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Gay Myths Exposed

Here’s a FUN game 🙂 Out of the above 5 people how many do you think are gay and how many do you think are straight (Strictly based on appearance… The answer is below) 🙂


*Gay Myths Exposed 

Why is it that the popular consciousness seems to believe certain things about gay people and our relationships?  Like the way a woman can be perfectly friendly and affectionate around me, that is before she realizes that I’m gay, then the second she finds out she feels the need to tell me all about her boyfriend, or how much she loves men, like I’m going to jump her if she doesn’t make that clear.  That’s great, I’m happy for you, go men.  It’s OK; I promise I wasn’t hitting on you.  I’m with a woman I’m incredibly in love with, and honestly, even if I wasn’t, you’re not my type.

In the same way that heterosexuals don’t find themselves uncontrollably attracted to every man/woman who crosses their path, nor do the gays. I wish. It would have made being single a lot more fun 🙂

Another favorite of mine is the assumption that just because you happen to be gay, you’re automatically probably kinky as well.  This is one myth that seems to be propagated as much inside the gay community as outside of it.  Yes we’ve been together for two years; no we don’t have an open relationship.  No, not even kissing.  That seems to be surprising to a lot of people, gay and straight.  It’s one thing to be flirty and social, it’s a whole other bag to bring in a third. Believe me I’m not knocking it in the slightest; everybody is more than welcome to their kicks.  I’ll admit that it does seem to be a pit stop on the path to figuring out that we may be gay for a lot of people.  But my point is that I don’t believe any of us would assume that a straight couple went in for threesomes on the basis that they’d  (gasp) been together for two whole years.

Equally the ‘femme’ lesbian in the dress is no more or less likely to be less gay, or less assertive as the gay woman with short hair and muscles, who in turn is no more likely to know how to use power tools, or fix your car as the next person.  Gay men are not all effeminate and theatrical, and the last to be picked at sports; if you believe that you should visit my gym just once 🙂

Being gay is not a ‘lifestyle choice’.  There is more and more scientific evidence to show that it’s likely to do with the differing levels of hormones that a baby is exposed to in the womb.  Meaning we were genuinely born this way and consequently it is a part of who we are on a fundamental level, it is not what defines us and how we choose to live our lives.  If you’re heterosexual that doesn’t automatically determine how you think, or how you decorate your house. Whether you are black white, brown or purple that doesn’t mean for a second that you think and feel the same way as everybody else who has a matching skin tone right?

In the same way, us gays are as diverse and varied as anybody else; there are things that unite us; the fact that learning to accept that we romantically desire a person of the same sex and the fact that there can still be many societal obstacles to living and loving who we choose are two of the most significant.  But there are gay Republicans as well as Democrats, and there are those of us that really just want to get married and have babies together and be just as ‘traditional’ as anybody else.

So while we’re flattered that you’d quite like to experience ‘swinging’, we are not the couple to do that with 🙂   I can help you figure out how to put your furniture together though 🙂

The answer, drum roll pplleeaassee- 5 gay, 0 straight… Tricky, right? 🙂



GUYS!!!  I’m SO proud to announce the Launch of my new FREE Online Workout Series, LACEY STONE FITNESS… Can I get a WOO?!! 🙂 Now you can workout with me live and take me wherever you go (Vacation, Work Travel, your HOME), – check it OUT! 🙂

This week’s series focuses on 3 lower body exercises. Do these with me 3 times per week and YOU’ll see GARANTUAN Results!  In the upcoming weeks Lacey Stone, that’s ME! 🙂 , and are going to focus on sculpting and building some strength in the lower body.  Aaaaannnddddd in future series I’m going to focus on ABS, Upper Body Strength and calorie busting CARDIO Madness. 

I could’ve written these workout moves out for you but now we can do them together!  This is sssoooo much BETTER and much more FUN, right?!!! I’m really excited to be able to share this with you.  Now at SweatCITY! we are even better equipped to help you reach your fitness goals and dreams.  Let me know what you think, ok?!  🙂  Also, if you want me to focus on any other types of exercises in upcoming series let me know… I want to give YOU what you want!

 Let’s finish 2008 with a BANG! Thank YOU for logging on and being a part of Jessica and my internet family. Hhhooooooorrraayyyyyy!! 🙂 🙂



What do you really want in your life?

Have you ever thought about what you really want out of your life?  I mean really want? I find that so many of us have never really thought about it beyond the remnants of our childhood fantasies of astronaut, ballerina, or professional athlete.  When asked, a lot of us will mumble something about wanting to make more money, or losing some weight.  I’ve been just as guilty of this as anyone else; and if I’m honest about why that was…..and I always try to be honest on SweatCity! 🙂 a lot of that seeming indecisiveness stemmed from embarrassment. 

On some level I was unwilling to say out loud what it was that I really wanted because I was afraid that other people would laugh, or roll their eyes or think that I was ‘big-headed’ because I wanted something more from my life than I already had.  I want to figure out a way to use everything that I have learnt over the last 5 years of my life, of my journey towards a more healthful and happy self to help other people and build a company around that philosophy. There. I said it 🙂  And guess what?  Now it’s actually starting to happen!

So why was I embarrassed (and even typing that was still a teeny bit tough for me!)?  Because part of my brain still had that little voice inside saying “Who are you to want that?  Who are you to think that you can help anybody else?  You are not good enough.”  And I find that there are so many other people who have placed similar limitations on themselves, often without even realizing it.  We don’t dare say out loud that we want to set up our own business or get a promotion in the career that we’re so good at and dedicated too; we keep the fact that we’d love to fall in love to ourselves; we don’t tell our friends that secretly we’d love to run a triathlon or take a spin class incase they laugh at us and tell us that we hate exercise and will never be able to do it, and why not come over and eat chips in front of the TV instead!

We’re so used to “being modest”, to keeping these things to ourselves that we never really think about the impact of never saying what it is we really want.  There’s been a lot of research on this over the last few years (if you check back in to SweatCity this Friday I’m going to post a couple of books about this that I’ve found really inspiring), and what is revealed time and time again is that if a dream is kept inside our heads then the probability is that it will only EVER live inside our heads.  BUT; if we get into the habit of saying it out loud, to ourselves and to other people, and even more powerful WRITING IT DOWN, then these seemingly tiny acts already greatly increase the likelihood of us bringing that dream into our reality and actually living it.

It seems silly I know but it works!  I’ve only come to this realization in the last few years but Lacey has been instinctively practicing it her whole life. The first time I was invited back to her family home (big moment 🙂 ) I saw in her childhood bedroom a big long, fantastical list of ‘Things I want to do in my life”. I loved seeing it then because it showed me that she really tries to live her life authentically and to be true to herself, but even more amazing was that just last month she was home getting a little mom and dad time and she told me later that she read through that big long list of dreams and realized that she had already experienced or created most of them! 

It was really hard the first time I tried to say my dreams to another real-life person, I was so tongue-tied that I couldn’t even say it (and I’m a chatterbox usually 🙂 ).  But I practiced by writing my life goals and dreams down in private and saying them out loud to myself (oh ok, and to my dog 🙂 ).  It helped, it really did.  So I’d love for us to start practicing here at SweatCity!  You are totally anonymous but at the same time, a lot of other hardworking, inspiring people are going to be reading your goals on this blog.  That’s a lot of positive energy being put out there around what it is you truly want in life.

One more thing; the evidence shows that just thinking of needing to make more money or lose weight are not the most constructive goals; if one of those is your first thought just take a minute and think WHY you want to have more money; what would you do with that money?  THAT’S your goal, not the money but the action you would take if you had it. Same with the weight: WHY do you want to lose it?  What would you be doing if you lost the weight? THAT’S the goal 🙂

Want to take a risk and tell us what you really truly want?  Go on, I dare you! 🙂




It’s that “TIME of THE MONTH”

Sorry BOYS somebody’s got to talk about “IT.”  And who ya gonna call when the tough gets tougher??? Me that’s who 🙂

Ok… Here’s the situation.  Every month Ladies, EVERY SINGLE FREAKING MONTH, it happens.  The “situation” happens so regularly we often forget … We like to blame ourselves, blame others, blame the mirror, blame genetics, blame or get annoyed with anyone in sight!!! Women we are just trying to come to grips with WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! BLLLAAHHHHH….

Every month something happens to us, we can’t avoid it but we can come to terms with it.  It’s the PERIOD FACTOR.  It’s very powerful and nnneeevvveeeerrrr to be underestimated.

Here’s my story and tell me if you can relate?  I am going to tell you what I feel, what’s reality, and what I see happen to a lot of other lovely ladies during the dreaded HUNT for RED October  🙂

THE CRAZY:  I look pretty much exactly the same as I do every other day of the week, however I DO NOT feel the same…. I Lacey Stone feel like a HOUSE, like I’ve gained 20lbs, in no uncertain terms I feel like a fatty.  When I look in the mirror I see a distorted picture of myself…  I see a giant nasty yucky version of me.  It’s not real but it sure seems REAL.  During “THAT TIME” the sentence “ I’m FAT as a COW” is something I’d like to work on getting out of my vocabulary.  I say it with a smile but I’m not joking…  Life is not fun during the reds, nope, not fun at all.

CUCKOO CONTINUED:  I lose my sense of reality and I go straight to Freak OUT MODE.  I’ve forgotten to rationalize and say “Lacey remember it’s that time of the month again it happens every month… YOU feel like crap, your knees/elbows/lower back kill, you crave red meat, the littlest things annoy you, and you want to eat ice cream/pizza/chocolate, remember?!” Instead I consistently go into CUCKOO mode and I’m like “What’s wrong with me?”  Nothing’s wrong L Stone you just have your freaking Period.  It’s as simple as that!  Talk to me sisters… Do you feel me?? AHHHH!!!!!  I just want to scream sometimes…


The fact is I do put on about 5-7lbs of water weight every time I get my period.  BUT for some weird reason (hormones) I forget almost every month that it has to do with the lady thing.  I need to remember to put that crap on the calendar ssooooooo when I start to go into WOE IS ME mode, I look at the calendar and realize ohhhh it’s the period thing again… I’m not off my rocker, SWEET!  Yes I put on some poundage but I’m not really a house and once the nasty 3-4 day HELL is over I will be back and better than ever, HOTTNESS 🙂

LADIES IN MANIC MODE:  When we forget that The Period is a coming…  We think it’s our job to blame, or our GF, or BF, or HUSBAND, or Wife, or whatever.  It’s like a little mid-life crisis every month, right?  It’s nothing more than The FREAKIN Period, sooo Hoolllddd ON!  🙂

BAD PATTERN:  Women think they gain weight during the month when it’s really just the water weight. Sooo instead of dialing it back they go into Screw It Mode and get wasted on the weekend or say The Hell With It and eat all the French Fries.  Sadly, post period the water weight leaves but then due to the Screw It Mode some poundage did get packed on. If the nasty pattern continues and you add a pound every month that’s 12lbs per year… And that’s a major mystery solved for a lot of women.  Where did this extra 20lbs come from??? It came on very slowly, it snuck up on you every month…. TAKE CONTROL WOMEN!  Don’t let the Monthly Madness control your waistline.

MY ADVICE – Sllloowww and steady.  Make it through The Period Week with EASE.  If you crave red meat – GET IT.  If you want a chocolate bar eat it.  Don’t over indulge but do indulge yourself with something you enjoy during Hell Week.  Find a way to be good to you and your body.  YOU are losing some iron so you’re going to be a little weak.  Do easier workouts for your body… Swimming, Biking, Elliptical.  Get some rest…  I know I can feel like a real bitch during The CRAZY sooo before I explode at anything I take a lot of DEEP BREATHS… Strangely it helps.  Know your PATTERN so you can be in control of yourself and your actions.

SISTERS, I love you.  We all gotta go through this, we’re Tough Cookies – We gotta be.  If you have any Monthly Solutions give me a shout out.  If you can relate to the Madness let me know, If you have any CRAZY stories about your monthly insanity share away.  I know for many of you this is a hidden trauma.  I know when I’m feelin The Crazy no one on the outside would ever know other than Jessica.  I love how women share this common bound of courage… It ain’t easy ladies.

JUST KNOW… YOU are not crazy, all women go through it, it happens… Here’s my two cents, someone needs to make a women President cause ladies we can handle anything, can I get an AMEN, Hallelujah?!!! 🙂


Should you have sex on a first date?

When I said that I was going to post about S-E-X, Lacey was marginally horrified.  There were a couple of reasons behind this; one I think is predominantly cultural. I’m a true blue European who got reprimanded for sunbathing topless when I first came to the US, and Lacey is an all-American sweetheart who’s a little more of a lady… public at least 🙂

The other concern was exactly how the subject of sex was relevant to an (hopefully) inspirational Health, Fitness and Lifestyle blog?  To me, sex, be it the potential of it, the lack of it, our expertise in it, our insecurities, or our enjoyment of it is one of the underpinnings of our lives.  Yes, we go to the gym and try to steer clear of sugar because we want a healthy strong body, but it’s also so we can feel sexy and attractive in those bodies.  So when the lights get turned out, we can maybe switch them back on :).  So that when we walk into a room we can feel confident that we are presenting the best versions of ourselves.  So we can be potentially desirable to someone that we in turn desire to kiss and caress and touch.  There’s no shame in that.  That’s an essential element of who we are as people.  

I received a request to write about my thoughts on sleeping with somebody on the first date. And just to be clear, by sleeping, I mean sex 🙂

I’m an assertive woman.  I’ve slept with people on the first date, more than once or twice (sorry mum).  I’ve also been made to wait for quite a while.  Long-term relationships sometimes actually evolved out of both circumstances; I don’t necessarily think it’s true that sleeping with someone immediately makes them take you less seriously.  BUT… I have come to believe that unless you’re literally looking to scratch that itch and get the hell out of Boca, AND that the other person is looking for the same thing, it’s not the most ideal thing to get that intimate that quickly.

DISCLAIMER; I’m speaking from the female perspective here, having never been a man. Male readers: please add a comment and give us your take on the situation!

Here’s what I see A LOT.  A great woman, funny, sexy, smart gets all hung up on a guy or a girl who’s really not that right for them.  They’re probably pretty hot and have got a certain swagger but that’s often about it.  They don’t have much to say, or they’re obviously a major player, they like to party just a little too much, they have a tendency to let you pick up the check on a regular, OR they’re just not that into you.  They’re scratching that itch. And yet this woman is into them big time.  Women (generally speaking) apparently have a biological mechanism that ensures that the hormones released after getting intimate help create a sensation of bonding with their sex partner. This might have been useful when we needed someone to hunt and kill the dinner for our bambinos, but not so much now when the fact is we were just horny, and a little drunk and on a date with someone who has moves.  By getting intimate that fast are we just setting ourselves up to get attached to someone before we have any real idea of what they’re about? Before we know if we even WANT to get involved with them?  

As women I sometimes don’t think we’re being fair to ourselves or to the other person. How do they know what you want or don’t want, when they don’t know you and you don’t tell them?  Why is it that we can know someone well enough to get down and dirty but most of us would rather die than be clear and honest about what it is we’re looking for?  No games, no pretense, not trying to be so damn cool about our feelings all the time. 

Sex, especially GOOD sex (if it’s amazing then you’re totally screwed!) creates a false intimacy with someone that you don’t even know if you really like as a person.  We can get all obsessed with someone who we’re not compatible with in the slightest. We can even end up in relationships that are going nowhere fast. Just think of that ex somewhere in your past and how you can’t even imagine how THAT ever happened!

By the way….if you’re a girls girl reading this and you don’t identify…I’d ask the last girl you casually hooked up with exactly how she feels about the situation.  Two women; the odds are that ONE is feeling a little like this.

There’s no way to predict the outcome of any romantic/sexual entanglement. We’re all human, all fallible and there are no rules that haven’t been broken, nor clichés that haven’t been totally turned on their heads.  But I believe that it’s about being honest with yourself on the journey towards what it is that you most want in life.  It’s in the same way that if you’re trying to lose weight, or tone up at the gym; you and only YOU know if your hour at the gym was really 10 minutes on the cross-trainer and 50 minutes in the steam room, or if it was really just one cookie.  Only we are ultimately in control of how much we want anything in life.

If you’re just feeling frisky and they seem like a fun, SAFE, sexy person, and you just want to cut loose; no regrets, no expectations, then by all means, go do your thing. I’m not knocking it in the slightest :).  But what I am saying is that if you know that deep down you perhaps would like a relationship in your life, then not sleeping together right away can give you a chance; not to ‘trap’ them or portray yourself as a ‘good’ girl, but to figure out if THEY are who YOU really want.

What are your thoughts and experiences in the journey of love, life and sex?




The Fork in the ROAD

This picture PERFECTLY illustrates “A Moment of Time” in my life… It’s a moment where I could’ve gone one way or the other.  I knew I needed to make a conscious choice to live MY life or I’d fall into the pattern of being someone that I’m not; Someone who followed and did not lead, someone who was 30lbs over-weight, someone who didn’t really believe in herself, and most importantly someone who wasn’t happy. Have you ever hit a moment in time where you knew you had to stop making excuses and start finding solutions?

WARNGING:  Proceed with caution.  The below TRUTHS and FACTS were written by TOUGH Lacey not the soft and cozy one that’s written the previous posts.  I tried to edit it to make it a little softer but in the end I decided against it.  I’m Tired of people “editing” what it takes to have a body and life they love.  The FACTS are that it’s hard and it takes work every single day.  I’m sorry if some of the stuff is hard to hear or a little harsh but I want to touch a nerve and I want you to know that I am here for YOU.  If you have a problem with anything post something and lets talk about it, ok?  Alright, the below is rated R for maturity, Viewer discretion advised  🙂  🙂  🙂

One more disclaimer:  I’ve read TONS of books and I have lots of certifications in Fitness, so it’s suppose to be easy for me right? WWRRROOOOONNGGGG.

MY TRUTH – There’s no easy way to do it, it’s about consistent effort towards something you really want.  I was TIRED of being sad and not liking my body so I made a conscious effort every single day to turn my life around.  Turning my life around didn’t happen in a blink of an eye… But it DID Happen.  Three words that always help me; PASSION – You’ve got to want it, PERSISTENCE – You’ve got to work for it, PATIENCE – It will not happen over night.

MY TRUTH – It’s hard as SH*&$! to turn your life around, to lose weight, to take your career to the next level, to maintain a healthy relationship.  I MUST reeaalllyyy want it and have major reasons to back it up otherwise I’ll give-up. It was a hard lesson to learn but for me it’s my truth.  I’m consistently writing and re-writing lists of what it is I want. Here’s a question I like to ask myself a lot when I’m feeling overwhelmed or find myself whining in my head about how hard it is… What’s the alternative Lacey?  That’s right, you gotta keep BRINGING IT!  🙂

MY TRUTH – The journey never ends… Once the necessary changes are made, that’s when life starts to happen, that’s when I gotta keep on that track otherwise the changes don’t stick. SCARY TRUTH – There are NO QUICK FIXES, if you want to be a certain way you have to do it FOREVER. That’s life that’s what makes it beautiful and difficult at the same time. It’s a Catch 22; It’s beautiful because you can be, do, or have whatever you want AND it’s hard because no one’s going to hand it to you.  If you want it YOU have to go out there and take some risks, ggooooooo get it yourself.  One of my favorite quotes – “With GREAT Risk comes GREAT reward.”  FACT: If you’re not willing to take risks you will get stuck.

MY HARD TRUTH- Some of my closest friends and family tried to sabotage me consciously and unconsciously. WHY? Because they knew me as I used to be not as I wanted to be. Many of them did not understand or didn’t want to understand me because my changes made them question themselves.  Here’s what I did… I felt the fear and did it anyway (That’s a GREAT book by the way “Feel the Fear and do it anyway”).  Here’s what I decided; If they were my true friends they’d stick around and if they weren’t they wouldn’t… anndd frankly who needs’em anyway, right?  🙂  I found out that after time passed most of the people came back… anddd My GOD if you do become successful, you will not believe the people who will start calling –  My Motto – Keep it MOVING!

THE FACTS about THE FACTS 🙂  – I lost close friends… BUT along the way I found New Ones who’re on the same journey. This was a very difficult FACT for me to understand… But once I let my old friends go, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders.  I was free to find new friends and I was free to be whoever I wanted to be without someone saying  “You’re so different.”

My TRUTH – My new style of life did not fit into my old patterns of living. I had to give up some of my safety blankets. What do I mean?  If you’re trying to lose weight and you like to go out drinking on the weekends that may or may not work.  If you can’t find a way to go out without drinking in the beginning stages of a weight-loss program you WILL NOT lose the weight and you will not be or feel successful.  Alcohol created a huge problem for me when I wanted to change my body, be serious in my career, and find a woman that was more than a one night stand or an adventurous couple of months. Sooooo, I stopped drinking… I found that changed everything for me… My focus, my drive, my life.  MY ADVICE:  When beginning a weight loss journey you should consider staying in on Friday and Saturday nights. Being disciplined and making sacrifices are two things you need to learn if you want to make BIG! life changes.

MY TRUTH – I needed to spend time alone.  In order to be strong in my Self. I needed to know and understand “who am I?”, “what do I stand for?”  Running away from me was never going to make me feel in control of my Self and my life.

MY TRUTH – I needed to ask myself the HARD questions – What’s important to me, what do I want out of life, why do I want these things? I needed to have the answers to these questions.  WHY? If I didn’t know where I wanted to go how did I expect to get there? Knowing the answers to difficult questions like these were crucial in turning my life around.  Whenever I questioned my life I would go back to these questions, what I had written and I instantly knew I was on the right path.  A good book with some great questions is “Good to GREAT”… It’s a business book BUT what’s the difference?  I like to think of myself as a company- Lacey Stone, INC… If I want to be a well run company I need to know what I stand for, right? 🙂

MY TRUTH – I needed one good friend to help me get through this. I didn’t need a group of girls or a lover, but I did need someone who would listen to me. This process is not easy to go at without the support of other people on the same journey.  I found some of my closet friends at Equinox, Thank YOU (To everyone at Equinox thank you… my clients, my gamers, my bootys, my spinners, you help me to believe anything’s possible) annddd thank you Mom and Dad, of course 🙂

MY TRUTH – Every SINGLE moment matters.  Here’s what I do, I make a list every single day of what I want to accomplish.  The list has personal, professional, and relationship goals.  Every day I work towards these goals.  BALANCE: A lot of times the goals get out of balance.  One area will become more prominent than an other BUT the important thing for me is that I know what my goals are. Sssoooo, if I get a little outta whack I can take immediate action to correct the imbalance.  Knowing where I want to go gives me immense confidence and helps me to stay centered in my life. If I don’t know who I want to be and where I want to go of course I’m going to feel on edge. EVERY DAY matters, every hour, every minute, every second.  Know where you want to go and MAKE IT HAPPEN. 

MY TRUTH – Once I worked hard towards reaching my goals…  I’m talking a year or two under your belt; I’d lost the 30lbs, got signed by Reebok, did a Nike Event, started my own company, met Jessica…. ONCE I started to see all these successes personally and professionally I knew I was on the right track. I’d  built a strong sense of self and an undeniable confidence.  People started describing me in a way I’d never been described before. They said I was happy and the fact was that some how it had become true.  For the first time in my life… I Lacey Stone was happy.  It’s not an easy road my friends. EASY is never a word I’ll use to describe the process of changing my life. I would describe it as HARD as HELL, however it’s Sooooo WORTH IT….  AND once I made it past a point, crossed the line between old Lacey and new Lacey, there was no turning back. I had changed forever.  

My TRUTH – Anything is possible if you have the courage to pursue it.

Was this dose of my reality a little too harsh… Have you ever turned something in your life around?





Reader’s Questions: Cellulite

Ok, here’s the science bit. 🙂

Cellulite is described as being visible deposits of fat that generally appear on our lower limbs, abdomen and our bottoms/butts.  The lumpy ‘orange peel’ effect that bothers us all so much is apparently caused by fat pushing its way out between the web of connective tissues in our skin. 

There are a few reasons why women get it so much more than men; the fibers/elastic collagen in men’s skin doesn’t stretch out as much so the fat doesn’t ‘pop out’ in the same way, and we women also by nature have many more fat cells on those areas of our bodies. Which FYI  are what give us out fabulous curves and the rather impressive capacity of having babies 🙂 There also seems to be a correlation between the female hormone estrogen and the appearance of cellulite, which is why stopping oral contraceptives may have proven effective for some women in reducing it’s appearance.

What can you to reduce cellulite?  The experts all make similar recommendations in terms of our diet and lifestyle.  They think that the fibers of our skin are continually cleansed by our body fluids so poor circulation and dehydration is only going to exacerbate the problem. In turn, both of these issues can be partially the result of the build up of certain toxins in our body and by a diet that doesn’t encourage regular elimination (yes…I’m delicately referring to going to the bathroom).

Therefore what is recommended is a diet that is very high in natural fiber (lots of vegetables and some fruit), and low in saturated fats and trans fats which are mainly found in animal products and in cheap, processed foods. It is also suggested that you focus on reducing the salt in your diet as that is known to cause water retention (I eliminate it completely if I have a bikini shoot coming up), and excessive water can swell the areas around those fat cells, making them look even more prominent.  Salt is a hidden ingredient in ready-made meals etc as it is an inexpensive way to add flavor for the food manufacturers.

The sluggish circulation is also thought to be a result of a build up of toxins in our body’s system which are thought to accumulate in our fat cells, making them harder and less flexible and therefore much more difficult to shift. So it is suggested that we cut out (or at the very least reduce!!!) artificial sweeteners like aspartame found in diet sodas everywhere, smoking (you knew that one already!) and all the preservatives and additives that we can not pronounce but that are found in all pre-packaged, processed foods.  In addition they suggest ‘body brushing’ which I can personally recommend as well.  I think it’s much more common in Europe (where I’m from) than in the US (where I now live and write).  It basically consists of using a large, fairly stiff bristled body brush (they can be found in health stores, in “The BodyShop” and online) and literally brushing the skin in long sweeping motions up towards your heart ie from your feet UP your legs. Brush your abdomen in circular motions.  It apparently stimulates blood and lymph flow/circulation, while also exfoliating the skin and encouraging new cell growth.  I’m not going to lie, it can feel a little peculiar and rough to begin with but I’m quite into the pleasant tingling sensation by now 🙂

Last, but certainly not least; exercise.  You can’t ‘spot reduce’ fat (that is eliminate fat from one specific area of the body), nor can you spot reduce cellulite through exercise. BUT exercising regularly does reduce our overall body fat, reducing cellulite by proxy, it does develop stronger leaner muscles that can support our skin’s tissues more effectively which reduces cellulite’s appearance under the skin and it definitely enlivens our circulatory system, encouraging blood flow and sweat to help healthfully and naturally eliminate those pesky toxins from our body and our fat cells.  It’s a must!

So do I have cellulite? Maybe 🙂

Listen; in all honesty it is incredibly rare to see a woman who has absolutely no cellulite on her body, I think I’ve counted maybe three in my life and one was Gisele Bundchen, and one was Naomi Campbell, and they both have other things about themselves that are not their favorite. I can’t promise you that it’ll disappear from your body completely ever.  I CAN say that I had more cellulite years ago when my diet consisted of diet coke, cigarettes and other toxic substances that I’ve now eliminated, than I have now, even though I was thinner and younger then.  I CAN say that empowering myself through choosing to cherish the body that I have through healthful food and exercise has made me view my body differently, to be proud of what it can do, of how hard it works and of the parts of my body that I DO like.

And I can say that as women I think we overestimate how much others notice our cellulite.  From what I see, hear and have experienced; if a man or woman gets to see us naked… well they’re usually pretty damn psyched that they get to see us naked! And woman to woman: well I think that most of us are usually more concerned as to whether someone is noticing our OWN perceived flaws than whether we can spot it on another individual.

Here at SweatCity! our entire philosophy is that we work hard to be the best versions of ourselves. Perfection doesn’t come into it; to pursue perfection is set ourselves up for a sense of failure that we don’t deserve and that doesn’t serve us.  A strong, healthy, happy body is beautiful by definition.  So strut those legs, and appreciate the curve of your stomach, maybe treat yourself to a massage (hey it’s good for lymphatic drainage :)), know that there’s nothing candlelight and a little fake tan can’t fix and enjoy your body. It works really hard for you every day.





Shhhh… The SLUMP

There’s no tip toeing around it, there’s no sugar coating it, It is what it is… I’m not even sure how to describe it but I know it happens to everyone. I’m going to call it The SLUMP.


What the heck do I mean… What’s The SLUMP? The SLUMP is when we lose motivation.  For me The SLUMP is when I find myself wondering if I’ll ever reach my goals, if my goals are even what I want… It’s when I want to give up.

The SLUMP is that lapse of time when we’re either going to be in a funk for a while or we’re going to summon of the power to get ourselves out of it. It’s a hard time for everyone… It BLOWS. 

BUT the quicker we can find a way to climb out of it, the BETTER.  The SLUMP is one of the most crucial times in a fitness routine.  What happens during The SLUMP? Nothing feels right, we often don’t want to go the gym, and over eating or under eating depending on our own personal preference is on the forefront of our minds.

I’ve hit and witnessed many a SLUMP and I know it to be one of the Fundamental Factors in ending a successful fitness run.  DDDEEEPPPPPRREESSSSIIIINNNGGGGGG I know, but lets deal with it. 


1.  The CYCLE of LIFE – Like the seasons so is SLUMPin It.  This too shall pass, and the sun will shine again.  When you are in a SLUMP you don’t believe it, but come back to this page on the blog, seriously it’s true.  Time heals all wounds, BELIEVE IT.

2.  MAKE A LOVE DATE WITH A FRIEND – At this date tell your friend you need them to tell you how wonderful you are for an hour or more.  YOU just need it.  Tell them to come up with a list of everything you’ve accomplished and remind you about how freakin fabulous you are. 

3.  KEEP ON YOUR ROUTINE – If you don’t have one, get one! Routines are the saviors of the dreaded slump.  Even if you’re a zombie keep going through the motions of your life.  Try not to put your life on hold… Just keep doing the next right thing, one step at a time – Make your bed, brush your teeth, go to work, go the gym… Always keep #1 in your mind– It will pass.

4.  TAKE THE FOCUS OFF YOURSELF – Do something nice for a friend, a co-worker, a loved one, or even a Stranger.  Occupy your mind with the goodness of giving.

5.  STAY AWAY FROM THE NEGATIVE GOOGLE  or THE FACEBOOK STALK – Don’t google your ex- don’t google your significant others ex, don’t see where you stand in your career… Not the time people, nnnoootttt the TIME.

6. SLEEP – Go to bed early. Often times we are just tired and good nights rest is the best remedy.

7.  STAY AWAY FROM THE BOTTLE – Alcohol is a depressant.  You might feel better in the short run but it’s not going to help tomorrow.  It will also help you avoid #5, and the horrendously embarrassing drunk dial… YOU know what I’m talking about 🙂

So I’ve been there and I know it’s hard…. It’s harder then hard when you’re in it.  BUT it passes I promise.  The quicker you can get yourself out of it, the BETTER. Fight it baby… YOU can take control of Slumps.  My SLUMPS use to last months, one of them even lasted 5 years 🙂  BUT now I’ve mastered the art of making it last only a couple hours.  In the past 3 years the longest one I had lasted 2 days.  Fingers crossed, please God don’t let me jinx myself  🙂  Just know you’re not alone, you’re not crazy, it’s a part of life we all must learn to handle.

What’s your top tip for handling the Madness of The Slump? 









Abusing food

Many of you know that I have struggled with anorexia in the past and many many years of severe bulimia.  Many of you have heard of these ‘real’ eating disorders.  But I also hear and see so many more people struggling with the condition of binge eating, or of the less discussed disordered eating.  Because it is totally possible to maintain a weight within the ‘healthy’ range, or laugh it off as just “loving food too much” sufferers are often able to conceal their issues for years and struggle with the destructive behavior in pain and isolation without ever getting help, or even realizing that there is help.

What links all of these conditions or disorders is that there is almost always a preoccupation with food that can become an obsession.  We think about it all day, dream about it at night, plan out our next meal before we’ve started to digest the one we just ate.  When I was severely restricting my food I would find myself wandering around the aisles of a supermarket, just staring at the displays of food for literally hours.  When I was actively bingeing and purging I would be sitting in class plotting what I was going to buy from each of the different shops on my way home (so the shopkeepers wouldn’t think I was weird for buying enough baked goods to feed the 5000 in all one place). 

Even now I would be lying if I said that in moments of high stress it never occurs to me to order in enough takeout for a small army and go to town.  I’m not sure it will ever completely leave my consciousness. But I do know that I no longer live in fear of food (Too much?  Not enough?). I do know that I’m able to have a real loving and truly intimate relationship with someone other than FOOD.  Because it’s hard, almost impossible to properly love and be loved; to be fully present and honest with someone when you’re hiding food wrappers, or sneaking off to the bathroom to throw up, or endure the agonizing results of the box of laxatives you swallowed earlier. 

I also know that I couldn’t have rebuilt my relationship with food, and my body; couldn’t have recovered to the extent that I have on my own; without help.

“It’s just food, I should be able to figure it out!”  “I’m embarrassed, I’m SO weird about food; people will think I’m a freak.” “I’m fine, I just have a little willpower issue.”


We all have ingrained patterns of behavior; I bet you brush your teeth the same way every morning.  With food, as with anything else we have to learn new patterns, new habits.  And food affects the body similarly to drugs.  That might sound extreme but too much food, or not enough can give us this strange ‘high’, where we feel insulated from our feelings.  And that is the part of the pattern that’s hard to break free from.  That’s the factor that pulls us back into the destruction time and time again. And that’s the part that needs help and support.

I went to therapy.  I went to Out -Patient rehab.  I was very sick and pretty desperate by the time I gave in to the concept of getting better and was prepared to do anything.  And I also went to Overeaters Anonymous (O.A).  I’d like to clear up the common misconception that it’s only for obese, weird people, or for those who “overeat”.  There are people of all ages, sexes, and sizes.   There are teenagers, high-powered lawyers, glamorous fashionistas, stay-at-home parents; those of us that have issue with food run the gamut of society.  It wasn’t until I started going to these (free) meetings that I really realized that how you look, or how successful you are has NOTHING to do with your real relationship with food.

I needed all three support systems to recover as much as I have, but it was the support and understanding of my peers in these meetings that really changed my views on what it was to allow food to make me so secretly unhappy and isolated.  I’m not saying they were fun, but they helped me and I needed and wanted help.

If you are struggling in secret please know that there is support out there. If you have a therapist but have resisted talking about it outside of their office then please consider a meeting.  Try therapy, try out-patients, try OA; try all three!  But please try SOMETHING.  Because if I have learnt anything over my decade plus of self-inflicted food/body misery, it is that it doesn’t just stop.  It isn’t just a case of “doing better tomorrow”, or that extra hour in the gym.  Please don’t carry on suffering in secret, and reading a model’s blog and feeling like it’s YOUR fault because you can’t not binge and eat the way she says she eats. 

I had to learn this life that I have.  I had to be helped to get to this point.  Yes, I’ve worked hard, and I have willpower and I really WANTED to get better. But I still needed help to get here.