Are YOU a Super Hero?

I was reading an article about Michael Phelps and it really made me think.  The article said Michael is on this planet to be a Swimming Machine, that he’s a real-life Aquaman.  He has GIANT Feet and Hands, he’s double jointed at the knee/hip/shoulder joints, he has a ridiculously large and powerful heart, and his height and wingspan are unparalleled to anyone in the water.  BOTTTOM LINE: The man was born to be an Olympic Swimming Champion.

He found his place, his calling…  After reading the article it got me thinking. What if Michael hadn’t found the water? What if as child he never found his calling, where would his life be now?  By all accounts he’s kind of shy, kind of a nerd…  If Michael hadn’t found the water he wouldn’t be an American Hero, he’d just be some enormous awkward white guy 🙂

Here’s what I think; Everyone has a quality in them that’s extraordinary, a Super Power, we just need to find it.  Sometimes the “Power” isn’t obvious to the eye, I find it’s often something people are afraid of or are told to stop doing at a very young age. 

Americans (not you of course 🙂  ) love to label people or put them into boxes… But the truth is most of us don’t fit into any box, we’re bigger than a label.  It’s very important that we figure out what our Super Power is so we don’t end up in some “box” we’re not suppose to be in for the rest of our lives.

Albert Einstein was awful in school but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a Genius… He changed the face of the world forever. What if Martin Luther King believed because he was a black man he shouldn’t speak up (Courage)? What if Helen Keller thought because I’m deaf and blind I can’t have any impact (Bravery)?  What if Amelia Earhart thought because I’m a woman I shouldn’t fly a plane (Adventurous)? What if Rosa Parks thought because I’m a black woman I should just move to the back of the bus (Inner Strength)?  These are people who took a stand for what they believed in, for who they are… They are real life Super Heroes.

These are extreme examples of people using their Super Powers but you don’t have to change the world to capitalize on your hidden talent. Think about the people you know who are extraordinarily successful in one area of their life. I bet they figured out their Super Power.

Here’s two examples:  I have a friend who’s a wizard at math and has an unbelievable ability to hang on when everyone else wants to give up… in High School he was told he was a nerd and a loser.  He’s capitalized on his Super Power and is now a President at Goldman Sachs. I have another friend who’s amazing at making connections and networking… At a former job she was told this is a man’s world honey.  She’s now the Vice President of sales at MySpace. The person who laughs last laughs the loudest.

I believe that all of us have the potential for greatness; It’s not just in some of us it’s in all of us.  Find your Super Power and watch what happens.

Do you believe in the idea of Super Powers?




3 Responses to “Are YOU a Super Hero?”

  1. August 24, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    Beautifully said… And yes I believe in heros. How tragic being a hero could be though since we would never know if we’re reaching our full potential to begin with. So I guess Michael Phelps in some parallel universe isn’t upset at not being America’s Hero and winning 8 Gold metals in the Olympics games, because the idea doesn’t exist thus we cannot morn something that doesn’t exist. It’s a scary thought really.

    (If somehow life turned us left instead of right and we bumped into a person we’re compatible with verses another person we’re equally or even more so compatible with, we can’t begin to comprehend or realize if we’ve made a right or wrong decision.) I guess life is up to chance, faith, a leap of determination, a load of individuality, and a preset life’s purpose to do great.

    I don’t think everyone can be a “hero,” maybe in their own way, but some people barely get through life understanding where they’re sitting. Not everyone’s purpose is the same. Greatness is really left up to the judgment of an individual so I’m sure we’re all great in our own special way. Go team earth!

  2. August 24, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    Excellent article. If we quit living a life that others approve of, and live our life for us…well you wrote it in bright white lettering against a flat black backdrop. What more is there to add? Great prespective and insight!

  3. August 26, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    Hey Rachel JW,

    When I say… “Are you a Super Hero?,” I’m not talking about being able to fly or change the world forever. I’m talking about normal people in their every day lives that FEEL like super heros/unstoppable in their given fields.

    If you have God Given Talents… Lets use me as an example.

    I love athletics and I’m pretty good at them 🙂 , I have lots of energy, I also enjoy performing. These are three things that have always come naturally to me.

    To feel like a super hero, or to feel AMAZING in my professional life… It is vital that I use these 3 skills that I’ve had since birth. If I don’t find a way to use these skills, if I don’t develop my god given talents… I am 100% certain I will not enjoy my career and I am 100% certain I will not be setting myself up for success. IN order to be GREAT at something, it has to tap into the fundamental skills that come naturally to you as an individual. What success means to me is happiness… It doesn’t matter how much money you make. If you’re not happy in what you do, in my opinion, you are not successful.

    I could not be in a 9-5 job, I could not sit in one place for longer than an hour… I would go INSANE, I need to move!

    I believe if we develop our innate skills along our career paths, we are setting ourselves up for a career we love, annnddd the possibilities are endless.

    When you feel like the possibilities are endless, you feel unstoppable, you feel like a Super Hero.

    Yes, I agree… At some point lots of people think they need to grow-up, they need to get serious… but my question to those people is, Who says???????????

    Develop what you love and enjoy your life…

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