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CARBS; How WE eat them.

Yes, we eat them.  Honestly anyone that works out really hard consistently (and we do!)  NEEDS to eat them, you’re not going to get the most efficient work out if your body is regularly carb depleted. 

What kind of carbs?  Whole-grains breads…  Not just ‘brown’ or ‘wheat’ because if you check out a lot of those labels very often, sadly, its cheap white bread with caramel food coloring in it.  No joke….  Its a quick and easy way for the food company to up the price of the product because it’s ‘healthy’.  With bread -The grainier the better.  We love the bread to be almost nutty in texture and flavor.  We eat it with olive oil, never butter, we limit it to a max of two slices and we only ever eat it in the early part of the day.  Yes, that means we NEVER get the breadbasket when we eat out for dinner.  WAAAAYY too easy to consume ALL your calories before your meal even arrives.  You’re tired, you’re cranky…  It’s going to happen!

Why do we only eat it early?  Well we tend to try and ‘front-load’ our carb intake each day, consuming most, if not all of it at breakfast or lunch, giving our bodies the maximum amount of time and opportunity to use it as the fuel for our activities as it’s designed for.  You burn it off during the day when you most NEED that energy and there’s no opportunity for it to be stored as fat on those “problem” areas that everyone on the planet has in some form or another.

For that reason we also love oatmeal around breakfast time….  We tend to eat it with soymilk (keep it organic and sugar free, but the vanilla flavor is yummy with this too) and a good size serving of berries.  It’s so goooooddd… It feels like a treat but you’ve got complex carbs, protein (in the soymilk), and some antioxidant butt kicking fruit that keeps you full of energy until late morning/lunch.  Granola can be good, just be aware that some are VERY sugar laden!! Occasionally we’ll buy the single serve packets of ‘Bear Naked’ and have it with greek yogurt and fruit.  SO delicious..  Which is why single serve ONLY, no temptation to revisit the large granola bag once (or twice or….!). 

We do eat rice on occassion, brown or wild wherever possible.  This is also a major PORTION CONTROL issue, which is where almost everyone falls into the carb trap.  It’s not that they’re bad…  We just eat too much of them.  So if we need a little at dinner Lacey and I will split a portion, or if we’re doing Japanese (so good to eat for the waistline) we’ll ask for the roll to be wrapped with brown rice.  But we’ll focus on the sashimi, order Naruto rolls (where they wrap it in cucumber not rice), lots of salads and veggies – GO the veggie route as much as possible in every meal.  It’s amazing how veggies can really be used as a base for your sauces and proteins as a pasta/rice substitute…  Or go half and half; mix half your normal portion of pasta up with some greens, thin sliced peppers and zucchini or squash.  Try it!

If you like to cook or have a great health/vegetarian restaurant near you try Quinoa instead of rice.  It’s an ancient grain that very few people have allergies/sensitivities to because its not overused in today’s diets. Its nutty and flavorful and extremely nutritious. It’s cooked similarly to rice and definitely worth a try!!     

That’s that.  Next nutritional post will be on VOLUMETRICS….the overall eating style that works best for us!


5 Keys to MY Workouts

There was a point in my life about 5 years ago when I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t recognize myself.  I saw sadness in my eyes… I knew that if I didn’t do something quick it wasn’t going to be pretty.

 I was 40lbs over weight and I felt miserable, disgusting, unlovable, and gross.  It was in that moment that I decided I was DONE. That I would do whatever it took to turn my life around.  I decided I was going to do a mind-body transformation.  I was tired of the excuses… I wanted to make a change.

I’m going to tell you The 5 Keys that added Magic to my Workout that helped me to lose the first 20lbs… I believe these Keys are what created the momentum to get me where I am physically today.

The 5 Keys to The Treadmill Workout

  1. VISUALIZATION – I wanted desperately to be a one of the Top Fitness Professionals in New York City.  At the time I didn’t have a website or any classes on the Equinox Schedule.  When I was on the treadmill I used it to visualize how wonderful it would be to be in a body 40lbs lighter, What it would feel like, How I would move, How people would respond to it, What it would feel like to teach a class to 40 people and inspire them to be the best they could be, I use to visualize how my life would be different and why running on the treadmill was more than a workout.
  2. IMPORTANT -Have a dream while you’re working out and think about the dream as if it were a reality… It’s proven that your brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and visualization… If you can picture your visions clearly enough I promise you they will happen. Train your brain not only your body
  3. MUSIC – Every Two weeks I would download new music onto my ipod…  Music that I loved. I would look forward to my workouts just to listen to the music.  If you need new music ideas join the mailing list. Every month I send out 10 HOT songs.
  4. LOCATION IS KEY – I always picked a treadmill that was in front of a mirror. I looked in that mirror… I looked into my eyes and promised myself that I was going to do this.  I saw my body working sooo hard, trying to get to a new level of fitness. I promised my body I wasn’t going to put bad food into it, I wasn’t going to drink lots of alcohol… I was putting all of this effort into my body and my life, all of this SWEAT.  My body deserved the pay off. I promised myself that it would happen…. That it was coming. People even asked me what are you doing on that treadmill, why are you killing yourself? My response was… You’ll see 🙂
  5. The WORKOUT – I got a heart rate monitor and I did a 1 hour Treadmill Interval Workout

Do you have any workout Tricks? 

Next Blog I’m going to explain how The Treadmill Interval Workout WORKS! 🙂


CARBS; the ones we DON’T eat!

So….do we eat them?  Well yes, sometimes and some types. BUT we avoid the refined, processed kinds of carbs……cookies and cakes and all the obvious no no’s; but also ANYTHING made with white flour.

Bagels are basically donuts minus the sugar glaze in terms of what they do to your waistline, they might be fat free but they’re 3X the size they were a generation ago and have an entire meals worth of calories before you’re even tempted by the cream cheese etc.  While we’re on breakfast carbs…muffins are cupcakes by a different name.  We don’t eat them.  Ever. Nope, not even the bran and raisin healthy looking types. Even they are full of calories in the form of sugar and refined sugar is not the friend of a healthy, lean, toned physique.

White flour is only one minute level above sugar…once you’ve eaten it the body can break it down almost immediately…you get an energy rush and then it’s gone, leaving you tired, cranky and HUNGRY all over again.  It sets up a cycle of craving and the more you eat the more you want, and the more calories you end up consuming overall.  So we just don’t go there.  It might hurt initially (in-fact it did…..for us both!!) but truthfully, the less you eat them and the more effort you make to find interesting alternatives the less you crave it.

We don’t eat pasta or noodles almost ever, yes you can eat the whole-wheat kinds, and they’re definitely the vastly preferable option, but portion control is a HUGE issue with this kind of food.  Just as a guideline; a restaurant serving of pasta is almost always at least DOUBLE the serving size quoted on the calorie listings on the back of a packet of dried pasta.  That’s before you factor in the sauce it’s covered in!  So if you have to have it, it helps to get real disciplined about splitting an order and eating it with a large mixed salad, or vegetables.  We don’t really do white potatoes ever…but sweet potatoes are full of valuable nutrients and we’ll sometimes have them baked or slices grilled with a little olive oil brushed on top as a treat.

We know that not everyone WANTS to eat this way, or isn’t interested in being quite so disciplined.  All we can honestly share is what we’ve learnt works for us and the bodies that we like to have, while being happy, healthy and full of energy each day!


Next time I’ll talk about the CARBS we DO eat!  They exist….I promise.

Also appearing soon…..FATS…they are NOT the enemy in our food plans at all but an important part of a healthy satisfying approach to food. 

And our overall approach to food and eating style…..VOLUMETRICS.! 


What’s Cool?


I used to date a girl that thought being cool was getting wasted every weekend and having lots of friends to call and text. I used to think being in a relationship meant I was cool. Some people think being single is cool. Some people think having lots of money is cool while other people think having money is unimportant…

What’s cool…? I know that some of my friends who work in fashion think it’s cool not to say “hi” when they walk past people they know on the street… They won’t even talk to people who don’t wear designer labels or look “a certain way.”

I know some of my guy AND girl friends think it’s cool to have open relationships, party all the time, and date two girls at once… Is that cool?

What’s cool anyway? It’s tricky because what’s cool to me might not be cool to you.  Some people think it’s cool to swear a lot, I don’t. 

I think people’s perception of  COOLNESS is often a side effect due to the environment they spend the majority of their time in. Jessica and I work in similar industries, FASHION & FITNESS, so for us working out and eating right is HUGE. Image is huge… We both think it’s very important to not only to walk the walk but also talk the talk… We say what we do, that’s important to us.

I understand that it’s uncomfortable to go against the grain of the environment you’re in. In fact it’s sometimes viewed as being uncool… God Forbid.

Here’s what’s cool to me…  I think people who are going for their dreams are cool, people who strive to be the best they can be every single day, people who push themselves outside of the box, people who want to make a difference with their lives and the world, people who add a smile to other people’s faces, people who keep their word, people who don’t give up… I don’t care what you do for a living, or who you are; I don’t care if you have 10 million dollars in the bank or if you’re in debt. 

Cool isn’t about that for me… I find that people try to have lots of “things,” and know the “right” people. They chase after what they think will make them cool… But once they get everything they’ve been chasing they still feel empty… Cool isn’t something you can buy… Cool is something you feel. 

Being true to your soul, I believe that creates lasting COOL… Being true to who you are every single day, doing the best you can do with your life without lying and manipulating situations, that’s cool to me.  That’s powerful.

What’s cool to you?

Worth the Read- If you’d like to learn more about Chasing Cool… My Friend and Stylist to “The Cool,” Annabel Tollman, recommends The Book – CHASING COOL, by Noah Kerner, Gene Pressman, and Andrew Essex



You’re Fat

That’s me post Stabbing, post Pool Party…      

“Yeah… All those Victoria Secret Models are Fat anyway…” – TRUE QUOTE

Here’s the story- Lacey and I are at a pool party, bikinis, sunshine, feeling good. I’m not ‘on’, not in a casting directors office, not in the studio, not even walking into my agency. My guard is down.

There’s a designer at this pool party (The Victoria Secret quote was one of my many stabbings that afternoon). Once he realizes that I’m a model and that he approves of my agency, he wants to know why I don’t do runway anymore. My short answer is “I got really screwed up with drugs and food and I couldn’t stay THAT thin without being ill.”

True story- He told me to stop being lazy, that I had got complacent. That I was “beautiful, amazing, wonderful”, that he was “glad” I’d got better, but that now I needed to limit my food and get back down to a size 0-2. That I needed to “Get my s**t together.” Then he would put me in his show. I’m 5.11’, I’m currently a 2-4 and trust me….  I still don’t eat that much and I work out A LOT.

So what did I do? Did I get angry, yell, cry, defend myself? I said, “Well thank you, but I actually do very nicely 
as a model without runway and I’m much happier.” That was it. Lacey was upset that I didn’t want to say anything more, that I wouldn’t let her defend me, let her tell him in no uncertain words that actually I was all about having my life together these days. That I did get my shit together.

People couldn’t understand why I didn’t say anything; if you know me, you know that I’m passionate and articulate about what I believe. And I’d be lying to say that his words didn’t affect me. That I didn’t spend the next few days checking in with myself so that I didn’t start restricting my food, or overeat and go throw up. However far into recovery you get… Eating disorders can creep up on you fast IF you don’t respect their power.

I didn’t fight back because I knew my words would fall on deaf ears, because I have spent years witnessing the machine that is the fashion industry, because I would rather conserve my energy and talk about my journey to those who might actually hear and see it for the positive and empowering experience it is. Because to me that was a battle that would not have any impact on the long term war between women and popular culture. That all it would do would turn a beautiful sunny day ugly… Because I still work in that world and I didn’t want to start a fight I wouldn’t win.

But to Lacey, and one of my model friends who also recovered from an eating disorder, that is one of the reasons why things don’t change. Because maybe, possibly, there was a small chance he would’ve listened. 

So is it cowardly to stay silent because you’re too tired to fight that day? Have any of you had to decide whether to speak up or stay silent? How did it make you feel? 



My First Love…


It happened… This past weekend the EX, The Cheater, the First Love, The ONE, she called… The first woman I kissed, the first person I made love to, The One decided to call me after five years of nothing.

She said… “This is a Blast from the past, it’s…” Life is strange, and the roles people play in our lives are constantly shifting. I find that a lot of times we try to hold onto people that don’t add anything significant to our being anymore. We create stories in our heads that keep people from the past close to our hearts in the present like ghosts that haunt our souls.

She called me… She left a message, she asked me to call her back… I thought about it. I called my best college friend, I told Jessica, I told my mom, but in the end I came to the decision on my own.  Had it been another time in my life, had I been single, had I not found such beautiful successes in my career the outcome may’ve been different.

Here’s what I know… I know that no matter how hard I try to forget her I never will, I know that saying I hate her doesn’t mean I don’t still love her. I know that the past is the past and that is where it needs to stay.

The closure that I’ve found is that I know that the woman I once loved occasionally thinks of me… I’m not calling her back.  I have a new life now… Jessica Clark, the woman who broke the curse of the past, who has fought those ghosts hard, the woman who melted me, who made my heart sing again… The woman I’m going to spend the rest of my life with, my angel.

Oh the Firsts…. So much drama, so many heart aches… I’m over it. I’m moving on to my life now, what the FUTURE holds.  Thank YOU ghosts of the past, thank you for helping me look deep down inside my soul to find out who I am. To come to the realization that I’m a warrior, I can handle anything, and the future is whatever I make of it.

What would you do… Would you call her or him?





Healthy Cooking Tips

Listen up.  FRIED is a no-no! It’s not just deep-fried; don’t kid yourself…. that includes Crispy or Crisped, Pan-fried, Pan-seared and Seared.  All of these terms are restaurants trying to fool you into thinking that the food isn’t fried.  It is. Period. Restaurants like to fry foods because it’s fast to cook, easy to serve a lot of and serve it fast, because it covers up lower quality meats and fish and because that kind of fat is the easiest way to make food taste good.  Sad but true.


Bake it, Broil it, Grill it, Stir-fry it…in a wok only….don’t use a frying pan and think that’s the same thing…the oils are used and absorbed differently by the meats (the protein has to be cut into long thin strips to make it work…that’s not just to look pretty). Grill it. You can boil your eggs and beans but it makes anything else kind of dull. 


Spices and fresh or good quality dried herbs are your friend!!! They blast your taste-buds and let your mouth feel like it’s experienced a real meal NOT diet food (a horrible way to feel about your meal). Chillis also raise your metabolism for hours after eating them…..and we’ve all got to love that!


Anyone got a healthy cooking trick that they love and want to share?