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I know that the world feels a little scary right now, particularly because of the economic downturn that the newspapers and TV reports are screaming about from every turn.  And it’s also true that for many of us, the start of the holiday season can come with its own big box of stresses, even if it does come with a pretty red ribbon bow on it; being in close quarters with family members that we spend very little time with the rest of the year, cringe worthy office parties, too much alcohol flowing, and of course the food. Food, food everywhere, with exhortations to “eat, eat” from every aunt and grandmother that worries we’ve supposedly gotten too skinny.  But it can also be a chance to release our selves from the overwhelming ‘reality’ of our lives for just a few days, and embrace a childlike hope and appreciation for the magical things in life 🙂

Now I could just give you diet strategies for dealing with the Turkey, mounds of cream-laden mashed potatoes, pies, desserts and giant tubs of chocolate candy temptations. But honestly: if you want that information then there’s a hundred other blogs, magazine articles (Shape, Self, Glamour, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Fitness etc) that are brimming over with smart ideas that you can use over the holiday season IF you want to.

Over here in the USA the festive season kicks off tomorrow with Thanksgiving Day; a holiday that whatever its history, has to me at least, come to represent the best elements of what a festive celebration should be. It’s not about extravagant gift giving or receiving, but just about spending time with family and close friends, and expressing gratitude for the good things we have in our lives.

We’re all on our own journeys, and we all have ideas, some similar, others dramatically different, on what we think will make us happy.  I’m a huge proponent of the school of thought known as Positive Psychology, which is basically the scientific research and study behind exactly what it is that makes us happy.  Amazingly it has relatively little to do with how much money you make, or how intelligent or beautiful you are to others.  Far far higher on the scale are things like supportive loving relationships (be they family, friends or romantic), good coping strategies for the bad stuff that is sometimes a part of every life, the ability and focus to commit to pursuing goals in our lives, and yes GRATITUDE.

Here are three scientifically proven ways that gratitude can improve our sense of wellbeing, the how’s and why’s of which are discussed in ‘THANKS!’ (The image I’ve used today is a book on this exact subject by Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D.  It can be ordered on Amazon if you’re interested in reading further).

* People who regularly practice grateful thinking can increase their “set-point” for happiness (basically the level at which they are at most often) by as much as 25%.

*These increases can be sustained over a period of months: which challenges the perception that our “set-point” for happiness is predetermined and frozen at birth.

*Keeping a gratitude journal for as little as three weeks can result in better sleep and more energy.

Now you may be reading this and rolling your eyes, because you’ve got some really serious problems going on in your life right now.  I respect that and I’m not trying to say that this is a magic wand that will wipe away all your problems. But this is also not just some happy-clappy, granola hearsay; this is work that has been done by internationally respected scientists.   So perhaps it’s worth a try.  All a gratitude journal has to be is writing three little things that you can think of each day that you’re grateful for.  Yes they can be big things; I am incredibly grateful to have Lacey in my life for example and that her family have welcomed me into their home this and past Thanksgivings. I’m English and we don’t have it in my country 🙂  But I’m also grateful that there wasn’t a long line in Starbucks this morning, because that winds me up and throws off my schedule!!

I find it a calming thing to do, and it really helps me focus on the fact that while these are stressful times, there are a lot of good things, little and large, that happen everyday that I might just not notice if I wasn’t looking out for them.

Wherever you are in the world, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I wish you a happy and peaceful day tomorrow, and I am grateful that you took the time to read this posting 🙂  !!






Hey SWEATCity! 

How ya doin?  🙂 I’ve gotten a lot of emails about creating EXCITING Treadmill Workouts… The Turkey Holiday is approaching, the weather’s getting a bit nippier, and I thought now’s the perfect time to give you what you want!

If you recall from my previous post I love to work with a heart rate monitor –

I believe the monitor adds volumes to a workout because you know exactly where you stand. No ifs ands or buts about anything, if you’re working hard you know immediately because the monitor tells you. 

BUT not everyone has a Heart Rate Monitor sooo I’m going to give you a couple of Treadmill ideas that don’t require one, cool? COOL 🙂

Here’s how I look at it, there are 3 Variables you must take into account when doing a Treadmill workout: Time, Speed, and Incline 

Time: There are 4 Time limits that I think are appropriate for the treadmill, bear in mind every workout should include a 3-5 minute warm-up and cool down.  Always Warm it up, Always cool it down.


1. 20mins – If you’re majorly strapped for time… If you must do a 20min quickie make it intense.

2. 30mins – Middle of the road – You can really make some progress with a 30.

3. 45mins – LOVE me a 45min workout, you should always aim to give up 45.  The 45er is not to much so that you’re dragging A&#@ but it gives you some time to add some bang to your buck!

4. 1HOUR – If you have time time for 1 hour that is GREAT. I am a firm believer that 1 hour is the limit on the amount of cardio you ever need to do in a day.

DISCLAIMER: If you’re training for a marathon, triathlon, or you’re a professional athlete that’s a different story.

INTERVALS: The amount of seconds/minutes you Jog, Sprint, or Climb.
Can be 30seconds, 60seconds, 2mins, 3mins, 5mins, 10mins, etc! In between each interval you choose how you need to recover.

SEVEN Treadmill WORKOUTS – Spice it UP!



Best used when you’re strapped for TIME – 20 or 30minute workout.RULES of the GAME: See how many sprints you can complete in 20mins.

Warm-up for 3mins at a comfortable pace.
SPRINT as fast as you can for 30seconds, increase speed on the treadmill dramatically. My sprint is an 8 or an 8.5mph
Recovery: Bring the speed back to a comfortable jog for 1/2/3mins depending on your fitness level. Beginners will need more recovery.
Repeat until you finish… Cooldown.  

When you get fitter you will need less rest time AND the amount of sprints you complete will increase. I find it FUN do to do this workout once a week and try to beat the amount of sprints UNTIL you can’t anymore. Soooo keep track of your number!



FUN to do for 30-45mins OR 1Hour, Alternate between Hills and Sprints

Warm-up for 3mins at a comfortable pace.
This section is similar to The SPRINT OFF – SPRINT as fast as you can for 30seconds or 1min
Recovery: Bring the speed back to a comfortable jog pace for 2/3/4mins depending on your fitness level.
HILL – Increase the incline on the Treadmill to a height you can still keep a comfortable running pace at for 3mins
Recovery: Decrease the incline to the start level of 1.0 and jog at a comfortable pace
Repeat until the finish – Sprint, Recovery, Hill, Recovery, Sprint….

The more fit you get the shorter the rest periods, the faster the sprints and the steeper the inclines… YOU make it as hard or as easy as you can handle on any given day!



HILL MANIA… How High Can YOU Go?!  This is a day where you are willing to work hard, get a ggreaatt playlist because you are in for some bun burning action! 30/45/1hour

Warm-up for 3mins at a comfortable pace.

Increase the speed to a level 6-7 for you on a scale of 1-10. For me that speed on a treadmill is around a 6.5 at an incline of 1.0 for 3mins
After 5mins increase the Incline by 2, so now you are at an Incline of 3 keep the same speed.
After 5mins increase the Incline by 2, so now you are at an Incline of 5, keep the same speed.
After 5mins increase the Incline by 2, now you are at an Incline of 7, decrease your speed by .5. For the entire Mount Everest you want to maintain a steady jog… So if you need to adjust the speed in accordance to the incline do it.  YOUR goal is to keep it moving up that hill until you finish your alloted workout time.

Continue adding 2 to the incline and adjusting the speed until you’ve reached your Treadmill’s max Incline or you’ve finished your allotted time. This takes more than sweat you will need to be mentally tough to handle Mount Everest… YES YOU CAN!


4. Marathon Mountain MIX

This is a GREAT 45min Workout! Not including warm-up and cool down 🙂

Do a Mount Everest Workout for first 15mins of your workout BUT instead of increasing the incline by 2 increase it by 5, much more aggressive HILL. Do this for 15 Mins.

After 15mins decrease the Incline to 1.0 and run at a Great comfortable steady pace for 15mins. A speed of 6-7 on a scale of 1-10, do this for 15mins.

For the Final 15mins do another Mini Mount Everest!

This is an AWESOME workout because it involves a lot of variables, which staves off boredom!


5. Sprinting CLIMBER!

Obvi warm-up 🙂 This is a GREAT 20min/30min Workout!

Jog at a pace that is not a sprint but also isn’t jog… YOU want to feel like you’re putting in some effort, do this for 5mins.

Then Increase the Incline to a VERY HIGH level. For me I would put it at an incline of 10. Once the treadmill has kicked in the incline, which often takes awhile… Adjust your speed to a sprint. Run up that hill for at least 1.30; shoot to make it 2mins.

Once complete decrease the incline back to a level 1.0 and recover for 1/2mins depending on your fitness level.

Then Repeat – Jog for 5mins, INTENSE CLIMB for 1.30-2mins, Recover, etc.

Cooolll dowwwnnn.


6. The RUN

YOU all know this one 🙂 Warm it up and then go! Very old school but it works like a charm. Your speed will be dependent on your Workout TIME.  Make sure to keep the pace consistent for the entire workout. I find this to be the best workout when I am completely stressed out and want to clear my head. Most fun done outside!

The RUN is best done for the longer haul – 45mins to an Hour
Nothing fancy just flat ground for the entire workout… I like my run to be an hour and I tend to stay around 7-7.5mph the entire time.


7. Marathon-Sprinting-Mountain Climber-COMBO!

You can do this Workout in whatever order your heart desires! I think you get the picture… I will lay it out for you and if you have any questions you know where to find me, right? 🙂  This workout involves sooo many variables I would do it for at least 45mins…  An HOUR would be ideal.

Let’s warm it up of course for 5mins

Marathon – Nothing fancy just flat ground for 10mins… I stay around 7-7.5
Sprinting – Follow the RULES of the SPRINT OFF for 15mins
Mountain CLIMBER – Follow the RULES of the more aggressive Hill in The Marathon Mountain Mix for 15mins
Marathon – Finish off the last 10mins of the workout as you began… Nothing-fancy just flat ground at a pace that isn’t a sprint but also isn’t a jog for 10.
5min Cool-Down – DONE!

Those are SEVEN of my favorite Treadmill Running Workouts…  I hope they add a little spice to your workout!  🙂


How to deal with STRESS


Is it just me or does everybody seem more than a little stressed out right now?   The world economy is struggling and we’re all more concerned about the state of our finances than we used to be. This stress can manifest itself in any number of ways; not least in how we choose to let it affect the way we treat ourselves and our bodies.

After a stressful day in the office it may be even more tempting to go and drown our sorrows in the local bar instead of hauling ass to the gym.  A few more glasses of wine than usual, or a fat laden takeout might take the edge off our sharpest concerns but it’s a temporary relief and all our worries are still there in the morning, only now they’re accompanied by a hangover, indigestion or bloated remorse. 

Apparently I have a very calm exterior: maybe it’s the English ‘stiff upper lip’ 🙂  Some people who know me personally are visibly surprised when I admit to being prone to anxiety.  When I was younger this anxiety would present itself in debilitating full-scale panic attacks, thankfully those days are long gone but the lessons that I learnt to be able to deal with them still hold true for me today.

I always try to stay focused on the immediate present.  Futurizing can very quickly lead to catastrophizing. Here’s an example of catastrophizing; don’t worry I got permission to use this 🙂  Lacey came home in the middle of the day today because the gym headset was broken so she needed to get her personal one.  Already stressed out about her heel injury, she started to worry that she wouldn’t be able to teach as much, which escalated into a panic about not making enough money for us to have kids in the future.  Just for good measure she decided to freak out that when we did have kids she would have to be at work all the time, never get to see them and that our children wouldn’t love her. Yep, she took it there and that’s called catastrophizing 🙂

When we are already pushed so far out of our comfort zone it can be hard to imagine any of the multitude of POSITIVE outcomes that there are sure to be as well.  Instead, think about whether your worry has actually happened. In this very moment, is there a crisis?  If yes, then what’s the first small thing we can do to start to alleviate it a little?  If no, then think if there is something that could make us feel a little more prepared; less vulnerable, should it happen?  Focus on today. 

So Lacey and I talked it out (I’d just flown back from a job in LA), and by breaking it down she was able to see that; as of right now her heel is feeling better and will heal if she continues to treat it right, that her career will not be negatively impacted by this and is actually inspiring her to incorporate some new ideas and innovations into what she does.  She reminded herself that we were not planning on having children for a good 3-5 years and that many things can and will evolve before that: That our children would not be lacking for love, support, encouragement or anything else, that I would be there financially, and in every other respect: and finally that she would adore her children and they’d adore her right back. I’m biased, but it’s very hard not too 🙂

However bad the situation we find ourselves in, I always work hard to remind myself that NO situation is best managed from a state of panic.  The best, most effective, most comforting and assertive actions come from breathing deeply and evenly.  Remember to breathe.  Sometimes in the middle of a hard day I find my inner voice telling me to “Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.”  It’s unbelievable how such a simple action can help clear my brain from the fog of panic.

Lastly I always refer back to an acronym that I learnt when I first went into recovery. H.A.L.T.  It was taught to me in the context of not “picking up” which refers to resorting back to my abuse of drugs or food to cope with life, BUT I think it holds incredibly true when it comes to handling stress in the most productive way possible.

“Never let yourself get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.”

Eat nutritious food that supports your immune system and helps you power through the tough times.  Express your anger appropriately and honestly to the RIGHT person, or failing that the heavy boxing bag at the gym!  Don’t suffer through your stress in isolation; share your feelings with a friend, talk it out with your therapist, call your mom, anything but let it swirl around your head until you feel crazy.  And finally, I can’t tell you how important I believe being well rested is for dealing with stress well.  Try turning the TV off an hour earlier so your brain has time to calm itself before bed, try to go to bed at the same time every night, limit stimulants like caffeine after mid-afternoon.

Stress is unavoidable in this modern day world, but in learning how to protect ourselves from its worst effects we empower ourselves beyond measure 🙂

Do any of you have some stress-busting strategies that work well for you? 



Have you ever been injured?


I’ve been working out on a busted heel for about a month now. I take Advil twice a day, I tape my foot up before I teach, I ice it after every class I teach, annnddd every night I pray that it will get better. This past Thursday I presented at a BIG Fitness Conference in Miami. Prior to the conference I told myself once I got through it I would take the next steps in the recovery process… Rest.

Over the course of this past month I’ve been very proactive… Sitting down whenever I get the opportunity, icing… Some days my heel feels fine and other days I can hardly walk. For an active person injuries are TORTURE. I’d rather workout until it breaks then put myself on the sidelines… I know it sounds crazy but it’s just how I’m built.

It’s my job to workout so for me and many of my colleagues injuries are not an option. Unfortunately, this heel spur is not going away… I’ve done everything in my power to curb the pain and it’s still there. Today I subbed out my cardio drills class and it just near killed me. Not only is TheBigGAME! one of my favorite things to do in the world; I created the class, I’ll miss seeing my peeps in my class… Some of The GAMERS are my best friends, AHHHHH!!!

But I guess I’m thinking short term… If I don’t rest my foot it’s just going to get worse… And the recovery process could last months. The reason I haven’t gone to the doctor is because I know what he’s going to say, “take two weeks off aaannnddd if it’s not better we’ll give you a cortisone shot.”

Oh woe is me!!! 🙂 I’m going to be a big girl and suck it UP! I am a HUGE supporter of when the going gets tough the tough gets going… What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger… BUT sometimes the most effective strategy is to slow down and take a minute to recover, to rest. After all my motto is Passion, Persistence….AND Patience… Oh the patience…

Here’s what you can do for a Heel Injury:

1. Rest – No exercise for at least a week.
2. Ice it, elevate it, Advil it
3. Go to the doctor
4. Wear comfortable shoes… NO HIGH HEELS (Especially you Victor 🙂 ) hehe
5. And slowly work your way back to recovery – Time is the only real medicine.

As an American New YORKER 🙂 We live in a culture that’s all about Survival of the fittest, The “Rest when I’m dead” mentality. We run ourselves ragged for the glory of being the winner! I’m as guilty as anyone… rest, what’s rest? 🙂

Mentally… Here’s what I’m going to focus on to get myself through.

1. It could be worse, so much worse.
2. Working out is not an option so I’ll focus on eating as healthy as possible
3. Enjoying the moment –I did some laps in the pool this morning annnndddd, because I was in the moment, I thought of something… I could develop a NEW workout in the pool?! 🙂

When life gets hard… Here’s one of my favorite quotes, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and if you can go with the flow of life instead of pushing against it miracles happen.

“Whether you believe it or not the universe is unfolding exactly as it should.”


It’s a question of LOVE

Please take just a few minutes from your busy, demanding day to watch and listen to this video.

Lacey and I began our SWEAT City! Blog because we share a passion for life, for strength, for empowerment be it physical or mental and yes, a passion for love.  For whatever reason people would ask us what, why, how we got the bodies we have, how we managed to seem so happy a lot of the time, what was our secret?

I find myself again writing to you that while this is not a political blog, there are seismic shifts happening all around us all in these days and weeks that affect every part of us.   You may know that we believe a beautiful and healthy body and life comes from the inside out. That it is all about being true to whom we are, finding a passion, loving and respecting ourselves: believing that anything is possible.

On Sunday 2nd November I proposed to the love of my life, Lacey Stone. She accepted.  Lacey happens to be a woman, as am I.  On Tuesday 4th November history was made when the USA elected as its next President Barack Obama.  On that same day Prop 8 was passed in California resulting in the amendment of the California Constitution to state that only marriage between a man and a woman is legal.  One of the arguments that aided the passage of this Amendment is that it would require “redefining marriage”.  As the video points out, if marriage had never been redefined then the multi-racial parents of the new President-Elect could not be married in the country that has now chosen him to lead it.  The world didn’t come to an end when inter-racial marriages became legal; they helped to create a new, stronger and more hopeful USA than ever before.

If you take the time to watch the video, and I hope with all my heart that you do, Olbermann says it far more articulately than I ever could.  That we are all, each and every one of us, trying to live fulfilling lives, honest and peaceful.  There are two stark choices before us: to embrace love, to embrace hope and to go forward. Or to allow the hate and division that so embattles our world, that filters through to every element of our being, how we feel about ourselves as human beings, to gain an even stronger hold.

How we feel about ourselves as we wake up every day, as we decide what to eat, how to think, treat ourselves: our bodies and minds and how to treat other human beings is all a question of love.  And not just love in the romantic sense, but that love for our fellow person, who we may not ever know, or even want to know, but who is just trying to be true to themselves and happy and in love too.

As Olbermann says “This is the only world we have, and the other guy counts too.”





(That’s a picture of me battling the BULLSH&%$#@!!! 🙂 )

I remember a time not very long ago when I was DEEPPRREESSEEEEDDD.  I mean BAD… Not fun to be around at all.   When I saw people that were happy I thought they were faking it.  I couldn’t even understand what happy meant… In fact people that were happy kinda pissed me off  🙂

If you read this blog or if you know me personally… YOU know that I’ve made drastic changes in my life.  Being depressed is fine when you’re in it… In fact you almost want to hold onto it because its kinda easy to be down on everything – Common statements  “Why does the bad Sh*&$! always happen to me, it’s so much easier for her or him, It’s too hard, I can’t, If only I had ‘money, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a hot body’ then it would all be ok…”  But would it?

I got tired of playing the victim and hearing the same broken record over and over again.  Frankly I got tired of hearing my own bullsh&%@$… Figuring out that it was me and only me that could pull myself out of the darkness was my turning point.  It’s easy to get down on life. Life can get realllyyy hard,  I’m not denying that.  BUT it’s not about how hard life is, it’s about how we handle it.  Pointing fingers and gossiping about BS does not serve anyone. In fact, it keeps us in a mindset that people are out to get us, that life’s hard, that life’s impossible… BLLAAHHH.  That’s not a way to think because it leaves us feeling hopeless.

We need to shift our focus, We need to find a way to believe that anything’s possible.  Sometimes it takes major adversity to be able to recognize just how blessed we are as human beings.  To realize that we are survivors… Overcoming adversity is a HUGE confidence builder… Finding light after being in the darkness will change you forever. 

Jessica had a couple of near death experiences due to drug abuse.  Overcoming that is what made her the survivor she is today.  Dealing with that on a day-to-day basis allows her to believe she can overcome and do anything. I was suspended from a basketball team for breaking the team code annnddd was cheated on by my first love in the same year.  After several years of zombie like behavior I snapped out of it and realized my “job” and my “girlfriend” did not define me… I define me and I choose how my story ends. 

“Can’t nobody take my pride can’t nobody hold me down… OH NO, I’ve got to keep on moving!” – Mase 

Those two major events forced me to stop being such an ass and start taking responsibility for my life and myself. 

Here’s what I believe.  As human beings we take BIG EXAMS a lot.  The EXAM of life.  And in order to get into the next “grade” we have to pass the test.  BUT some people refuse to study, they keep writing the wrong answers ssooo they get held back. They refuse to recognize their weaknesses and will not make the effort to change them.  Sooooo 3rd grade FOREVER!!! 🙂

Crap I’ve been that person.  The person that says the same BULLSH&*$#… AND it kept happening to me over and over again.  It kept happening because I didn’t pass The BULLSH&%$# Test that will take me to the next level of evolution… 3rd GRADE FOREVER 🙂

Until we can recognize that the BS has everything to do with us and nothing to do with other people we will continue the negative pattern.


  1. I hate my boss… Every boss they have ever had they hated – Hard truth, it’s not the boss. 
  2. My boyfriend is an asshole…  Stop picking assholes, maybe try going out with a nice guy
  3. I don’t understand why I’m surrounded by drama all the time – That’s the same person that says.. “Ooops I accidentally made out with my best friends boyfriend.”

Being caught in a bad pattern can last a lifetime… It’s my goal in life to reach my full potential, to be the BEST version of myself.  To continue to evolve, find bad patterns and BREAK Them. An “issue” is an issue only if we make it one.

For me it’s fun to think of life as an EXAM.  Certain grades do seem to last longer than others… but if we really want it enough anyone can graduate with honors, anyone.   All we have to do is keep moving forward and being the best we can be personally and professionally every single day.




Yes We Can!


The United States of America has elected a new President, Barack Hussein Obama.

Sweat City is not a political blog and it does not intend to become one, but I will admit that as I saw the visual of the new First Family walk out onto the stage last night, a tear slid down my cheek.  Because whatever our political views may be, and wherever in the world you are reading this post, to me this represents a moment of limitless possibility. 

Yes, for the world. But also for each and everyone of us in our own lives 🙂

A junior senator with limited experience; a black man, a man of modest origin, the son of a Muslim, just became the new President of the USA.  Obama, and those around him had what may have seemed to many like an impossible dream.  I am sure that people laughed, they rolled their eyes, or just dismissed him.  But he believed in what he was capable of and just as importantly he surrounded himself with people that believed in him and who supported him every step of the way.

What the election last night illustrates for me is that no dream is too big; the goals and hopes and dreams that we all have for ourselves can be achieved IF we choose to believe in ourselves and our capabilities and self-worth.  It doesn’t mean that if we just decide we want our own successful company, or to climb Mount Kilimanjaro; to have an album in the Top 40, become a pilot, or get healthier and stronger when we feel powerless over our body and food choices: that it just happens.  President Obama didn’t just snap his fingers and get elected.  He had a dream, a goal, and just like we all must; he and his advisors had to break the BIG Goal down into little goals. And every little goal that was achieved took them a step closer to the White House. And committed step by committed step; the journey was made.

Your BIG Goal, your dream: What is one small step that you could take TODAY that will take you just a tiny bit closer to where your heart wants to be?  Is it to email your ex-colleague who now runs their own company and ask them how they got started?  Is it to take the money you were going to spend on new jeans and sign up for singing lessons instead? Is it to commit to going to the gym tonight?

It may even be to take 30 minutes tonight and brainstorm your craziest, biggest dreams.  Don’t limit yourself, go BIG, but try to focus on what makes your heart sing: on what you would do even if it didn’t pay you money.  Because I firmly believe that if can find your passion and are prepared to work your ass off to accomplish that passion, then the money will follow 🙂

And finally: the work of living a healthy, fulfilling, loving life is never done.  When the goal is accomplished, the next one is there waiting.  Barack Obama did it! He accomplished his dream of becoming the first black President in HISTORY. Guess what?  Now his goal has to be to lead the USA well, to work tirelessly to bring it back to a state of power and positivity and strength. The work isn’t over; the goal is just different.

When we have lost the weight, or have met the person we want to spend our life with it might seem as though the work is over, but in truth the goal is then to maintain that healthy, sexy body by eating clean, by working out.  The goal is to try every day to be the best girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife possible, to be honest and open and loving even when you’re exhausted and they’re driving you crazy!

But it can be done. We can all be who ever we choose to be, if we are prepared to do the work and believe in ourselves and just take that next right step every day.

Yes We Can 🙂