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What To Eat; PROTEIN

We’re talking LEAN protein. Eggs (yolks are great for you ….vitamin D, great omega fats etc) but higher in calories than the whites so no more than 2 a day…make an omelette or scramble them with 1 or 2 whole eggs and 2 or even 3 additional egg whites).


Fish; all and every kind.  Meat can be done (although neither of us eat it) but stick to lean chicken/turkey breasts with the skin removed. Good rule of thumb; eat protein with every meal but with fish/meat a portion is the size of a deck of cards, ie it will fit in the palm of your hand!  Anymore is unnecessary.


Tofu; great but be aware that for it to be healthy it needs to be baked or stir-fried.  Most places deep-fry it because it tends to be bland otherwise and we all know fat tastes good!  Get around this by marinating in a hot, spicy sauce for an hour or two before cooking then blot off excess sauce and bake in the oven.


Beans (NOT re-fried), Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) are also amazing but eat them whole AVOID hummus, we know…we adore it too but its SO easy to overeat and kid yourself that’s ok because its healthy.  It might be healthy but one tub is over HALF a days calories my friend. Yep, that’s the sad truth we all gotta live with.


Believe it or not….this gives us SO many options for filling, nutritious, skinny meals…we promise!


Upcoming Blogs; The right and wrong COOKING techniques, CARBS! …..And more 🙂


Questions? Comments? Don’t be shy…hit us up people! 





Losing Weight


“Tell me how to lose weight”, “I really want to lose weight, how do you do it?”  We get asked these questions ALL the time.  Here’s what we think; We can (and will) give you fitness tips, eating styles and tricks that really help us maintain the bodies that we’ve worked hard for.  But there are two things that’ll play more of a part in your success than any specific food plan or gym move that we can give you.  You want a magic pill? We’re not going to lie to you…if that really existed…well we’d BOTH be out of jobs because everybody would be svelte without any effort!


Here it is; One; you have to REALLY want it.  Thinking that it might be nice to be a bit smaller, or to get back in your jeans, or to maybe feel like a hottie as the lights get dimmed is not, in our experience going to cut it.  You have to get connected to WHY you really want it.  Feel it, taste it, how you’re going to walk into a room, your sense of pride in yourself; get a photo of yourself at your hottest, imagine your body effortlessly doing what it struggles with now.


And just so we’re clear here.  We are not saying that a one-size fits all. We are not all designed to be a size 2.  Honestly…very few of us are meant to be that way. Listen….I’m  only that way because of my job…I could healthily and happily be a size or two bigger (and Lacey would prefer me to have a little extra junk in that trunk if you know what I’m sayin’?!).  What we mean…….is striving to be the best possible version of yourself…whether you’re an pixie like cutie or a fine, thick mamasita. YOU KNOW if you feed your body right, and work it out good or not. You don’t need us or anyone else to tell you that.


Two; Figure out WHY you eat the way you do.  Yeah…we know some of its convenience (but even McDonald’s sells salads) and bad habits, and not really knowing WHAT to eat.  But we’re willing to bet that if you’ve passed step one and you know you really want this….. then a lot of the difficulty is that you eat for reasons other than hunger.


What do we mean? That until we get aware of it, we often eat because we’re tired, or sad, or angry or lonely.  Because we’re frustrated, because the man that bumped into us on the bus said something crude and all of a sudden we feel gross, or feel like we did when we were a little kid…and it’s not good.  And before we know it we’ve stuffed half a pack of Oreos and….well then it’s all gone to hell and we might as well finish the pack and order some pizza.


Becoming honest with WHY you do something is the first step in instigating real and lasting change.  Only then can you start to address the underlying issues.  My food disorders were as much about NOT thinking about what I was really unhappy about because that was too scary.  It was ‘easier’ to obsess about the size of my thighs.


Lacey and Jessica truly, fundamentally believe that if you start to get your head right, your body will follow.  We believe that how you treat your body is a direct reflection of how you really feel about yourself (whether you over or under eat…..neither are good!!).  We are all complex creatures and a lot of us don’t pay our emotions enough respect.  A lot of the time we ignore them, hope they’ll go away if we don’t listen. Well guess what…they never really leave unless we acknowledge them! Until then…..WE EAT THEM.


Upcoming BLOG will be what Jessica and Lacey choose to eat and why!



Jessica’s Body Drama Part 1


“You’re so tall, thin and pretty”, “So pretty and thin”.  Ok….these might not sound like terrible things to hear growing up and you’re welcome to hate on me right now.  But there’s often more going on behind the scenes than you may think.

That was my identity. In my head it was my ‘job’ to be perfect. Eldest child, type A perfectionist…all the regular clichés. I was a naturally lean child. I could eat for England without thinking about it. Then puberty started to hit. I started to get hips, a butt…the Nigerian part of my heritage started kicking and screaming to get out. Not going to happen I decided. So I started to restrict my food.

Which led to secret bingeing, which led to laxatives, which turned into me having my “pretty little face” in a toilet bowl.  For about 10 years.  The only times I wasn’t single-handedly trying to destroy my digestive tract and teeth with bucket-loads of stomach acid, I was working on my nasal passages instead. I was still locked in the bathroom, but now powdering my nose was my tool to determined self-starvation.


Somewhere early in this happy tale I decided to become a fashion model.  Now trying to be ‘perfect’ wasn’t just my imaginary job, it was how I paid the bills.  No greater way to hide food and drug addictions right? Not only can you hide in plain sight, your behavior is validated.  Thin at all costs.  Except it’s a bill that you never get done paying.

The day I decided I could no longer live this way was the hardest of my life so far.  It was also the day that made becoming happy a possibility.  It took time. It was NOT an overnight process. But I have NEVER accomplished anything more worthwhile.

Check back in for Part Two and the steps I took on my journey to true recovery and health.

Are any of you struggling with your own Body Drama or know someone who is?



Move over Angelina Jolie – Meet Jessica Clark

Jessica is HOT, Beautiful, Strong, SEXY, c-r-a-z-y, Soft, Hard, Troubled, Intelligent, she’s a fighter…. I mean she’s got it all, and then some.

Sooo how the hell does a little blonde haired, blue eyed, cheesehead like me get to date her? Ok fellas/Homos/curious straight people here’s what I think.

Beyond loving her with all of my heart.  I respect the woman. I respect the woman for who she is not who I want her to be. I let her be free, I let her live, be, do, and have whatever she wants. I do not tell her what to do or how to be. I embrace her “weirdness”… I celebrate it, I love it.  For that “weirdness” is what makes her the wonderful woman that she is. If I extinguish the flame that she is, the FIRE that burns deeper than her or I can ever know… I end the thing that she is. She is a wild thing… Her spirit needs to run and run ffaasssttt.  If she can not run “The Jessica Clark” that she knows to be will die aaannnnddd she will feel the need to escape as quickly as possible.  She will disappear like a dream.

What most of you schmucks do… 🙂 See that beautiful sexy light and want it, of course you want… She’s Freakin HOT 🙂 But once you have it, once you have the wild thing, you can’t handle the power and drama that comes with it.  There’s no drama… unless you make it.  Let her fly and she will stay.





F*** me or LOVE me?

Ok…  So girl meets girl, girl meets guy….whatever, whoever…Jessica meets Ms Lacey.  The air crackles when she walks into the room, her kiss makes me go weak at the knees. EVERYTHING tingles at the thought of touching THAT body.

Then we got naked. Hhhmm…ok nice…but, not quite the explosion that the scarily intense chemistry between the two us had led me to hope for.  Wait….this was supposed to be this centuries great love story! This IS our great love story. Just one minor detail….she makes love.  I make like that other four-letter word.  We don’t understand each other between those sheets. 

Which do you like better? 🙂 


Keep away from People who belittle your ambitions.

SSssooo, Jessica and I LLLOOVVVEEE quotes… Here is one of our all-time favorites.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.  Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too can become great.” – Mark Twain

This quote is soo true. Pay attention to the people who surround you. We chose this month’s picture for a reason… Those are some of the people in our lives who lift us up.  They help us to be the best we can be…They are on our dream team. 

You are who you surround yourself with, aaannnddd if you want to truly be successful not only monetarily & physically,  but truly happy from the inside out… Be careful who you surround yourself  with.  Here’s an example: If you think of your life as a game and the people who surround yourself with as your teammates, who would you want on your Team? Who would help you win the Championship, who would drop the ball, throw it away?   

Go Big Baby and recruit the best players, find the gamers, the people that want it…  Find yourself an All-Star TEAM! Find yourself people who believe in YOU… Set yourself up for success so you can be in it to WIN it!



Follow the Yellow Brick Road…

Magazines, clients, bosses, and TV people constantly ask us for something new… What’s hot, what’s the next big thing, who’s hot, who’s not, how can I get it quick?

Oh lllooorrrrdddd, they have us all caught up in the drama of staying “relevant.” Here’s the thing, the HOT Diet/Workout, the thing that “everyone” in Hollywood is doing is not necessarily where it’s at or good for you.

It’s HOT because people need things to push, to sell, to buy… You know this as well as we do, ultimately a squat is a squat is a squat. There’s no such thing as a miracle workout or a one stop diet shop. We would love for this to be true but it just isn’t.  NO one is ever going to be able to reinvent the simple tool that will get you where you want to go. YOU want to know what the magic tool is we’re talking about?? It’s truly MAGIC if you believe in it. 

Please try to understand that in order to reach your goals you need to take care of  what’s inside of you. YOU need to start feeling good about YOU believing in yourself and your goals. If you don’t find a way to do this you will always be searching for the next big thing. YOU need to realize that YOU are the Next Big thing and YOUR life is NOW.

Lacey loves the movie the Wizard of OZ… Because in the end Dorothy realizes she always has the power to be, do, or go where she wants.  Don’t underestimate the power you have inside you.