Yes We Can!


The United States of America has elected a new President, Barack Hussein Obama.

Sweat City is not a political blog and it does not intend to become one, but I will admit that as I saw the visual of the new First Family walk out onto the stage last night, a tear slid down my cheek.  Because whatever our political views may be, and wherever in the world you are reading this post, to me this represents a moment of limitless possibility. 

Yes, for the world. But also for each and everyone of us in our own lives 🙂

A junior senator with limited experience; a black man, a man of modest origin, the son of a Muslim, just became the new President of the USA.  Obama, and those around him had what may have seemed to many like an impossible dream.  I am sure that people laughed, they rolled their eyes, or just dismissed him.  But he believed in what he was capable of and just as importantly he surrounded himself with people that believed in him and who supported him every step of the way.

What the election last night illustrates for me is that no dream is too big; the goals and hopes and dreams that we all have for ourselves can be achieved IF we choose to believe in ourselves and our capabilities and self-worth.  It doesn’t mean that if we just decide we want our own successful company, or to climb Mount Kilimanjaro; to have an album in the Top 40, become a pilot, or get healthier and stronger when we feel powerless over our body and food choices: that it just happens.  President Obama didn’t just snap his fingers and get elected.  He had a dream, a goal, and just like we all must; he and his advisors had to break the BIG Goal down into little goals. And every little goal that was achieved took them a step closer to the White House. And committed step by committed step; the journey was made.

Your BIG Goal, your dream: What is one small step that you could take TODAY that will take you just a tiny bit closer to where your heart wants to be?  Is it to email your ex-colleague who now runs their own company and ask them how they got started?  Is it to take the money you were going to spend on new jeans and sign up for singing lessons instead? Is it to commit to going to the gym tonight?

It may even be to take 30 minutes tonight and brainstorm your craziest, biggest dreams.  Don’t limit yourself, go BIG, but try to focus on what makes your heart sing: on what you would do even if it didn’t pay you money.  Because I firmly believe that if can find your passion and are prepared to work your ass off to accomplish that passion, then the money will follow 🙂

And finally: the work of living a healthy, fulfilling, loving life is never done.  When the goal is accomplished, the next one is there waiting.  Barack Obama did it! He accomplished his dream of becoming the first black President in HISTORY. Guess what?  Now his goal has to be to lead the USA well, to work tirelessly to bring it back to a state of power and positivity and strength. The work isn’t over; the goal is just different.

When we have lost the weight, or have met the person we want to spend our life with it might seem as though the work is over, but in truth the goal is then to maintain that healthy, sexy body by eating clean, by working out.  The goal is to try every day to be the best girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife possible, to be honest and open and loving even when you’re exhausted and they’re driving you crazy!

But it can be done. We can all be who ever we choose to be, if we are prepared to do the work and believe in ourselves and just take that next right step every day.

Yes We Can 🙂


13 Responses to “Yes We Can!”

  1. 1 Lindsey
    November 5, 2008 at 2:52 pm

    I’m unbelievably happy…his election means so many things to so many people.

    However, I may have gained an amazing president, but I’ve lost my rights. California is banning gay marriage, Florida and Arizona already have, and Arkansas won’t let gays and lesbians adopt! I feel hated and alienated…

    But I still have hope. I’m proud to have Obama as my president.

  2. 2 Me
    November 5, 2008 at 3:23 pm

    Tears of joy slid from my eyes as well.

  3. 3 jessica clark
    November 5, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    I agree with everything you say Lindsey. The fact that Prop 8 is passing in California right now fills my heart with sadness and my head with indignation, both on a human rights level and a very very personal one: I just proposed to Lacey this weekend on our second anniversary and she accepted.

    I am so happy and proud to be engaged to the woman I adore 🙂

    All I can say and hope is that as one civil, human rights barrier is broken down, that others will follow in time. The more peoples stereotypes are challenged in as many ways as possible the greater the hope that the USA will start to see what the rest of the western world (I’m actually English and for all the faults that Europe has, it is now part of EU law that gay people can be legally united and protected) and is making a reality. That every person, no matter their gender or sexuality has the right to love and commit to whomever they choose, AND have that love and commitment honored and PROTECTED BY LAW!

  4. 4 mr pinstripes
    November 5, 2008 at 5:03 pm

    it’s a testament to taking the high road… not lowering yourself to others level- of being fearless and confident (at least publicly) and the most beautiful thing to me is that people are talking about the symbolism, the paradigm shifts we’re experiencing.. he knows he isn’t the “chosen one” and shi speech reflected his humility and spirit. i will confess though instead of him saying god bless america at the end of his speech i fantasized that he would scream out flava flavs “yeeeaaaaah boooooooooy” haha

  5. 5 Rebecca
    November 5, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    OMG! Congratulations on your engagement!!!!!! MAZEL TOV!

    Not much into politics but this post brought tears to my eyes. Your words are very touching. I have just been cursed as of late and lost so much data on my new Web site. 8 months of hard work gone with wind. Yes watching Obama and his beautiful family is proof that dreams do come true. No matter how much obstacles/heartache just don’t give up….

    Now let’s see what he can bring to the table!



  6. November 5, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    I’m a bit sick at the moment and couldn’t sleep last night so I turned on the TV and watched the whole 9 hour long show about the elections (from 0.30 am till 9 am). There was so much tension after McCain’s speech. I just couldn’t wait for Obama to hold his speech. I loved what he said. I’m not from the US but when his family came on stage there have been so many emotions inside of me that I just couldn’t help myself and had to cry….I’ve been a Hillary supporter from the very beginning on so till yesterday I wasn’t able to make up my mind about that whole issue… but now I’m certain that the Americans made the right decision.
    You could and you did it!!!

    My best wishes for you and Lacey. I’m soo happy for you guys. I don’t know but is it legal for gay couples to marry in NY?? I hope so. Again my best wishes 🙂

    This night was a historical one. It made me think about my goals again…it inspired me to work harder for them than I ever did….:-)

    Thanks for the excellent blog

  7. 7 Yvonne
    November 5, 2008 at 9:55 pm

    I was crying like a hungry little puppy here in Germany when Obama was elected. It was 6am and instead of sleeping I was just sitting on the floor of the living room. That election was quite a difference… just like my face when I got to work ;)!
    Congrats to the United States and to the world and to you Lacey & Jessica. Just take a flight to Europe to let your marriage happen ;)! But how is it possible that Ellen DeGeneres and many other people got married?
    It ain´t possible anymore?

    Anyway, my best wishes for you both. Enjoy a long & healthy life full of love and peace….

    ..and Barack Obama ;)!

  8. 8 Stephania
    November 5, 2008 at 11:09 pm

    I second what Yvonne said: like a puppy is also the way I cried when after having set my alarm clock at 5:45 am, I got to my television just in time to see Obama start his wonderful speech. The crowd, so diverse, so beautifully overwhelmed… I suddenly felt proud to be part of humanity again. Americans made the best choice and I want to thank them in the name of all Europeans who would have loved to be part of this great episode of american history (I, that is 😉

    On the other hand, I was more than sad when I learned what happened with prop. 8 in California and with amendment 2 in Florida… one step ahead, three backwards? It cannot be so. I want to trust in the future and be optimistic. The fights for civil rights have proved essential and worthwhile. It has to remain so. *God* bless you and *God* bless the UNITED STATES of America. And *God* bless you, Jessica and Lacey, your love and your commitment too.

  9. 9 Eneb
    November 6, 2008 at 12:28 am

    YES WE DID!!! <–was what Chi-town was chanting last night:)
    You are absolutely right Jessica. I worked on this campaign for 19 months in the marketing area (I have political experience/knowledge). When I would explain all these new things we were doing, ways of campaigning that had never been done and the technology we were going to use to help us do. I always got “WOW that sounds really interesting…..But you know he’s not going to win right?” We knew it was more than just an up hill, more like up mountain, battle BUT We kept it moving!:)
    Last night, in person I saw my new president give a speech where my community and I was actually acknowledge. I might be too young but I don’t ever remember any President before doing such. I might still be off an love-high from the HUGE (225,000), peaceful , non-alcoholic, and most amazing event I’ve ever witnessed, but I truly believe that this is a president that spent many years as an civil rights lawyers, and that experience in a leader is going to help us reach the goals of the LGBT . WE HAVE SOMEONE IN OFFICE THAT WILL LISTEN!
    Last night’s setbacks are short-term and have shown that we can’t wait for individual states to pass gay rights. It has to be done federally. We cant let human rights be decided by popular vote.
    CONGRATS ! To Ms. Clark and her future baby’s mama Ms. Stone!!!:) Now Lacey can check that off her list!

  10. 10 Anonymous
    November 6, 2008 at 6:56 am

    This is why my parents immigated to this great but flawed country. Anything is possible.

  11. 11 Rebecca
    November 7, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    I am deeply saddened that Prop 8 was passed. Though I am married to a man I still believe in equality. But don’t sweat my ladies by the time you shop for that gown/suit and wedding cake there will be no ban cause America is all about change right??

    What is Lacy’s slogan?

    Passion, Patience, Persistence…..

  12. November 7, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    🙂 hahahahaha! Rebecca you know how to make a girl smile 🙂 Prop 8 BLOWS there is no way around it, none.

    However, I know in my heart that it’s BOGUS. I know in my heart that there’s no other woman for me than Jessica, that we are meant for each other… That I will love, honor, and cherish her for rest of my life. And if that’s wrong… If I’m such a bad person for loving someone with all my heart than I don’t know what’s right? Love is love is love… And with Patience I am certain society’s views on gay marriage will shift.

    And no, I do NOT want it to called a “Civil Union.” I want the union of two same sex people to be called Marriage… I want it to be viewed as normal not as something different. Like, “OOOOoooh the gays can get married BUT we aren’t going to call it “marriage”… why not? Because they view it as something wrong. Not ok with ME! Not ok… Love is love is love.

    Rosa Parks said thank you for letting me ride on the bus… BUT I WILLL NOT ride on the bus if you make me ride in the back because I’m not different. All people are created equal ALL PEOPLE. I believe today in her head she would say, “I will sit where ever the HELL I want, thank YOU.”

    GAYS!! Listen up, we have to be proud of who we are… Don’t be ashamed don’t makes excuses for your sexuality because as sooon as we as a whole can do this… Come to full acceptance of who we are… So will everyone else. If we don’t believe it’s right, if we think there’s something wrong with us, so will they. If we think it should be called Civil Union and not Marriage sooo will they. If we allow ourselves to be treated differently we will be different.

    If we build it… They will come. It will happen because the United States of America is a wonderful place to live… It’s a place where your wildest dreams can come true, it’s a place where anything is possible.

  13. November 15, 2008 at 9:31 am

    It was a beautiful moment in history and Barak has a way with words. I have a rainbow shirt and the white house is smiling. It says, “Barak ‘Da House!” I had to have it. LOL “Yes we will,” is what I am saying and hopefully he’ll bring some equality into this country that desperately needs reform and enlightenment.

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