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She’s Coming…

Last Night Jessica and I went to a beautiful Gay Wedding. One of my Favorite Fitness Colleagues, Patricia Moreno, got hitched.  The woman she married is from Brazil and they’re both BIG Dancers so you can only imagine the state of affairs, Dancin, Dancin, DANCIN!

As we often do at weddings… Post festivities I got to thinking about my future with Jessica; When is the BIOATCH is going to get on one knee, and how this beautiful creature came into my life?

Pre-Clark, I had sworn off Love… I said and I quote, “NO MORE Lovin for Lacey.”  I decided I was going to be a 007 type of a character, A George Clooney of sorts!  Very dramatic, I know… But I’d been hurt and I was OVER IT, ok?  🙂  Deciding I didn’t need a relationship to be happy was a real turning point for me in my life.

It was at that time that I started to realize that society puts a lot pressure on people, especially women, to be in relationships. They make you feel like there’s something wrong with you if you’re not paired up.  Aaannd GOD FORBID you’re not married before 40. If you ask a lot of people it almost seems like it’s better to have been divorced then never married at all… What’s that sayin? I’m sorry but that’s BALONEY SANDWICHES!

The way relationships are viewed in American Society really bothers me… People would say to me a lot, you’re soo great why aren’t you in a relationship? YOU need to go out, you need to meet someone, BLAH! I would say, “Why do you think I need to be with someone? I don’t want to be in a relationship right now is that so strange?”  People would look at me and be like… “uummmm, yeah?”

I made a conscious choice to go against the grain and fly solo, no relationships for me, NOPE, no siirreeeee, none!  Those two and half years were some of the best years of my life… I found my career passion, I found out what I do and don’t like, and most importantly I found out I can be 100% happy and fulfilled without being with someone. I became a whole person in every single sense of the word. I didn’t need anyone to make me feel better about myself I found the strength inside me to do it alone.  It made me feel so powerful.  I really learned to love being single, strange I know? 🙂

It was around that time I shockingly realized I had a lot to offer?! 🙂 That if I ever decided to get into a “real” relationship I wouldn’t be going into it to find something I’d be going into it to add something.  I realized I had A LOT of love to give and I started to look forward to the possibility of some day meeting her… That “She” just might come into my life. 

I developed a new confidence… a little swagger.  I wasn’t searching out love I was just feeling it everywhere I went.  You know the saying you get what you give?  Well I was  giving off  llooovvvvee and I was getting it back BIG TIME.  There was a lot of dating going on during that time in my life, lots of FUN times.  AND my entire outlook on love changed.  My clients would ask me why are you still single Lacey? And I would say… She’s coming.  Because in my heart I knew she was.

Have you ever nursed yourself back from heartache to wholeness?


Reader’s Questions; ALCOHOL?

So can alcohol be part of a healthy and fit lifestyle? 

Well, yes…and no.  It depends on what kind of alcohol you’re talking about, the quantity and the frequency with which you consume it.  There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that one glass of red wine about two nights a week can actually be very beneficial to your long-term heart health due to its high antioxidant content.  Unfortunately that benefit does not increase the more you drink. Quite the opposite, once you’re into your third glass those antioxidant benefits are cancelled out by the negative effects of alcohol, the toxins force our organs, the liver in particular to work overtime to remove them from our bodies.  So while a glass is good, a half bottle is definitely not better :). 

Calorie wise there’s a vast difference too.  A vodka and soda is the most waistline friendly, while the sweet, sugary cocktails like Daquaris, Mojitos, frozen Margaritas and the like, pack a such a GIANT calorie punch that will make your body wish you’d just ordered the little chocolate mousse for dessert.  Except that if you’re drinking those…well you’re probably already eating that too….oh wait, and you ate TWO giant baskets of chips and dip while you were waiting for your food…….then there’s that tub of Hagen Daaz calling to you from the deli on your walk home….

And that right there illustrates the two major issues that I see and have experienced with drinking alcohol regularly. 

Alcohol (as many of us have experienced after a rather ill-advised make out session somewhere in our histories) has the interesting effect of removing our inhibitions.  Now that can be quite entertaining….a delightful rendition of Celine Dion’s “My heart will go on” at the local karaoke anybody? It can be sexy (or just embarrassing depending on who you hooked up with and how publicly you did it!), and it can result in you ordering the Deep-pan, Cheese-crust, Super-sized, Meat Feast Pizza, extra pepperoni, extra cheese, when you had meant to get the salmon salad.  Yeah… going to take more than an extra ten minutes on the treadmill that one.  Because it’s not just the calories of the alcohol that need to be considered, but the calories of the different types of food we’re ALL rather more susceptible too at those times.  Don’t think I’m immune. Far from it……if anything, it’s the fact that I know how sensitive I am to it that makes me so disciplined.

Alcohol is what’s known as a simple sugar when it’s absorbed into the body, meaning that the body reacts to it as though it were candy: pure sugar.  This sets up a cycle of craving, as the body rushes to release insulin to control the sugar overload in our system, which then sends our blood sugar levels crashing down, which makes us crave MORE sugar to bring it back up again. Not helpful for our healthful food plans.  Not only that but all those calories are nutritionally empty. They do nothing good for our body, sadly.  Alcohol also acts as a depressant on our nervous system, so while it can (and does!) make us feel good and sparkly in the short-term that often backfires on us if we’re self-medicating to escape our emotions. 

So do Lacey and I drink?  Yes, VERY occasionally (maybe at a friends wedding, or a celebratory meal), but we both think of ourselves as basically non-drinkers because it is such a rarity.  We had both independently decided prior to meeting each other that regularly drinking alcohol was not something we wanted for ourselves.  I come from a background of substance and food abuse, and didn’t drink alcohol at all for over 3 years to ensure that it didn’t serve as a ‘gateway drug’ for me….. Meaning that my becoming less inhibited could result in me looking for drugs not just a pizza.  In that time, as hard as it was to begin with, I genuinely learnt how to enjoy myself without alcohol. I was terrified that I wouldn’t be ‘fun’, or ‘sexy’ or whatever I associated me being wasted with, but in fact I learnt that I can be those things just by being me (ok, not all the time, but at least when I’ve got my mojo 🙂 ).  I like feeling in control of my life and my body and I love knowing that I don’t need it to have a good time.

For Lacey, it came down to wanting to treat her body as well as she wanted her clients to treat theirs, to live authentically as a fitness professional….and to be the most productive; because it is amazing how much more you get done, and get to ENJOY when the weekend isn’t spent recovering from Friday night!  And finally, the empty calories….well, we BOTH hate them as you probably know if you read this blog regularly!!

FINALLY if you ARE going to drink, always eat something sensible first: please PLEASE don’t ‘save’ up your daily calories to use on alcohol…. I’ve heard it being called “drunkorexia” and it scares me.  All that’s going to do is see you outrageously drunk and probably more than a little sick!  Have a food with some complex carbs…some brown rice, or if you’re headed out from the office, at least a banana and some nuts.  It’ll help your body handle the alcohol and hopefully reduce the chances of you bingeing on KFC a few hours later, or puking or both.  Also try alternating every drink with a water, or soda and lime. Nobody will notice but your liver and your hangover free head will definitely thank you for it.  A hangover is basically caused by dehydration, so drink water throughout the evening and when you get home at night. 

I’m sure everybody reading has different hangover cures, but honestly…that’s not really what I want to promote. Drinking alcohol is a very personal choice; it depends on what our goals are for ourselves; depends on WHY someone wants to drink and the way in which they do it.

It’s definitely a prominent part of many people’s social/work lives and I am not here to judge. I honestly believe that alcohol can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle if in MODERATION (that buzzword that’s thrown around so much). But speaking for myself, I am much happier and feel much healthier without it, and that’s my truth.

What are your thoughts on including alcohol in a healthful lifestyle?




Do You listen to MUSIC when you Workout?

Do you listen to music when you workout? 


MUSIC is HUGE in my life!  Before I teach class in New York City I spend H-O-U-R-S searching out the best tunes around aannnddd I LOVE to serenade Jessica by half-lip sinking/half singing to ridiculous love songs, HA! Goofball, I know! 🙂

For me it’s such a rush when I find music that gets people excited about working out!  When I get to see the smiles on people’s faces and the sweat dripping from their brows… There’s nothing better…  I LOVE IT!

As a seasoned workout master 🙂 I’m here to tell You the music you choose to workout with has a huge impact on your level of performance.

Have you ever been completely exhausted or kinda sad and SNAP out of it in an instant because your favorite song came on the radio?  The song didn’t solve your exhaustion but for a moment it definitely lifted your spirits, right? I know for a fact that Music not only has a physical impact on our bodies but it also has a mental impact on our spirits… The Impact can be conscious or unconscious… Do you guys agree?

Jessica and I love to use music as a tool to lift our moods and keep us smiling!  I’ve been in a completely awful mood and once I turn on MJB Da MVP by Mary J. Blige… I know everything’s gonna be ok.  I listen to it regularly, I use the song to change my state of mind and it works! When I stop for a moment and listen to the song I realize that everything really is ok 🙂  Music has a veerrry strong effect on me… Do you have any songs you listen to that lift your spirit or touch your soul?

I don’t care whom the artist or what the song is, if the music is able to create a positive feeling in people it’s worth a listening to. I truly believe that good music makes a difference in the world one song at a time. 

I’m a mmmaaajjjooorrrr ADVOCATE of music that carries a positive message… The song doesn’t need it to be as obvious as Natasha Bedingfield’s a Pocketful of Sunshine or Wilson Philips Hold On… It can be a little less in your face like Dance 2nite (Wayne G Mix) by Madonna. For me lyrics are HUGE.  I like to listen to music that only carries positive messages AND I d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y only teach my classes with that style of music.

Why? Because I often find myself singing the words of the songs from my classes over and over again during the day…  If the words/lyrics carry a positive message it’s almost like creating my own weekly positive affirmations.  If you listen to the words to a lot of great songs the basic message is “Anything’s possible if you believe,” in terms of love and life.  I also like this music because it creates feelings and an environment of positivity… Many times after class someone will say, “Lacey! I love your classes they make me feel so energized, and I always seem to feel aammazzingg after them!” I truly believe that feeling has a LARGE part to do with the type of music I pick.

ITUNES – is the GREATEST invention EVER!!!  Before Itunes I use to have to go to a CD store and listen to music for hours, BUT now all I have to do is run searches on the ITunes interface. AMAZING…  You can go from one genre to the next in seconds.

When creating a workout playlist, although I do love a little hiphop aaannndddddd I’ve been known to bust out a little Frank Sinatra with the lovely Ms Clark…  HEY IT’s ROMANTIC! 🙂 I think it’s best to keep to music that has a fast beat… The faster the music the faster you move. YOUR body will naturally adjust to the beat of what you’re listening to… Faster tunes increase your pace and increase your results!

This is why people who take Yoga don’t listen to Rihanna; Take a Bow- Dance Remixes during class, but rather Buddha Bar VII, Breathe –easy listening.  Music sets the scene; it creates a feeling of relaxation or PARTY PEOPLE! 🙂


I know some of you guys get annoyed that lately a lot of songs are getting remixed to a faster beat…  Some of my clients say… “Why are they ruining the music?!” In my opinion the record companies are giving slower songs an opportunity to be worked out too at a faster pace. I personally LOVE IT!  Without the remix, “No One” by Alicia Keys would just be a slow song at a prom dance.  LONG LIVE the REMIX!

That said I’m going to hit YOU up with you my Top Ten Favorite Workout Songs of 2008! All available on ITUNES… And if you’re looking for some more GREAT music join my Lacey Stone Fitness Mailing List at I send out 10 new goodies every month!

It was HARD… But here’s the list!

 1. Forever – Chris Brown

2. Closer – Ne-yo

3. Take a Bow (Tony Moran & Warren Riggs Encore Club) – Rihanna           

4. Touch My Body (Seamus Haji Mix) – Mariah Carey                                   

5. 4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland) – Madonna           

6. Viva La Vida – Coldplay

7. No Air (Dance Remix) – Jordin Sparks Ft. Chris Brown           

8. Work (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Radio Edit) – Kelly Rowland           

9. The Right Life (Tiesto Remix) – Seal           

10. What Hurts The Most (Spencer & Hill Remix) – Cascada           

Let me know what you think about Music and tell me some of your favorite songs, ok? 🙂


I’ll pop your FAVs in my classes!  AND, drum roll pplleeassseee… In 2009 I’m launching PlayList! It will be a great new website where you can find GREAT workout music ALL THE TIME… sswweeetttt!






What do you really want?

Do you know what you want? It sounds like an obvious question, but is it…?

A couple of weeks ago my client asked me tht exact question in regards to my personal finances… I found myself speechless- There was SILENCE. 🙂

When my client asked me about the money stuff I got nervous, a little irritated, aaannddd I felt myself wanting to change the subject immediately.  I think unconsciously I’m afraid of what I need to do in order to get my financial portfolio in order.  Money Management/ IRA/ Roth/ Sep/ Mutual Funds/ Stocks/ 401k/ keeping receipts, aaaAAHHHH!!!  Just writing this all down creates anxiety in me 🙂

Money stuff is my weakest link…  However after I talked to my client I did a lot of thinking and I found a strong correlation between “MONEY” & “FITNESS.”  I realized that the way I responded to my client in regards to money is the exact same way my personal training clients respond to me in regards to their fitness.

Here’s My Take – For my client, understanding money is something that comes naturally to him. Money is to him what Fitness is to me. He’s very calm about it, he knows exactly what to do to get the job done, he’s been working with it his entire life, annndd most importantly he loves it! That’s when I had, as Oprah would say,  an AHA! Moment 🙂

Tell me if you agree with this, ok?

I’m a FIRM believer that all of you are good at something.  YOU know how to get the job done WELL in one area of your life;  you’re an All Star.  I bet if you apply the same rules you use to be successful in that area of your life to your Fitness Routine you’ll see amazing LASTING Results.  Why?  Because using your own personal blue print to get results will aallllwwaaayyysss be better than following someone else’s plan.  If it’s true to you it’ll work, guaranteed.

Lets say you’re very good in Relationships, Friendships, or Your Job… Simply apply those success principles to your Fitness.  If you’ve found “Success” in one those areas of your life you then know that the results were not something that happened over night.  It takes time to accomplish greatness.  If you know this you also know that once you establish your own personal system for success it naturally becomes a part of who you are.  Accomplishments in the areas of your life you feel confident in are easy and fun because they’re innate; they’re a part of you, right?

Here’s an Example:  Lets say your Strength/What you’re good at is your Job.

One Stormy day there’s a catastrophe at work.  You made a HUGE error in judgement… You messed up Big Time!  How would you respond?  Would you say – “Forget it, I quit I’m not going in to work anymore, I give up!”

No way! You’d take as little time as possible to worry about the issue and instead correct the error as quickly as possible.  Then you’d move onto your next accomplishment, Bring It! Am I right?

It’s simple.  Apply that same discipline to your fitness routine.  When you miss a day at the gym, drink too much, or eat a piece of cake are you going to let that stop you from reaching your goals???  HELL NO!!! Make that the motivation that gets you to put the pieces back together as quickly as possible and move on.  The shorter the Pity Party the faster the results, period.  I don’t mean to be harsh but the way I hear people talk when they eat a cupcake gets a little out of control.  YOU are not a bad person; you only ate a cupcake.  Perspective is key.  Keep your goals at the forefront of your mind and take the necessary steps every single day to get what you want.  If you do this, you’ll get there.

There’ll be some sacrifices…  It’s not going to be a Disney Land Fairy Tale, pretty present with a bow on top, ice cream sundae deal, BUT it will be amazing.  Here’s my little Zen moment that I believe in 100%. Take it or leave it amigos! 🙂

The journey to your goals is YOUR LIFE. If you want a “happy ending” it’s up to you and only you.  Sooooo make the journey memorable, live it up!  There will be highs and lows but if you stick to the game plan, if you’re clear in knowing what you want, aaannddd YOU know in your heart you’re taking all the neccessary steps to get it’s going to happen… It’s happening!

Do you think I’m cuckoo for coco-puffs?  🙂 Do you think the way you’ve found success in other areas of your life can help you get the body of your dreams???

In a future blog I’m going to break down how my Fitness Strength applies to my workout routine and how it’s working in all the other areas of my life too.  I apply the same principles of success to my relationship with Jessica, Friendships, and my job. It works for me  annddd maybe some of the stuff I’ve learned will work for you too?


Reader’s Questions; Protein Shakes?

If you read this blog regularly hopefully you’ve been able to see just how much we love readers participation through feedback and questions.  So here are my thoughts on one of the subjects that a few of you have asked about recently 🙂

How do we feel about the ‘necessity’ of a post-workout protein drink?

Do we drink protein drinks after a workout?  The short answer is no. Not before during or after in fact. I am of the firm belief that we should try to get as much of our nutrition from REAL FOOD as is possible.  That is food naturally present in nature.  Does it grow in the soil, hang from a tree, or swim in the sea? Then I’m all for eating it! Is it synthetic? Has it got ingredients that I can’t spell or pronounce?  Then I avoid it as much as possible.  Holistically all the evidence points to the body being able to best metabolize foods with all their complex components intact.  An isolated, synthetic protein powder does not fit that description. 

Efficient metabolism means less toxins accumulating in the body and the energy contained in food being used appropriately.  Which means less fat on my body. That’s what I’m talking about folks….I don’t know about you!  There is also so much more satisfaction gained from sitting and eating a real meal, your brain recognizes that it is happening and so you are much more likely to still feel satisfied and full an hour later. 

Speaking as someone who likes and needs to be slender I see protein drinks as unnecessary calories that just don’t give me enough bang for my buck.   They’re loaded with calories, nutritionally unbalanced (where are my greens, essential fats and fiber?) and quite simply don’t fill me up for very long.  This last factor is key because unless you’re specifically looking to GAIN weight these drinks should be seen as a meal REPLACEMENT not as a snack.  A snack should be 150-200 calories.  These things rarely come in under 500 and can go as high as 1000. Yep…. That’s in just one cup. No thank you. I don’t drink Frappacino’s in Starbucks ether, because honestly I don’t see the two products as that different!

I also hear protein drinks being touted as a post-workout ‘recovery’ tool.  Uuuumm, I hate to break it to you but unless you’re training for an Ultra-Marathon (and even then you’d need extra carbs NOT protein) your body doesn’t need any shakes to recover. Your body WANTS to move, it’s DESIGNED to move.  Working it out was probably the best thing you’ve done for it in a while. It doesn’t need a ‘food bandage’ to make its exercise boo-boo better! You’re tired? Good! You’ll sleep well tonight then 🙂

Lastly, the only real support of a post-workout protein shake is if you’re looking to gain muscle. BUT even then, I’m talking if you want to be the next Mr or Ms Universe.  And if that’s the case you’re definitely living on skinned chicken breast, protein shakes and egg whites, working out for 8 hours a day and probably reading a different kind of a blog :).  Lacey is pure lean, cut muscle and she gets all the protein she needs from REAL food.  Because if you want those beautiful muscles to show then they just CAN’T be buried under a layer of fat…. Which is what happens if you consume too many calories….. And if you suck down a shake straight after your workout and then head home to dinner you’re talking calorie overload.  It’s sad but true.

If you’re ravenous and need a SNACK post-workout then that’s definitely normal and can be appropriate.  What do I eat?  A small bag of RAW almonds, a couple of hard-boiled eggs, a soy yoghurt with an apple. You get the picture 🙂

I hope that answers the questions we’ve received concerning this.  Just so you know we’re thinking of creating a regular blog spot to a Reader’s Question segment. What do you think about that?  Is that something you think you’d like to see. We want to please all you wonderful people!! 🙂

Next one to be answered will be on whether ALCOHOL can have it’s place in a healthy and fit life?




How I Handle Separation

Jessica’s Gone… Again

Here I am sitting alone on the weekend…  Wondering why I’m in love with an international model that’s always getting on planes and saying goodbye. Lately it seems like she’s saying goodbye more than hello….  aaannnddd then I start to giggle because I repeat the sentence “I’m in love with an international model,” Hahahahahaha! 🙂

Oohhhh Man, I wanted to write a workout blog tonight but I can’t seem to focus on anything other than the lovely Ms. Clark… Cliché, I know.

Sooo, here’s what I’m going to blog about- How to deal with separation from a loved one.  Bare with me now… I’m learning the art of mastering the skill as we speak, I’m by no means a professional, however if I stick with Ms Clark (which I plan on doing… Don’t get any funny ideas 🙂 ) I better get dam good at this. The woman is out of the country almost two weeks every month.

LACEY’S 8 TIPS TO RELATIONSHIP SEPARATION (when her gut reaction is to fall apart)


For me my Job is the thing that saves me. I found something I really love doing, fitness – . This makes it easier when Jessica goes away because I don’t feel like my life is completely put on hold while she’s living hers.

Many of my past relationships failed because I put so much pressure on the other person.  When I look back on past relationships it’s clear that a lot of the time I lived vicariously through my girlfriend rather than having my own “Thing.” I find that having my own “Thing” gives me confidence and is my angel when Jessica’s away… AND I’m 100% certain if I didn’t have my own thing this relationship would not work long term.

2.    SCHEDULE, schedule, schedule!

When Jessica goes away I make sure my schedule is jam packed with activities that keep my mind going.  I make business meetings at night when I would normally be meeting up with Jessica.  I call friends that I’ve been MIA with and reconnect… I run errands, I call my mom a lot, and I pick up that book that’s starting to collect dust. Stay busy!


When I really start to miss her I figure out some sort of surprise.  Theatre tickets, rose petal messages, gifts waiting in her hotel room, silly stuff… Last Halloween I carved her a pumpkin that said, “I love you.” I enjoy creating moments that are meaningful… Memories.  In my opinion romantic ideas don’t have to be expensive but they do have to be creative. 

I tend to talk to my clients, friends, and people about romantic things that happened to them.  I think about what I would like someone to do for me and then I decide if that’s something Jessica would like.  Believe it or not she doesn’t like expensive gifts, she likes gifts that are meaningful.  Soooo, I listen to her all the time… Those are the best gifts, the gifts I come up with when she mentions something silly in passing; She loves sliced oranges, bubbles, pillows, doggies, the color purple… 


When Jessica leaves for 15days it SUCKS… I gotta be honest.  At the same time, she doesn’t want to be gone that long either.  It stinks for her too.  So I need to be strong for both of us.  If I’m not strong it makes it hard for her to do her job.  If I complain about her leaving all the time then she feels bad every time she gets a big job…  Feeling bad creates resentment and resentment creates something I don’t want to deal with.  Resentment leads to a lot of pain/frustrations/reasons for break-ups…  NOT a good place.  So I gotta keep it together… If her leaving hurts a lot I need to call mom, talk to friends, pay a therapist, but I don’t think it’s smart to put pressure on her because she already feels the pressure. She doesn’t want to be away, it’s killing her too. Of course, I can’t hide stuff… then I build resentment…  Communication is key.  If it starts to bother me to much that she’s away all the time I need to tell her. HOWEVER I think it’s important that I do try to work it out myself first.  I think it’s vital to keep it together not only for me, but also for us.

5.    LIVE NOW

I consciously train my brain to not run wild… I train it to stay out of catastrophe mode.  I find this to be the most difficult AND the most effective way to handle separation. 

What do I mean?? Here’s an example… I’m walking down the street and my mind starts to run away from me (YOU know that little voice in your head) “Jessica’s gone, this is impossible, how am I going to handle this… This week is going to stink… I have a wedding to go to on Saturday and now I’m going alone, I hate this… what am I going to do tonight, crap if only Jessica were here… AND on AND on AND on.” 

The BS that comes out of my head is endless and can be fairly destructive if I listen.  When Jessica goes away I try to be extremely aware of my thoughts and if a SUPER Negative thought won’t leave me I break it down so that I can find the positive twist on it.  Believe it or not there are two sides to every thought. Your outlook on your thoughts is based on how you choose to react to them.  The only real power we have as human beings is to decide how we’re going to handle situations, that is what differentiates us from other all species…  We have the choice to love, to hate, to laugh (no other species can laugh), to cry.

I’m getting a bit off track, Sorry.  It’s just that I find #5 to be huge and never underestimated.  I get asked a lot why I’m so positive… Honestly, I’ve been very negative in my life and it’s not a fun way to live.  Every Single Day I make a conscious choice to be the best version of myself, to be as positive in life as possible… I believe if everyone could find a way to be positive the world would be such a better place.  It’s easy to be negative about things… But being strong enough to find the positive in everything makes you a real survivor.   If you can find a way to smile through the pain you can handle anything. Live now!


Jessica and I have ICHAT DATES several times over the course of her many travels.  We get to see each other and chat as if she’s just in the other room 🙂  We are known to leave Ichat on for hours.

PHONE – I call her and leave her silly messages just to hear her voicemail.  GOD we are kind of ridiculous, eh? 🙂

TEXT – Annnddd the text message, I love to text her throughout the day telling her what I’m up to. I’m a bit of a texting BANDIT!  Often times we are in different time zones so if I say… “On my way to Equinox to BRING IT in TheBigGAME!!!,” she can know exactly what street I’m on and feel exactly what I’m feeling… It’s nice.


Trust me, it could always be worse.  I try to focus on what I have.  When I start to focus on what I don’t have it ALWAYS makes me angry guaranteed. 

EXAMPLES – When I get sad that Jessica’s away…

1. I could focus on how terrible I feel or I could focus on the fact that I have someone to miss. 

2. I could be upset that her job takes her away from me sooo much or I could focus on the fact that when she’s in New York her job gives her the freedom to see me whenever she wants.

This tactic is not dissimilar to #5, but sometimes it helps to make a list to make you feel better…Write out your thoughts and fight the fear and anger on paper. YOU can apply these tips to Work, Fitness, Family, whatever.  I find in Fitness often times people get caught up in what they don’t have instead of focusing on what they do have… if they don’t feel good immediately than something must be wrong? WRONG! Strength, growth, wisdom, weight-loss, love… They all take time, it takes courage to build a solid foundation in the prominent areas of your life.  I find that when I focus on the journey rather than the destination I am much Happier and more centered.


Worst-case scenario… I can’t take it anymore! I fork over the doe, hop on a plane and say, “Heeyyyy Jessica, I’m comin to get YOU!”

How do you handle being separated from a loved one… It hurts right?! 














8 Reasons to Workout TODAY.

Because 10 reasons would just be sooooo predictable 🙂

1. Getting your sweat on helps the brain deal with almost anything; it releases those feel-good endorphins that make you happy. Get out those frustrations, vent any anger you might have, release any sadness you’re carrying for just 45 minutes to an hour and you won’t regret it.

2. Try to see it not as a chore, which you hate but will do begrudgingly, but as a gift to yourself. Some YOU time where the focus is you, and only you. No colleagues trying to get your attention, no kids, no boyfriends/girlfriends/husband/wives.

3. See it as a gift to above mentioned; guaranteed by the time you get to work, or home after the gym you’ll feel a whole lot more empowered, relaxed, sexy, strong and just generally kick ass.  Which means you’ll be nicer, much more productive and the ‘you’ they all want to be around (if you feel like letting them….hehe)

4. You won’t be as tempted by those donuts in the office or by that greasy Chinese takeout when you just worked out.  Waste all that energy only to put those calories straight back on?  I don’t think so. That’ll be the sushi and miso soup for dinner please :).

5. Because it’s easy to stay motivated when it’s summertime and bikinis are on the horizon.  It’s a whole different playing field come the Fall…. But just as well you are NOT one of the herd, by continuing to workout you’ll be all slinky and ahead of the curve when the holiday parties start in a few months!

6. It’s an amazing feeling to feel strong, centered and to know what your body is capable of. To know that you might be a more curvalicious creature than your skinny friends but you know who can hold it down running for the bus…and it’s not them! Or that if you’re a little thing, you can know that’s it’s a LOT harder to push you around than they think. Yep…I can lift my own suitcases thank you (and I pack a surprisingly hard right-hook…don’t mess). Try not to look too surprised :)!

7. Because it’s a fun and totally justifiable reason to buy a hot new workout outfit…having your body look slammin’ is a GREAT motivation to keep those workouts coming full throttle.

8. And finally: because the gym/running club/hiking group or whatever is full of people like you who are trying to give their bodies and brains their best.  Because when changing direction for the better in life, it is always SO much easier and more fun to build a new support group of likeminded friends that get and share your goals. And just as a side note… if you’re single it’s often a perfect way to meet someone you may be compatible with. You never know… the boy or girl on the treadmill that you smile whenever you happen to make eye contact might just be harboring a secret crush. If you’re AT the gym you’ll give them the opportunity to jump off the treadmill and ask you out for coffee.  No joke… that is the story of how Jessica asked out Lacey.  Aaawwwwhhh :).