve been invited to a lot of amazing Holiday Parties… Parties held by people I really love, really love.  And After going to 3 or 4 there’s a part of me that wanted to be done, ya know?  I mean I didn’t’ go to all of them but I went to a good 6 out of 8.  That’s a good percentage for me… I’m usually 3 for 8, OY 🙂 Not sooo HOT.

GETTING TO THE POINT NOW –  In life it can get really hard to make decisions.  Especially decisions involving people’s feelings…. We get caught up in not wanting to look dumb, not hurting someone’s feelings, being too selfish or not selfish enough.  We get so caught up in the external process of making a decision we forget to look internally; do you know what I mean? 

A TRUE decision that will make you feel good about yourself has to come from within.  You can ask people for advice but what’s right for them may not be right for you.  In the end you have to face it.  SOOOO…. This is what’s helped me this holiday season.  Whenever I want to be a baby and stay on the couch instead of going to a Holiday Party I repeated this simple phrase.  This phrase can apply to anything – Relationships, Fitness, Whatevah!

“Do the right thing.”  Just do the right thing… It’s as simple as that, nothing more.  Of course the thing that might be right for another person might not be the right for you… That’s where it gets tricky.  It’s kinda like when Yes means No and No means Yes, HA! 🙂

Here’s a perfect example…   I got invited to Four Parties, literally Four Parties two Saturdays ago.  I went to two, one for work because that’s “the right thing to do” and one for a DEAR friend of mine.  By the time I left the second party it was wwaayyy to late to go to another annndd I had to teach an early fitness class.  Soooo “doing the right thing” for me meant going home to bed.  I went to two wonderful parties and the next day I wrote two lovely emails to the two hosts whose parties I missed.  For them I might not have done the right thing… BUT for me I did.  That’s where it gets confusing for a lot of people.  They think they’re “doing the right thing” BUT they really aren’t. They forget to check in with themselves, ya know?  They make all their friends happy by turning up at all the Holiday Parties BUT they’re not happy… If I’d gone to the two other parties that Saturday night I would’ve been a MESS for class and not a happy camper come Sunday for me or Jessica.  Gotta always check in with number one.

Suprise, Suprise 🙂  This weekend another really good friend had a Holiday party on a Saturday Night… Jessica and I threw a CRAZY Holiday/Movingin/Engagement Party Friday Night until 3am.  Part of me said, “do the right thing” and don’t go to Kristi’s Party – you’re tired BUT the other part of me said… Kristi has supported you in everything you do – you must “Do the right thing” and go.

In the spirit of the Holiday Season Jessica and I went… It was soo nice to see her and support her at your Festive gathering of colorful folks.  The energy of the room and the party was so much FUN I even forgot I was tired? Sooo cool 🙂

I truly believe that only you know what the right thing is for you… And when you do that, when you can figure out every day what your right thing is… You will never feel regret and happiness will almost always be by your side.  If more people in this world could find a way to do the right thing… The “good thing” for themselves and nobody else, this world would feel like a very different place.  

Do you find yourself struggling to figure out “your right thing?”  Here’s a quote I really love      

“At the center of your being you have the answer;  you know who you are and you know what you want.”  

I truly believe the answer is at the center of everyone’s being, if we take the time to listen, we will always know what to do… 

Sooo my catchy motto for today is Do The Right Thing.  It was also a very popular movie by Spike Lee in the early 90’s 🙂 🙂 🙂




6 Responses to “Do The Right Thing… ???”

  1. 1 kate tempesta
    December 22, 2008 at 5:05 pm

    so could you call my mom and tell her it’d be the right thing for me to stay where I am for the holidays 🙂 c’mon I’ll love you forever!

  2. December 22, 2008 at 8:37 pm

    What’s her number… and give me history! I totally will 🙂 If you really don’t want to go you shouldn’t. Did you make a new family in New York? I’ve heard a lot of stories about how the families that we create as adults are far more healthy than our actual childhood family units. YOU gotta do what’s right for you sister xx

  3. 3 Sarah
    December 22, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    Ah, it’s so hard! I know the right thing for me would be to spend Christmas with my girlfriend’s family, cause I always emerge from the holidays a little damaged by mine. But they would be SO hurt. And it would damage our relationship. So I’ll go, and get it over with for another year!

  4. 4 erin
    December 23, 2008 at 3:42 pm

    I love the post.How are you and Jessica handling the Holiday split? What’s the right thing there?

  5. 5 erin r
    December 23, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    perfect timing on this one! This is the first time I will be away from my family for the holidays, which is fine but they are not very understand. Its takes 8 hours to get back home…over the moutains! On the highways that have been closed more than they have been open this winter! the right thing here is to be SAFE! =]

  6. December 23, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    You gotta do what you gotta do… This holiday Season Jessica went home to her mum in Ireland 🙂 And I’m going home to my family too.

    Maybe in the future when we have kids it will be different… But for right now this is what works for us. Jessica only goes home once/year and I think Christmas is probably the best time to do that. I dislike being apart from her, BUT the girl’s mom misses her 🙂 Soooo, I think it’s the right thing for her to go see the woman who made her possible, ya know? 🙂 I will always love her mom for that! 🙂 Maybe in the future we will split holidays with are folks… BUT we are both very close to our families sooo it rough.

    I’m going home tomorrow and this airline madness is scaring me a BUNCH… I pray to Jesus, GOD, Buddha, whoever… Please let me get outta the city. My mommie needs me home for Christmas!

    Happy Holidays to all of YOU!
    Lacey xx

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