We all have dreams inside of us, right?  Some of us scream our plans/ideas/dreams while others of us keep them deep down hidden inside.  Here’s what I’m thinking… What if instead of being afraid of what we have inside of us we let it out?  I always hear people saying that’s just crazy, or that’s impossible… BUT if you listen closely enough and truly look into the naysayer’s eyes you can see that there’s still a part of them that believes anything’s possible. Often they’re just afraid of the “potential failure” or change.

Lets be really ccrraaazzyyy for a second, ok? Nothing’s impossible. What if everyone truly believed that nothing’s impossible? The world would be SUCH a different place – More joyous, more open, and more free.  Every amazing thing that we have on this planet was once looked at as being impossible – Flying, Computers, Space Travel, Gay Weddings.  Instead of finding a way to tell people they can’t make their dreams a reality let’s find a way to tell them they can.


 Lets choose to believe that we can be, do, and have whatever our heart desires. Lets choose to believe that nothing’s impossible. We choose to believe it… Do you?



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